Do your parents still treat you like a kid?

Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
I'm 20 yrs old yet my parents still think I'm a kid. I'm classified as isa sa mga bata during family gatherings. I'm even suppose to sit in the children's table for goodness sakes! I have a curfew which I never follow anyway. My parents wants me to stop seeing my S.O. since they think I am still too young which I think is stupid because we've been going steady for 5 years. I'm suppose to inform them of my whereabouts etc etc and so forth...

If you think this is bad. I am just about to graduate college and I am still being treated like this. What should I do? I've tried talking to them pero they still talked to me in that for kids only voice of theirs. Sheesh. I guess in their eyes I'll never grow up. How did you handle this?

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  • IraIra Member PExer
    I'm already a professional and they still treat me as a kid. And here's news: they will always do so, especially with their daughters. Even my grandmother treats my dad like a kid sometimes, and he's already middle-aged. As long as they're alive, no matter how mature you act, there will be times that they will treat you like a 6 year old. They can't help it, you are their child, after all.

    I used to have a fights with my parents treating me like a kid. They always want me to go home before midnight, or they tell me what they think of my friends, etc. But arguing with them only reinforces their belief that you aren't mature enough. So an advice from a female who's been in that situation already: just accept the fact that you will never change their minds. Meet their demands halfway (example, get home early on weekdays), and try to see things from their point of view. They will never stop worrying about what happens to you. If you accede to some of what they want you to do instead of resisting them all the time, you'd be pleasantly surprised how differently they'll treat you.
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLoTwAgKaNgMaKuLoT Member PExer
    agree @ ira!

    chaka i really don't mind
    kse kid pa naman ako e.
  • adamkulitadamkulit skul bukol Member PExer
    yes they treat me like a kid it's because i'm the youngest hehehehehehehehe and i do a lot of idiotic things hehehehehehe i'm turning 21 na pala po hehehehehehehe. :)
  • jepoyjepoy Member PExer
    My mom still treats me like a kid.. and i HATE it!! Minsan nga sa sobrang galit, napagsabihan ko, "Mom! Matanda na ako! When are you gonna understand that I no longer drink milk from a bottle, gusto ko ng MILO!!!Hmp!!"
  • TelcontarTelcontar aka Strider PExer
    LOL @ jepoy!!!
  • SeeleSeele Member PExer
    How do you handle this situation? First of all are you ready?

    Here are some tips. Right after you graduate from school, find a job. Don't ask for any allowance anymore. Show them you can take care of yourself even without their financial support. And if you've really grown up enough, you might just decide to rent your own apartment. This should give them a big message that their little girl is no longer one. She's a lady.

    I did all these and something more. The something more is quite difficult to describe. For starters, ask yourself if you can do what I mentioned above. I'm sure this will not only change your parents' mind but it will make you feel proud of yourself, too. But if you can't do a thing mentioned above, then you're not ready to grow up.

    Have fun!
  • Annie20Annie20 Member PExer
    i guess in one way they treat me like a kid .. di talaga maalis sa kanila yon.. lalo pa pag pinapakita nating di tayo responsible and we're acting unfittingly for our age..

    maybe it's their way of showing their love and nurturing .. pero kasi tayo.. since di nagagawa ang gusto.. akala natin ... tinatrato tayong mga bata..

    guess they would only treat u as a real adult if you're gonna show them the responsible side of you.. that no matter what u do.. you are not afraid of the consequences.. and if ever na magkamali ka.. you have to face the possible outcomes... at di na lang nagrereklamo diyan at dakdak ng dakdak....
  • alemracalemrac Member PExer
    well, if you tried talking and it doesn't work... i guess the only thing you can do is prove yourself... good luck! :D
  • tRiStAntRiStAn Member PExer
    yeah..pinupunasan pa ako sa likod ng mommy ko!!!! :D :D :D
  • KiTTY2babeKiTTY2babe Resident Feline PExer
    I really don't mind. Even if I'm old enough to take care of myself, I kinda hate rubbing it in their faces that I am a responsible adult. It's a hard for parents to sometimes admit even to themselves that their little babies are grown up.

  • WildAngelWildAngel Member PExer
    yea, tho 'am 24 years old now, they still treat me and my siblings like we're still in preparatory school. it's ok with me kaya lang sometimes talagang it's irritating, OA na sila. what i do is showing them that i'm responsible and i wouldnt step beyond the bound of decency. pagbigyan na lang natin sila, 'am sure, when we become a parent na, we will act the way our parents are acting right now. buti nga they have the time for us, e yong iba dyan ala time parents nila for them. :)
  • `Finn01`Finn01 Member PExer
    me, im 18 already. and they still treat me as a kid. i heard so many side comments of my friends (same age)and they really are teasing me to the point na sometimes i have the plans na lumayas... kso, di ko nagagawa.

    im 18 and a guy, is this really normal?? how can guys learn and mature, if even in small things, our parents are there to comment on us, criticize us. i know....that they're only after our welfare, kaso di ba sometimes, we need to grow.

    all i want is that, little by little sana, our parents would understand that we're not the same person few years back na kinakarga we're into our independent stage na, that it is us who really run our lives.
  • katiekatie * PExer
    just like a few of you, i'm already a professional yet my parents still treat me like a kid. my parents still gets up early to see me go off to work just like she used to eversince i started to go to school. they still do the kid stuff that i got used to when i was still a kid.
    nevertheless, i don't mind at all.

