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discharges are normal for females right?

diba lahat meron nun? that's why pantiliners were created right? i have this stepmom who insists i go and see an ob...she thinks im sick...wha?! its that yellowish thing...? hay someone pls enlighten me...


  • Ira
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    Discharges are normal if it's white to whitish-yellowish and it doesn't smell. The discharge becomes a bit stronger prior to your menstrual period. However, if it changes in character--turns greenish, becomes frothy, cheeselike, smells really bad, etc.--there may be infection.
  • movie_junkie
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    wat to do if there is an infection?

    and wat myt be the cause of it?
  • there are many causes of infection to a woman's genitals...i'll give you two.....:glee:

    one is unprotected sex, and being infected by an infected partner...

    2nd is improper hygiene...
  • If there is an infection, you have to see a doctor to diagnose the infection and give the right treatment. No self medication.
  • hooch
    hooch drowsy
    what kinds of infection are these?
  • Possible infections in the female genital area that can cause unusual discharges:
    Yeast infection (candidiasis), trichomoniasis, gonorrhea -- these are the most common. The last 2 are sexually transmitted, the first one is not.
  • hooch
    hooch drowsy
    doc, what are the possible cure for these infections?
  • Ira
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    Antibiotics or antifungals, either in suppository or in oral form.
  • wat if it smells really bad, pero im in doing proper hygeine naman and im not having sex naman with someone?
  • sheer_bliss
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    kung foul odor yong discharges, i think you better see an OB maski hindi ka pa nakikipagtalik baka kasi may defect somewhere else....
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