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Doc Ira, I need your help..

Can you refer me a good PEDIA? Because my son has a baby asthma according to the doctor, he's 7 months old. Ok naman un pedia nya before kaya lang I move to Bagong Bantay just last week. Previously kasi sa Lourdes Hospital kami nag papacheck up kay DR. Florentino Gonzales.:) Cause I lived in Sta. Mesa before.

Thanks doc IRA :*) :D


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Where's Bagong Bantay? I'm not sure where that is. What cities are most convenient for you?
  • sorry Doc Ira, Bagong Bantay is in Quezon City, near Project 7 and Congressional. Malapit na din kami sa munoz.:)

    I like National Childrens Hospital which is located in E Rodriguez, but im not sure kung ok doon. Hope you could help me, thanks..;)
  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Geesh, this website is so slow.

    National Children's Hospital has excellent pediatricians, just that the facilities are not really that great. No matter--if there is ever a need to admit your child to a hospital (hopefully not), most, if not all, of the pediatricians there are affiliated with other hospitals with better facilities. All you need is a good doctor for outpatient check-ups, anyway.

    You can try consulting either Dr. Epifania Simbul or Isabelita Gozon. Just call the trunkline and ask for their clinic hours.
  • Thanks Doc. Ira... :angel:
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