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Masama ba sa buntis? help

masama ba ang anti rabies vaccine sa buntis? meron bang effect ito sa baby? kasi i have a 2 mos. and 13 days old rottweiler, eh mahilig siya kumagat ng kumagat, very maharot, hindi naman niya idiniin yung kagat sa akin, eh sabi ng vet, 3 mos daw bago pasak sakan, bakit kaya 3 mos. pa? does it mean, safe pa yung rott ko na magka rabies kasi wala pa siya three months?

and sabi sa mga threads observe the pup for 14 days, what if the pup died within that span of time (not sure kung ano disease, kung rabies ba o hindi), how can i be sure na may rabies nga yung pup? pwede bang dalhin ko yung buong body and head niya where? o yung head lang? hindi ko ata kayang putulin yung head niya..

and lastly, kung iinjectionan ako ng anti rabies, hindi kaya maka apekto sa baby ko. i just wanna be sure, as of now naman, my rott seems healthy. kindly enlighten me. thanks


  • kabise
    kabise Tindero sa 168
    rabies ata eh parang viral infection like cold, most probably acquired from wild thru contact with an infected carrier, the transfer is from direct innoculazation like biting. so kung walang exposure ang mga tuta mo sa infected carrier then they should not have the disease yet. mas maganda siguro obserbahan mo nalang muna yung mga tuta mo.
  • (Drat! I had a long answer, sa bagal ng server, nawala!)

    Kabise is right. I don't believe the pup is rabies infected yet, so you can just observe it in the meantime.

    If the pup dies in the observation period (which I highly doubt), you can bring its head to the Bureau of Animal Husbandry somewhere, I think, in Visayas Ave. As far as I know, they want you to bring only the head, but call them up 1st to make sure.

    If you DO get infected, it's still best to get the vaccine even if you're pregnant. It's riskier for both you and the baby to get the rabies infection than to get the rare vaccine complications (if any).

    Click on this link for further info:
  • jazzmine22
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    thanks Kabise and eyedoc. im just freaking out because i really wanna have this baby. so its a great help to know that rabies vaccine is safe for me incase. thanks.
  • off-topic:

    i had undergone a CS operation 1 yr ago. how do i know that my incision is healing well? worried lang ako kase i have this ofcmate who had to be operated on again kase bumuka/nag bleed daw yung sugat sa loob.

    how many years ba before the wound (inside and out) completely heals? am i still not allowed to lift heavy objects? are there other things that i shouldn't be doing considering 1 yr na since na CS ako?

    do you recommend that i get a papsmear done? will a papsmear tell me if my wound is healing or if there's anything wrong with it? is it true that it's best to get a pasmear after one's period?

  • Your wound should be completely healed by now. Don't worry about it too much.

    Pap smear does not give you information about your wound healing.
  • tHanks doc. :)

    last na: so is there a way i can check if there's anything wrong with my wound? la naman akong nararamdaman, takot lang ako coz madalas ako magbuhat ng mabigat plus lagi pa nasisipa/nasisiko ng toddler and ng baby ko.

    also, i rode the space shuttle at EK last month. would it have any effect rin?

    thanks ulit. sorry ang kulit ko. ayoko lang mag undergo ng operation ulit. if it's not another baby, it's just NOT worth it!
  • Believe me, if there's anything wrong with your wound, you'd feel it. Relax :)

    No, the space shuttle ride last month won't affect the wound.
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