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AnO aNg GaGAwIN Mo kUnG sAkaSAKaLiNg....

BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
...biglang may gumawa ng issue tungkol sa yo. i mean sobrang deadma kalang at walang ginagawa. and then may biglang gagawa ng issue about u? ppl are giving u these kinds of stares that makes u feel irritated(well..siguro sa ibang tao the word would be-uneasy)? take note, these ppl do not know anything about the real story. dahil lang may nag drama sa kanila kaya paniwalang paniwala sila sa version ng pathetically dramatic person na ito? what would u do? deadma ka pa ba rin because u don't think u should correct what these ppl know or do u talk to these ppl and tell them the real story?

i'm sure lahat tayo dito we've been in this kind of a situation one way or another before... ano ginawa nyo?



  • If it was me, I will first make sure that my suspicions are correct and that they came from reliable sources. Then I will ask my friends why their attitude seems different. Then explain my side. My real friends will believe me and back me up.

    That's all I can do. If I make a big issue out of it, they may even wonder if there was any truth to the rumors.
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    martian: y are u so interested? and what the hell's so funny?

    flare!!: hello mare! tara umbagin nalang natin...kaso magmumukhang ***** lang ako dahil sasabihin nilang guilty ako...weheheh... ;)

    to clone, reflection and punkchick :
    well...yun nga...i'm keeping my mouth shut talaga. kaso sobrang unfair kasi minsan e. well, itong mga taong ito they are not my friends. mere acquaintances lang e. my barkada and my mother supports me naman all the way e. since they know the real story. sana nga tumatahimik yung issue nung ako na yung nag back off at nag deadma nalang. e d malay ko ba at ginatungan pa....hay! so unfair! but sabi nga ng mga real friends ko e, ganyan lang daw talaga ang mga alam na wala na sila sa lugar. kukuha ng sympathy galing kanikanino. how pathetic!!!!! kadiri!!! well... i guess that's how life works! :)

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  • youre right badgirl... i have been in that situation ...Grrrr.. i hate it when ppl make up some stupid stories..then suddenly other ppl thinks that ur really nasty and that ur just pretending to be a good angel outside!! GGGrrrr.. pisses me off!! ... anong ginawa kows??.. i just shut my mouth and let them think what they are thinking!!!..hayaan mo silang maloka sa kakaiisip and kaka make up ng stories... basta kows.. i know the real thing!!! at least sikats ako di ba!! hehehe ppl are always watching me!! ahek.. pero inis pa rin!!

    ayun lang po :D

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  • share naman doon sa issue na umiikot ikot tungkol sayo hehehehe
  • Madali lang yan, umbagin natin tsang!!

    Ano na'ng balita ha, my ex-sparring pakner?

  • Flare!!

    Relax ka lang. Your explosive attitude is showing...heh heh heh...dyok onli. :)

    Anyway, to get back on topic (baka ma-censor kasi tayo), here's my answer: I will do nothing. After all, my actions should speak louder than words to those who consider themselves my true friends.

    Ayos ba?
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    reflection: actually, am 100% sure na ako yun. kasi yung ibang mga tao, gagawa ng issue e ang bilis bilis sobrang mag 1+1 para mag figure out kung sino ang iniintriga. well, these acquaintances are really treating me differently, pero oks lang nga siguro. human nature to side with the supposedly "wronged" party who in reality is the wrong party. :)
  • Bad Girl, siguro kung palitan mo ang pangalan mo ay hindi na nila masasabing bad girl ka. Gawin mo na lang Good Girl kaya.
  • ako siguro deadma na lang... if i see people staring at me, syempre uneasy pero k lang coz they're not bothering me u know...
    basta i wont talk about it because for me that would be saying na parang guilty ako, u know?
    pero if someone asks me then tsaka ko sasabihin yung totoo...
    pero kasi my REAL friends know me and what i can do so im not worried. and besides theyll be defending me rin... :)
    ngayon dun sa nagsespread ng rumors, well ang masasabi ko lang is makarma sana siya...
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Lo Lo: hahahaha...makes no difference din kung palitan ko ang name ko. =) and besides, d naman ako yung masama e. yung isang tao. =)

    bugsbunny: yep..i agree! pnagtatanggol naman ako ng real friends ko e. as in they back me up 100%. so i guess i'm so grateful that my friends stick to me because they know what i'm capable of and what i'm not. and yes, MAKARMA sana sha!
  • hmmm... siguro, depends. if the people who started the rumor are completely incredible, then, la lang. di ko papansinin.
    pero kung mukhang everybody believes them and what they say, i'll go for the confrontation.
    di muna ako makikipagaway. more civil muna ang approach. as in, i'll ask kung totoo. depende rin sa reaction pag kinonfront. kung mejo mabait, di ko aawayin. just a firm caution na wag gawin ulit. kung palaban yung tao, eh di, guerra na! :)
  • BadGiRL ganyan talaga ang mga cute Pinag-uusapan ;) ahihihi ... *tulala mode* naks

