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Patricia Evangelista



  • aww .. ang cute nya sa pics! ang cute talaga ni ate idol! sana paki-post din yung article .. please .. kasi naman weird ang pagbili ng dad ko ng newspapers. minsan philstar, minsan bulletin. i guess from conversations with ricky lo yan right? please post the article .. i shall wait for it .. :)
  • Originally posted by grouchland
    hi theHuggyBeaR! yup, lalaki ako. bakit mo natanong? :)

    heheh ala lang ;-)
  • dang ang kyut ni ate... sa kanya tayo nagmana hanie! hahahaha yehey dun sa nagpost ng pictures..aylabyu hahaha

    hey karenski..pagestarter ka..welcome! heheh

  • Originally posted by theHuggyBeaR
    dang ang kyut ni ate... sa kanya tayo nagmana hanie! hahahaha yehey dun sa nagpost ng pictures..aylabyu hahaha

    hey karenski..pagestarter ka..welcome! heheh


    of course mana tayo kay ate! at syempre love ko din yung nag-post nung pictures! but i really want to read the article na kasama nun. it's not like we first liked her because of her looks .. but she is cute! parang bata! matandang bata! hehee .. :laugh:
  • ay kaasar .. i went to philstar.com to search for the article .. wala na! kasi alam ko dati pwedeng mag-search sa archives. and they save articles from at least a month ago. wala na! hahay .. :(
  • hindi yun article ni ricky lo. Yung article about her ay nasa STARWEEK, yung magazine every sunday. Sabe dun sa article magiging cover daw siya ng CHALK MAGAZINE.
  • Youth Speak - Patricia Evangelista
    By Dulce M. Arguelles
    The Philippine Star 06/20/2004

    What’s next for 18-year-old Patricia Evangelista, who now enjoys a measure of fame after winning an international public speaking competition conducted by the English Speaking Union (esu) in London?

    But for now, what Patricia finds most appealing is to simply "get back to school. Get back to normal. Start taking classes. Go out with my friends–that’s something I’ve been missing for the past couple of months."

    Patricia, who is on her third year of speech communications studies at the University of the Philippines-Diliman, is comfortable in a tube top and loose beige cotton pants at the patio of her family’s house in Quezon City as she prepares for the interview with STARweek.

    Last June 12, Patricia was among several Filipinos who were given recognition during the rain-soaked Independence Day parade.

    "I almost fell off the float. It was really literally pouring," she recalls. "It was crazy. My sense of balance isn’t particularly good anyway, so I nearly slipped off. One of the other guys caught me."

    Patricia, her eyes sparkling with glee, says it was quite an experience waving to the crowd and shaking hands with President Arroyo.

    "I get to tell my grandkids I met the president! It was fun," she says, laughing.

    She has been going to school since early June, and insists she has not been treated differently by her friends, classmates or teachers, "although it’s a little easier to get classes now."

    "People I don’t know, that’s where the difference comes in," Patricia points out, telling of times she was stopped in the hallway by strangers who come up to her and shake her hand. "It’s really fun."

    Her seatmate, during the first day of class, totally ignored her until roll call. Only then did he look her way, wide-eyed, and blurted out, "Ikaw pala yun. Hi... congratulations!"

    Her victory at ESU-sponsored competition, where she bested 60 contestants from 37 other countries, did not come easy. She had to undergo an extemporaneous speaking contest at Ateneo de Manila University earlier this year, which served to winnow down the ranks of those who may be picked to represent the country.

    When the judges, who are members of the ESU’s Philippine branch, selected Patricia to represent the country, she was given a month to prepare and memorize her speech, which had to comply with the theme "A Borderless World."

    Patricia’s mentors for the competition–STAR columnist Alfred Yuson, Jose Dalisay, Gemino Abad, and Ed Maranan–are internationally known wordsmiths.

    "They’re all brilliant writers. The first time I talked in front of them, I felt like I was talking to God. They were very careful about letting me write about what I wanted. They let me go my way, put some input, and I was very grateful," she says.

    Patricia describes Yuson as a "wonderful guy, very funny," an uncle who would act "like my manager slash publicist slash everything else." She said that when she was in London, he would apprise her parents of her progress.

    Informed that she was going to be featured in Chalk magazine, Yuson joking told Patricia, "Okay, let’s wait for FHM."

    Abad is "very nice," according to Patricia. "He gave me that one quote about ‘the blessed spot that is England.’" While the quote didn’t sell to Filipino listeners, the British audience nodded in approval that "ah, she knows Shakespeare."

    Dalisay, on the other hand, "has the voice of God. If you’ve heard him talk, it’s like you’re talking to God, so deep and full," she says.

    One thing Patricia says she likes about all her mentors is that "they treat me like a normal person. They don’t treat me like a little kid."

