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mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
our sister is currently in beijing as part of her dissertation studies. ever the scholar, she e-mails only items that stimulate the mind. she never lets me forget that i was once a scientist (kuno).

anyway, she visited a memorial to past scientists. there were busts/statues with names. try identifying their COMMON ENGLISH NAMES. please avoid posting your answers to let the others take a fair crack. PM me your answers and i'll post your nick if you got the answers right:

1) a vaguely European-looking man, bald on top, with a thick growth of white hair at the sides, and white mustache. His name is given as Aiyin Si Tan, 1879-1955

2) A definitely European-looking man, totally bald, with a long beard. His name is given as Da Er Wen, 1809-1882

3) A young man with shoulder-length blond hair, wearing a red coat, named Niu Dun, 1642-1727.

4)...his name is rendered as Men Jie Lie Fu, 1834-1907. clue: he was a russian chemist.

5) This one, I am CLUELESS, but will try to find out: a european-looking woman (I think she's a woman), with the name Ju Lifuren, 1867-1934.


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