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Pregnant and not eating very well

Sayeesha Her' Majesty's Paladin
I got a weak possitive result in my pregnancy test. I haven't had my period for three weeks. I'm generally getting thin, but my lower abdomen is starting to grow. If I really am pregnant, I am a bit concerned with my diet. I cannot drink lots of milk since I am lactose intolerant. My stomach refuses heavy meats, even fried chicken. I can only eat bread, fish, and certain vegetables. If I am to drink Anmum will it trigger my intolerance or will my body accept the concoction? What other diet suppliments should I take?


  • First, if you already have a weakly positive pregnancy test, you're most probably pregnant. It's about time for you to see an OB/GYN who will give you an initial check and recommend blood and urine tests for you, as well as give you the right advise regarding diet and supplements.

    In general, pregnant women are given vitamin supplements, most notably containing folic acid, and iron supplements. Off hand, I think your diet of fish, vegetables and bread is fine. As for being "thin", well, it's relative. You may look "thin" but be in the right weight range. Oh, that's one other thing to be checked in your OB's clinic-- your present weight. It will serve as baseline, so that as your pregnancy progresses, she will be able to gauge if your weight gain is "normal" for that stage of your pregnancy.

  • Sayeesha
    Sayeesha Her' Majesty's Paladin
    Thanks, eyedoc. Medyo takot akong mag-biyahe para mag-pacheck up. Dati kasi I think I also got pregnant, but I lost it due to too much movement since it was the last weeks of cramming for my clinic requirements at school... which was roughly three/three and a half years ago.

    On normal days, I eat 2 cups of rice with a cup of viand. When I'm really hungry, I eat 4 cups of rice with two cups of viand. With my intake chopped dramatically by almost more than 3/4's I am a bit concerned for my baby's wellfare. However, in a week, my waist grew an inch already.

    I still have reservations if I am indeed pregnant, although some of the signs are there, including some symptoms of nausea and dizziness. Weak possitive is not enough to fully convince stupid old me. :D

    Thanks again. Once I've mustered enough courage to travel, and when I am sure that the baby will stay with me no matter what, I'll visit an OB-GYNE.
  • If you'd had a miscarriage before, that's all the more reason for you to consult your OB early. So that she can make sure that your pregnancy is going OK. You won't lose your baby to "too much movement" unless there was some other problem to begin with.
  • jazzmine22
    jazzmine22 Non-Member
    hi. same tayo ng kaso, weak din yung result ko lasr week, so sabi ng dok ko the baby is still weak, so binigyan niya ako ng Usanatal vit, and iberet. and kagabi, strong result na yung preg test ko. if you want other infos, you can text me at 09177199567. kasi im not always online, coz i need lots of bed rest. goodluck to both of us.
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