    There are those who wonder if Patricia actually wrote the piece, "Blonde and Blue Eyes," that helped her win the competition. "I did. In my original speech, I damned the Filipinos who left," she says. She called these migrant Filipinos "traitors" who "deserted" their family.

    However, she noticed that "always, I felt there was something wrong with what I was saying. My mentors crystallized it. (They said) if you extend that logic, your little Pedro from Pampanga shouldn’t go to the big city because he should be loyal to where he is."

    "I reversed the piece," Patricia says, because what was important to her is not leaving the country, but "basically coming home."

    Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) "relate to that speech. I think that’s the best part of winning," she adds.

    Patricia believes that Filipinos have an advantage when working abroad because they are resilient and proficient in English.

    "They are able to deal with integrating themselves into another country. We’ve been going all over the world and been successful in everything we do," she said.

    For family members left behind by OFWs, Patricia says they have to "accept that it has to be done. It’s not abandoning, it’s a necessity."

    Those who choose to stay, she says, should "admire the people who leave. They’re going to another country, a life that is different from theirs, and live on their own without their family. For people who are left behind, take advantage of what they send us and make sure that their sacrifice is well worth it."

    Patricia says she "felt so good" after a Filipino, who has four children and has worked for many years in Saudi Arabia, emailed her that he was "glad that somebody painted the right picture."

    Filipinos in other countries tend to band together and be united as a group, according to Patricia. As for the naysayers who say that Filipinos would actually turn in their countrymen hiding from immigration officials because they are undocumented aliens, she said this is "not essentially Filipino."

    "There are always aberrations to the norm. Someone from another country will do the same thing," she says.

    For Filipinos who encounter racial prejudice in the country where they work, Patricia says that prejudice is present everywhere, and the best recourse is for them to "excel at everything you do." As for herself, she says, "I’m a Filipino and I don’t care what you say."

    Patricia has her own take on the state of education in the country.

    "I’m from UP and UP doesn’t have much money. But we still get a good education," she says, pointing out that the highest-paid professor in her university earns as much as the lowest-ranking teacher in De La Salle University-College of St. Benilde.

    She likes the idea of making UP, a state university, partly self-sustaining.

    While she cannot recommend a formula to improve the state of education, particularly in elementary and high school levels, she believes that it is "the government’s responsibility to find a way."

    Being a student of speech communications, Patricia says that while many complain that media is "so sensational," this "vibrancy of the media acts as a check and balance against whatever is happening wrong in the government. They air out the bad things. They have to."

    While Patricia "celebrates" the media’s vibrancy, she believes that top television networks and radio stations should allot a few hours a day to public service.

    "What’s on television, what’s in newspapers, changes public opinion, how the country’s going to be run in the future," she insists.

    Unlike many who are disgusted and ready to give up on the snail-paced congressional canvass currently plodding along, Patricia says that despite this pace, "you have to let the law work. Even a bad democracy is better than no democracy at all."

    Looking into her own future–one that is yet uncertain, she being only 18–Patricia is biding her time in choosing a definite career path. "This tournament opened a lot of options," she says. "I may go into broadcasting. I may go into jurnalism, take a scholarshp somewhere, a master’s degree in another country. I’m not sure yet," adding confidently, "I don’t think that any problem right now in the status quo can prevent me from doing what I want to do."

    Gender limitations do not figure in Patricia’s plans. She believes that anyone, male or female, who wants a position should "fight for it if you really want it badly enough. If they don’t hire a woman who is otherwise qualified, it’s discrimination. The fact that it’s labeled discrimination is a wonderful step for womankind."

    Aside from school, Patricia is catching up on her reading, which she does voraciously, "anything and everything." She is partial to books by John Grisham, but admits to having a "thing" for romance novels, particularly those by Nora Roberts.

    "I go through a book really, really fast. My parents find it hard to keep me supplied so we go to booksales, libraries," she says.

    Midway through the interview, a half-grown ***** bounds up to Patricia, trying to clamber on to her lap. "Frankie, no!" she admonishes, as Frankie gnaws at her hand.

    "This one is half spitz, half something or the other," she introduces the spirited canine. "She’s too friendly sometimes. There was one time she thought her name was No." The family has another dog, Johnny, also a female.

    Her parents, Roberto and Felicia, are garments exporters. Patricia is the youngest of three children: the eldest, Samara, 27, is a singer while Billy, 26, is an interior decorator.

    Early indications of an aptitude for public speaking were nothing out of the ordinary. "If you consider talking too much, I had it in abundance," she laughs. "I used to memorize commercials and recite them."

    Her first taste of formal training was during high school in St. Theresa’s College, where they picked the best coaches in the country to train the most promising students.

