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Rear truck spoiler for 2004 Honda Civic VTI-s

Guys my car is a just Stock Civic. I was wondering where could I buy good deal on a rear truck spoiler . And quite new to cars what modifications are nice for for performance and looks.My civic is a VTi-s 2004 model.Thanks a lot for your help.


  • Correction Rear trunk spoiler not (truck spoiler) :)
  • GreatBop
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    damned rice boy. keep it looking good by keeping it stock.
  • shun_sakurai
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    Personally, I'd avoid getting a rear spoiler. Not because I'm biased against making a car look good, but because it's expensive and it can actually cause problems.

    The holes that need to be drilled into the trunk for the spoiler fitment will tend to introduce "holes" in the rustproofing as well.

    If you're still bent on getting a spoiler...I suggest you avoid huge "GT wings" (those huge silver unpainted race-looking spoilers). I'd probably pick one that looks a little discreet.

    Mokkori has a rear spoiler on his car (a 1993 Civic) as well. You might want to ask him for feedback.
  • the first upgrade u should do is not the exterior part but the engine... put a turbo or something to make it faster rather than just make it look fast
  • Mokkori
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    Originally posted by GreatBop
    damned rice boy.

    Keep it nice GreatBop... :angry:
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    While I agree that spending for performance is a little more worthwhile than spending for looks, I appreciate a well-dressed-up car as well.

    That said, a rear spoiler is a good way to start. It might not be the most discreet of add-ons, but getting a good one really can make a difference in terms of porma. Just avoid the attention-grabbing "GT wings" (you can't miss them...mukha silang sampayan) and you'll be fine IMO.

    GT wings are of no use unless you drive a car made for high speed time-trial circuit testing.

    Personally I'd vote for getting a nice clean front "chin" spoiler as well...I've seen some of these fitted on EK and ES Civics and they're pretty classy pieces of kit. :)

    As for places to look...why don't you try Banawe St. in QC? That's always the first place you should start looking. Honda Phils' add-on parts are ridiculously expensive, but their rear spoiler is pretty nice.
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