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Is Kris Aquino a better host without Korina Sanchez?

The Kris/Korina tandem is one of the few pairs in talk show history that actually worked, consistently beatin the crap out of the competition.

Personally, I don't know why it actually worked since I don't watch the show enough to actually analyze the chemistry of the two individuals.

Based on observations, I notice that the best talk show host tandem are those two individuals that have opposing views.

For example, I consider the best talk show hosts (at present) to be Mel Tiangco and Jay Sonza. One is always playing the goody good individual (Mel), while the other is always playing the sarcastic one (Jay) in a humorous type of way.

The formula always worked for the two them, but what formula worked for Korina and Kris?

Possibly, Korina is an snobbish elitist who's always trying to be a person for the masses, while Kris is an attention seeking ***** who's trying to climb the social ladder, but always retained her pang-masa image. This could be the dichotomy of the two. Whatever the reason is, it actually worked.

This is a lesson that maybe GMA should learn. Putting talk show hosts like Jelly and Janice won't work because the two are sisters, hence, they are in actual harmony, which means that the two don't actually add enough dimension in the way they host (same reason why the Bing and Michelle tandem didn't work).

I always think that the best talk show host tandem are rivals in way or another.

Why not bring back Ted and Korina (maganda siguro na makita sila na magpataasan ng ego) or make a Korina-Karen Davila tandem (same thing. Patataasan din sila ng ego nila).


  • yes i think so...jan nga nakilala si kristeta dba?basta tungkol lahat sa showbiz ok naman si kris si korina kase more on current affairs. juz my two cents.
  • Yes, for a talk show that is more showbiz-oriented.

    The tandem worked because Korina has the authority to tell Kris off. Only a few people can do that, even Boy Abunda struggles to block Kris in the subtlest way possible. Kris may be a nice and honest person but you cannot just tell her off, unless you want to have a bratty tongue-lashing from her. Kris respected korina to accept any difference in opinion. Simultaneously, Kris is the only person who can make a stoic personality like Korina shed her inhibitions, squeal her bedroom habits, reveal her love affairs--and come out unscathed.

    Or it may just be simple mutual sincere likeness.
  • Korina and Karen? Naku...
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