    Patricia likes literature, and her favorite topic of discussion is Shakespeare. She also likes her class in oral interpretation, wherein students get literary works and interpret them orally.

    At UP-Diliman, freshmen and sophomores taking up general education are required to take 15 units each of math and science, 15 units of social science and philosophy, and another 15 units of arts and letters.

    "I’m trying to delay taking up math and science. I’m really bad at them," Patricia says with a sheepish grin
  • dang!!! thanks girl_dalaga... naunahan moko! hahahahaha well anyhoo ipost ko na lang yung cover hehehe

  • UY! si ate nagsmile saken ehehhe^^
  • thanks girl_dalaga for posting the article. :)

    damnit! sayang .. la akong copy ng magazine na yan. i'd keep it sana ..

    grabe ni ate no? susko .. kung ganyan ba naman ang takbo ng ating paguutak .. :laugh:

    patricia also met cory aquino. they had this dinner or lunch or something with the role-model-youth .. she was there together with the ateneo debating team and another girl (woman?) who won a pulitzer (ata) for photography. i saw it sa star yesterday. sa people section, sa likod ng entertainment. what's really funny is, after patricia did her speech in front of everyone, not only did she leave most of the women teary eyed, cory aquino told her, "they should clone you." grabe! they really should. i hope she goes into broadcasting or journalism. so that we can get to see more of her. idol! :)
  • theHuggyBear:
    meron ka ng magazine na yan? mine na lang! puhleez .. :)
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    I have a copy. You want it? :)

    Also, PhilStar came out with an article on Patricia prior to the Starweek one. That's where JoieDeVivre got her pictures. It was an article included in their back-to-school special.
  • hanie_5.. WALA EH! :( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

    MINE NA LANG MINE NA LANG heheheh joke lang.. Ada bigay mo naman sa prens kong si hanie... :) hehehe

    haaay siguro pwede nako mamatay kahit makipaglunch lang saken si lola cory aquino.. or kahit queen of england man lang.. ahahahaha
  • ATE!!! bisitahin mo naman ako dito sa CEBU!!!! ililibre pa kita ng halohalo galing sa Nenang's carinderia, or sa Bading's. hehehehehe
  • mine na lang! kaso .. how much will that cost me? hehee .. :laugh:

    i asked (ordered actually) my mom to look for a copy. she's starting to look for one na nga e. maybe this week, she'd tell me kung nakakita na sya ng copy .. kung hindi .. you'd be hearing from me Ada .. thanks for the offer, serious or not .. :)
  • hmm you think ate would like halohalo?
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    hanie_5: You can have it for free. Kay mamang diaryo-bote din naman bagsak nun so might as well give it to someone who'll appreciate it.

    Where are you from? I live in UP. You can either pick it up here [malay mo makita mo pa si Patricia when you come here :D] or get it at the PEx office in Makati.

    PM me if your mom doesn't find a copy. :)
  • theHuggyBear:
    halohalo? wtf? where did that come from? (lol) something's happened to your thinking ha .. :laugh:

    UP? hmm .. i live near UP .. as in just a few villages away .. i'll PM you over the weekend or next week (promise yan!) if my mom doesn't find a copy .. so i can have yours.

    maraming maraming salamat po .. :)
  • i finally saw her!! dont know if anybody's interested but im gonna tell my 'story' anyway. around 4pm, i was riding a jeepney then when we passed by AS, there was suspiciously a great number of people sa AS steps. i mean, there were usually many people there but not THIS many.. what's going on? then i saw across the street near the parking lot, a girl with long hair, very maputi and wearing a black sleeveless top. i immediately thought "could that be patricia?" i wasn't sure coz we were going too fast. so, i got off the next waiting shed. then i walked towards the parking lot. hmm, there's a camera crew and a lady talking to her. i proceeded to walk.. i realized she was being interviewed by tintin bersola! woah, both my idols! so, okay.. i passed by them. pa clueless effect. of course, i glanced and i think i almost stared.. hehe i was like a few feet away. kita kaya ako sa cam?? whatever! there! saw her na! yeey!! i couldn't really get what they were talking about but she looks so animated when talking and gestures a lot. i sooo wanted to wait and ask for an autograph or shake hands pero shyness got the better of me. if i had someone with me i would have waited! basta at least i saw her na! for what show kaya ito? what show does tintin have? haaay, i'm gonna watch out for that interview talaga! :cheerleader:

    i later realized those people were there for a different reason, freshie assembly or something. well, whatever. im sure they were also intrigued bout the interview. ;)
  • Yakkity_YAK! JELLY AKOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! sana sinama mo ko!! tatabihan ko pa yan si ATE!!! an yayakapin hehehehe

    hanie.. BAKIT!?! masarap naman ang halo halo ah.. hehehehee
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