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Baket nagkakasakit pag na ambunan?

I don't know kung may thread na nito pero curious lang ako baket pag ambunan, nagkakasakit or nagkaka sipon? atska baket dapat protectahan ang ulo pag naulanan? tska may lageng sinasabi na maligo agad pag naulanan...di ko lang alam kung may medical basis talaga ito...


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    It's because the moisture in the air is inhaled, which causes increased moisture and congestion in the respiratory system. This fluid build-up is an ideal medium for bacteria to grow.

    The protecting the head thing does not have a medical basis.
  • so dapat pala mouth and nose ang takapan natin?
  • danicalstix
    danicalstix Hush hush puppy...
    ano po bang treatment sa ganitong sakit? nagkataon na ako'y natamaan ng sakit dahil naambunan ako...ngayon, meh parang migraine meh lagnat na nakastuck sa loob ng katawan... :( thank u!
  • jake's_wife -- that won't help either. The best thing to do is to bone up your immunity so that you won't get prone to infections.

    danicalstix -- sounds like you have a systemic viral infection, or "trangkaso". In such cases, you pretty much just try to control the symptoms. Take Paracetamol every 4 hours for headache and fever, and take in lots of fluids. The condition is usually self limiting and will usually resolve within the week.
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