  • hershey_ _gailehershey_ _gaile lianah_ _(",) PExer

    yup!!! my parents still treat me like a kid>>>especially
    my grandfather!!! im already 18 but still in their minds
    im still a kid! sometimes when i want to go to a certain store dapat may nkatingin pang maid sakin and hanga't maaari di ako yung bibili and whenever i go to the mall or some gimicks kelangan lam nila who's my company and san place and take note hatid sundo pa ko!!! grabe nga eh...i hope that there will come a time that i can be myself na they wont need to remind me to do this, do that!!! im old enough to distinguish right from wrong>>>lol
  • tr|n|tytr|n|ty the queen bee PExer
    tip: pasok sa isang tenga, labas sa kabila.

    i've been semi-independent since i was 18 because i moved here in New York for college. They don't really have any power over who i go out with or where i go or what time i go home whenever i'm here, and neither do they say anything whenever i'm in Manila for a vacation. I'm lucky that i chose to move here because as much as i love my Mom to death, living with her 24/7 will drive us both insane. whenever i stay with her for more than 2 months at a time, we fight everyday na. but i've learned to just shut up whenever we'd have fights. even during the first few years when i moved here, my mom would call from manila and give long lectures..what i do is, put the phone down on my table and just make her yack and yack while i do something else, like paint my nails or something give a poker face and just make your mind drift away when they start making sermon. it's useless to answer back, either masasampal ka, masisigawan pa lalo or di ka na bigyan ng pera all together. too much effort when alam mo naman sila rin masusunod sa huli. My belief is, when i start supporting myself 100% and paying for everything myself, then that is the time when their opinions don't matter anymore. when you live under their roof and they pay for all your expenses there is really no choice but to follow them.

  • 1 2 0 21 2 0 2 ~lorie heart otto~ PExer
    hehehehe.... it's a good excuse for some irresponsibilities!!!! nyehehehehehe!!
  • maxinegirlmaxinegirl Go For It PExer
    Originally posted by tr|n|ty
    My belief is, when i start supporting myself 100% and paying for everything myself, then that is the time when their opinions don't matter anymore. when you live under their roof and they pay for all your expenses there is really no choice but to follow them.


    True, true.

    Growing up, and as a teenager, I had the tendency to rebel because I noticed that my parents were more strict with me than most of my peers...(eg, they wouldnt allow me to my boyfriend's prom because I was still a sophomore and it "wasn't my time yet," ...they would also insist on taking me to parties themselves and then picking me up, while my other friends could ride with whomever was bringing a car, etc.). However, in retrospect, I do not resent what they did at all. I think they pretty much tried their best to protect me and take good care of me, though sometimes OA na sila. Now that I am a professional and working already, I still value my parents' advice because I've learned that they have my best interests at heart, and, more often than not, they know what's best. Now that I am much older, they pretty much let me decide on my own and do what I want to, even though I still live at home and am not yet totally financially independent. I know the time will come when I will have to be 100% independent and "on my own," but even then, I am sure that there will never come a time when my parents' opinions will not matter. I know that I may not always do what they say and agree with what they think, but I will always look to them for advice and guidance. :D
  • twinkle*starstwinkle*stars loving... =) PExer
    sa gusto nila... dapat masunod at kaya ko nanaman gawin dahil MATANDA na ako. pagdating sa gusto ko... hindi pwede kasi delikado kasi BATA pa ako. ano ba talaga kuya? :)
  • the_FLYthe_FLY F*ck Off Jack*ss!!! PExer
    yes...most of the time my mom tries her best to convince me not to go out with my friends...she even engages me in a debate if i wanna go to an outing with my friends...

  • _Mase__Mase_ psykotic PExer
    My sister and I definitely agree.

    It's more taxing on the part of my sister, though. You see, she's married. With a baby. She's leaving for the US to be with her hubby, but for the past year has been living with us at home. And my parents STILL treat her like an errant child. Yung tipong..."Clean your room," or "Bakit ngayon ka lang?" or "Saan ka galing?"
    My sister ******* about it often enough to scare me a bit. What more kung ako, di ba? Arrgghh.

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