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Ricotta cheese

would anyone know where i can buy RICOTTA cheese, specifically the part skim (low fat) kind.



  • JunoJuno PExer
    You might want to try Santi's. They sell it by the tub (like the imported cottage cheese in the groceries)

    If, for some reason, they're out of stock, try using a substitute such as feta cheese (which you can easily get in the grocery), but i think it's saltier than ricotta.
  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I used to see ricotta cheese at PriceSmart. But when my mom went yesterday (the branch at the Global City), they were all out.
  • yup, Santi's deli carries ricotta cheese. for substitute, my aunt suggested once that i use cottage cheese and when i tried it, my baked lasagna tasted almost the same as if i'd used ricotta cheese. and it's a lot cheaper too. :D
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    for something different, try buying some goat's milk cheese (kesong puti) and chopping it up into smaller pieces for your recipe... you can first take the goat's milk cheese out and immerse it in a concoction of olive oil with your favorite herbs... try thyme which goes great with cheese... or for a tangy flavor, heat some vinegar up, dip the herbs in it and then dip the cheese in it... the herbs has to stay in the vinegar though for about 2-3 weeks so that the flavor would be intense... what're you using the ricotta cheese for anyway?

    oh wait a minuite... you were asking for the low-fat kind... yeeks... sorry... just go to santi's... although they might also have it in europa deli if it's still open... (i haven't been to europa for a long time)
  • saw sa lifestyle channel si kathleen daelmanns sa cooking thin gumawa siya ng homemade ricotta using skim milk ata, parang pinakuluan lang niya plus a little lemon juice and salt tapos hanggang magcurddle, then nilagay sa cheesecloth to drain. mga 3x ko napanood, siguro naman i-replay ulit yun...
  • hey guys, thanks for all your replies.
    I'm on the South Beach diet and they recommend using ricotta for deserts.
    thanks again :)
  • Hacienda Macalauan is a local dairy company that makes ricotta.

    You can view details about their cheese HERE.

    Another local cheesemaker producing ricotta is Latteria d'Ischia.

    HERE is their version of ricotta :)

    Cheese lovers, you can learn more about cheese at CheesePhilippines.com
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