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Can barkada and a bf or gf go together?

a sayinggoes that a barkada will destroyed if may gf-bf na ang mga members? Meron ba tong katotohanan o wala?

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  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    For as long as the couple stays intact, the barkada will most likely be unaffected. But I've seen too many split-ups that have divided the peer group as well. But the most common scenario would probably be either the BF or GF leaving the group alltogether.
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kung marunong makibagay ang gf or bf, baka pwede..... & think of this..... mahirap humanap ng kaibigan, gf/bf madali lang...
  • It's really okay if each of the party understands each other. What the guy should do is take his girlfriend with his friends to basically assure her of the group's actions. Likewise, the guys should sometimes accompany his gf to her barkada. It takes a lot of effort though but it really works.
  • is it really easy to find a gf? well, i think comnpared to looking for a barkada it is easier. di ba, there's a difference between the idea of fun of men and women, diba? it's so hard to bring a gf in a drinking spree or bring A bf in an all-girls night out. I guess as long as magkawave lenght, I think both can co-exist!
  • i agree with jack that they could go tegether pag pareho ang wavelengths. may girls na mas matindi pa uminom sa lalaki or guys na madaling mag-jive with other girls... pero pag hindi, nagkakaroon ng conflicts which may lead to choosing between your barkada or your bf/gf.

    eh what if you're both from the same barkada and then you split up? or what if one of you found another bf/gf... pano na yung ex mo sa barkada?
  • I think that it's possible to have a couple in the barkada as long as they make sure that they're friendship is more important than anything. It can happen if the couple has a strong foundation. :) And if they care for their friends enough not to bring their (the couple's) problems inside the barkada if they know that it can have a bad effect on the group.
  • who among here has barkada na d gf at the same time? how did u cope?
    ako, i wasn't able to--inuna ko yung gf ko but i would still say friends ko pa rin yung mga kabarkada ko.
  • how about marriage? Can a barkada coexist when you have your own family na?
  • i used to bring my dates to hang around with the barkada. it was pretty cool.
  • hmmm.... naku this question always bugs me. matanong ko lang... pano kung bad (di naman) pero parang BI yung barkada ng bf mo? wala ka bang karapatan na magtampo or magalit?
  • Hmm, i'm pretty proud of my barkada. they're actually good, not BIs or masama.
  • destroy is too harsh a word...

    sa barkada ko pag may bf na yung isa ang hirap din tsaka iba na for one divided na yung attention niya. pag sanay ka na lagi mong kasama o kausap yung kabarkada mo mahihirapan ka kasi lagi niyang kausap o kasama yung bf niya. and syempre she expects you to be civil to her bf even if you dont like him kasi barkada eh --- unspoken rule baga, kahit hindi like basta civil --- mahirap din tapos pag nagawa mo nang maging more than civil sa bf niya biglang may gagawing kalokohan yung kaibigan mo sa bf niya, ipit ka lalo na pag hindi mo gusto yung ginagawa niya!

    destroy is too strong a word kasi kung masisira yung friendship niyo eh di ibig sabihin nun you werent really "friends" to begin with di ba? magbabago lang talaga pag nagkabf or gf na yun kabarkada lang talaga...

    teka ano ba ang tinatanong mo magkaroon ng bf-gf within the barkada or magkaron ng bf/gf ang isang barkada?
    oh well yun parin ang sagot ko... magbabago lang pero kung malakas ang samahan niyo hindi masisira yun
  • it happened to me,

    when me and my barkada bf broke up, the barkada slowly took a turn, and we have been divided ever since.

    we hae not been talking to each other much, and we are not all comfortable with each other na.
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