  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    snake eyes: hohonga! lol! pero deadma nalang siguro.... pero kung gatungan pa e, well, pasensyahan nalang kung may sugurin ako. :)

    martian: huh? paano mo alam? kilala mo ba? bakit may kilala ka ba sa mga kaibigan ko? i knw what i''m talking about. and besides, i'm not asking kung totoo bang kinakalat ng isang tao something about me. i know ginagawa nya. i'm asking for the advice of the ppl here kung how to deal with it. there's a diff u know.
  • badgirl...

    it happened to a friend way back in hs...

    yung intriga sobrang daming gatong... chaka yung nagkalat sobrang galing magconvince... even kami, muntik na magturn ng back sa kanya...

    i didn't really think na she was affected bout the whole issue coz she just kept quiet... and kme namang mga friends niya, we kept quiet too, coz that's what she wanted... pero the next school year, she transferred to a diffrent school, and the truth never came out.. so she left the school, her name left uncleared...

    ...which made me realize na you have to let the truth out either way, because if you keep telling yourself "alam ko naman yung totoo" nothing will happen...

    if you make deadma... some will believe you, some won't... well... if you really wanna clear your name.. then tell the truth right there!
  • my friends get mad at me cos when ppl do this to me, i just shrug it off. they want me to defend myself but truth is i dont really care. not that it doesnt bother me cos it does but bcos i dont have to explain to ppl who do not even care enough to ask me and know the real story.

    badgirl, musta na? is this based on experience? well, hope ur situation gets better :)
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    atsi bb:
    e paano kung useless lang kausapin kasi laging sarado naman yung utak ng taong yun e? i mean laging feel nya sha ang nasa tama at lahat ng mali nya ay reasonable parin? so how do i talk to a person like that civilly? lalo na at mainitin talaga ang dugo ko. how can i hold my temper in check?

    punkchick: well.... ;) i hate it when ppl look at me. pero oo nga..let them live with their misconceptions in bliss. wehehehee..sila din naman yung nag mumukhang ***** sa harap ng mga may alam ng katotohanan e. i wonder how would they feel when one day they find out that they've been taken for a ride by the party they are siding with right now? wahahaaha..can't wait for that day!
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    well, black. u r right that i should clear my name. but as azy said, buti na ding yung quiet nalang siguro ako. kasi naman dba basta those that matter most to me know the real story is fine na. y should i go and tell the whole population the truth if they don't even care about the truth? these ppl just care about the new gossip that they can talk over the phone. if worse comes to worst, ok lang, i have my mother and my real friends to back me up naman e. ppl(being suckers for theatrics) may not believe me but ppl would believe them...ganon nalang siguro. mas credible naman yung friends ko sa kanya e. mas naniniwala yung mga tao sa friends ko.

    azy: hello! and yes! :) yes, i hope my situation gets better. as bugsbunny said, makarma sana sha!

    thx ppl! :)
    basta i'll do what most of u said.... :)
  • it shouldn't matter what people are saying and thinking as long as you know that it isn't true and you are doing the right thing. Ano ba pakielam mo sa kanila diba?! pero in the long run people, persons get hurt by this "backstabbing" na kahit alam mong hindi totoo. kaya naaapektuhan ka din ng mga sinasabi ng mga tao. kaya the best thing to do is to talk to the them para malinawan na ang lahat, remember the best thing to solve a problem is to talk about it. Kaya dun sa mga gumagawa ng mga hindi totoong tsismis, remember this, remember the saying "STICK AND STONES MAY HURT MY BONES BUT WORDS WILL NEVER WILL", well it isn't true people get hurt move by words than "stick and stones". So remember be careful of what you say (kahit totoo) and lalo na kung hindi totoo, because "sticks" cut wound on our skin that heals quickly, but bad words to a person cuts wounds deep inside a person that takes a lifetime to heal. Like the saying goes it takes a lifetime to win the trust of a person but only a second to desrtoy it. :) TO people, BE MORE TRUTHFUL and TACTFUL.
    Wag mo na lang pansinin yan BADGIRL, pero alam ko apektado ka kasi tao ka lamang di tulad ng mga IBANG TAO DIYAN! na hindi mo alam kung san galing, out of this world ata yung mga ibang tao eh, mayroon pa ata galing MARS EH ;)
  • galing magadvice ni snake eyes next time if i needed one care to help me?
    badgirl: just asking diba, malay mo kilala ko yung sinasabi mo at di pala siya ang nagkakalat ng balita diba. Kung di naman siya nagkakalat it isn't fair to blame him/her right? saka sorry po kung tumatawa me, i can't help to be happy all the time yun nga ang ikinaiinis ko eh being happy all the time.
  • RöttenMindRöttenMind PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sasabihin ko totoo para magulantang ang nagkalat ng tsismis!

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