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Para naman magkaalaman na kung sino talaga yung mga magkaka-pamilya dito sa PEXers.

Yung mga nagpapanggap, :rolleyes:

Start na ko:



  • rjad70rjad70 rjad70 PExer
    Subject: NYCO MACA

    * * *

    Nicole Severino coined her own screen name: Nyk? Maca.

    With her screen name, Nyk? wants to blend the Filipino culture with
    her unique experience abroad.

    Nyk? is one of the three finalists in "Star in a Million," which will
    have its grand finals on Saturday. The two others are OJ Mariano and
    Frenchie Dy.

    Nyk?'s passion for music is unbelievable. She remembers that as a
    child, she already loved to sing. She got a lot of encouragement from
    her parents, who are now separated.

    "Sa'Yo Lamang" and "Maalaala Mo Kaya" were her early favorites. As
    she grew older, she learned to love, not just sing, songs in
    different languages. Bossa nova inspired her to learn Portuguese.
    Other songs encouraged her to learn more languages, which now has
    become an invaluable tool in her desire to develop herself further.
    No wonder that she can sing with gusto any kind of music: soul, hip-
    hop and R&B.

    Nyk? is a high school graduate of St. Scholastica's College, Manila.
    She left the country in 1997 after winning a scholarship from an
    international school in Victoria, Canada, where her mom resides. She
    pursued an IB (International Baccalaureate) degree then spent the
    next two years at Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific, where 200
    students from 83 countries lived together in a project built to
    foster international understanding. After finishing a bilingual
    course, Nyk? continued her undergraduate studies at McGill University
    in Canada. She graduated with distinction.

    It was after her academic studies that she decided to pursue her
    dream career full-time.

    Nyk? can also write songs. For her, the beat, the melody and the
    groove are all about communicating messages of life and love.

    She has a boyfriend, a Brazilian who excels in martial arts. Her mom
    is coming home from Canada to watch her perform in the grand finals.
    Her dad, who has a girlfriend but is not yet married, will be present
    also to give her moral support.

    With these three people all dear to her heart at the grand finals,
    she has every reason to feel that victory is hers.

    Well, keep your fingers crossed, Nyk?.","
  • manddy_leimanddy_lei Member PExer
    baka yung bagong show ni ni?a","
  • deepblueskiesdeepblueskies -=giggling=- PExer
    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by starchase [/i]
    [B]One nation under GOD.. [/B][/QUOTE]

    :lol: ayus *okay*

    raikou>> alt+164 = ?","
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    :wave: raikou_99

    Alt + 164 = ?","
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    Ba?ned by Admi??","
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    :wave: Johnston tsaka ke Quicompoix (tama ba?)

    Tsaka ke OGIE DIAZ :) (kung sino ka man)
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    uyy, im here :wave: special mention pa :wink:

    Kapamilya forever :)
  • kagomesikagomesi BAILONA PExer
    Count me in....MULA NOON HANGGANG NGAYON, Kapamilya tlaga ako....:lol:
  • myKenZhumyKenZhu hot mama PExer
    ako rin po.. certified kapamilya.. :cheerleader:
  • kapamilya po!!!!!! always and forever!!! :D
  • tsklettsklet 2pathetic4me PExer
    me too!
  • shey_anneshey_anne I Am Neytiri (: PExer
    me too...

    kahit may puso ako, KAPAMILYA ako :up:
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  • the_BuGsthe_BuGs d ko hilig PExer
    wat do u mean na kapamilya? fan ng abs o nag-wo-work sa abs?
  • bwisitbwisit Member PExer
    di ako kapamilya.. dahil neutral lang ako...

    mas ok kung kapuso ka na kapamilya ka pa.
  • F4coleF4cole Member PExer
    Me rin, KAPAMILYA ako, kahit minsan lang ako nagpopost, usually nagbabasa lang, solid KAPAMILYA rin ako...Solid ABS-CBN ako....:cool:
  • angelicusangelicus Member PExer
    KAPAMILYAAAAA!!!:life: :life:
  • wendiewendie Dancing Queen PExer

    Actually our TV set is locked to ABS-CBN Ch. 2

    and i keep the remote control syempre para di mailipat ng ibang channel noh!
  • nikkeijinnikkeijin Member PExer
    Count me in!
    By the way, can we fans of ABS make a thread of the most disliked or disgusting tabloid writer which are obviously paid by GMA to discredit ABS? There is this writer in Abante who is fond of soliciting votes from readers via his
    column, and that writer would be number 1 in my list.
    What do you guys think?
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    Ako rin KAPAMILYA!!!


    siguro naman napatunayan ko na yan sa mga previous posts ko sa ibat ibang thread, certified KAPAMILYA ako!....
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