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ABS-CBN's Luis Teodoro on GMA government and this current election

From http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/NewsStory.aspx?section=OPINION&oid=52003

"All Philippine elections since have been similarly flawed, giving rise to such descriptions of the process as “the politics of money,” “patronage politics,” the preeminence of “guns, goons and gold,” and more recently, “traditional (trapo) politics.”

However, two of these exercises in elite musical chairs were particularly low points. One the country has just gone through. The other was the “reelection” of Ferdinand Marcos to a second term in 1969, which was characterized by large-scale vote-buying, systematic fraud through the corruption of the supposedly independent Commission on Elections, collusion between the ruling group and other election officials, and widespread violence among warring political dynasties including those allied with Marcos.

"(This confluence Marcos labeled the “leftist-rightist conspiracy.” As if to reestablish their links to the initial success of that dictatorship, it’s a phrase recently revived by the Arroyo government’s police and military conspiracy theorists in explaining why so many groups are crying fraud over May 10. Apparently, not only can’t they be original; they can’t imagine either that various groups could arrive at the same conclusion without necessarily talking, let alone conspiring, with each other."

"What made the May 10 elections different was primarily the existence of a situation the 1987 Constitution had sought to prevent. Running for a full term was an incumbent president, which made her use of government resources and her other powers inevitable. The consequence of this factor among other factors was the triumph of money, of alliances of convenience, the use of public funds for private ends, the partisanship of key segments of the bureaucracy including the police and the military, and over-all, the decline of the political system to its lowest point since 1969."

"The astounding success of the Arroyo campaign strategy of winning over everyone and using everything thus demonstrated not only her mastery of the arts of traditional politics. It has also doomed all hopes for reform, since in Philippine politics, nothing succeeds as well as the worst practice."

Conclusion: The people who went to Edsa Dos undid the gains of Edsa I. What a bunch of suckers.


  • Democracy is as much about mechanisms as high sounding ideals and the constitution implements specific ones intended to prevent abuses.

    When people (such as those who went to Edsa Dos) fail to follow such, the end result are perversions and subversions of the ideals of democracy such as that described by Teodoro.
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