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Would anybody know the reason behind NAMFREL's snail-paced quick count? It's beginning to appear to some people like they're doing it deliberately para maunahan sila ng Congress so they'd stop at this point when the chairmen's favorite candidate is leading.


  • ano ba yan. hindi ko matandaan, pero ganito ba talaga katagal magbilang ang NAMFREL quickcount? how was it like in the past elections?
  • renzrenz PExer
    namfrel with billluzlos and concepcion, what do you expect from these loud-mouthed businessmen? hehhe. they have their own interests to protect kaya dont expect them to improve their counting or even finish it. cliffhanger palagi yan.

    ang nakakatuwa, sa private counting ni abaloslos e panalo ang gma, sa election watchdog kuno, e ala pang 70% nyahahhaha! pero naniniwala ang maraming mga edukado, no ifs no buts. no questions asked tutal ayaw naman nila sa totoong nanalo, kahit nga mandaya ok lang sa kanila kaya expect no violent reaction from those with higher education. galibol fools pala, sabi pa ni inspector. nyahahjahaha!
  • Could it be because sa bilangan nila lumalabas ang trend na panalo si FPJ...?

    I find both an FPJ and a GMA win disastrous and favor neither, but still can't help but be suspicious about what is going on right now.

    Eh hindi ba si Guillermo Luz is part of the Makati Business Club who ousted Erap and supported bringing GMA in? Don't know about you, but I find it hard to expect an objective stance from him, no matter how professional he may look and sound on TV.
  • renzrenz PExer
    pero kailangang paniwalaan si biluzluz dahil panalo naman si gma sa bilangan ng namfrel sobrang bagal count. sakit sa ulo pero ok lang. nyahahah!

    ok lang naman dayain o magtrending sila, tutal ayaw ko naman sa binoto ng nakakarami. that's how democracy works for me. nyahahahah!

    i shut up! hehehe!
  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Seriously short of volunteers, I heard.
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