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small tummy in pregnancy

hi docs! tanong ko lang if there are any risks for the baby kung maliit magbuntis ang mommy? i'm on my 8th month of pregnancy and i'm getting worried kasi di masyado lumalaki tyan ko. People think nasa 4-5 mos pa lang tyan ko. I thought it will instantly grow bigger during the last trimester but til now di pa rin sya lumalaki. I've had a scan during my 5th month and sabi ok naman daw measurements ng baby. I've measured my fundal height and its only 28 cm when it should be 32 cm now i'm on my 32nd week. Do you think my baby is small for her gestational age? I was trying to eat as much as i can para lumaki tyan ko but because my sickness came back now i'm on my last trimester baka nagiging undernourished ang baby ko. Fetal movements are very active naman. What should i do?


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    If your ultrasound shows the baby isn't SGA, then you don't have to worry about anything even if it seems to you that you're small. A pediatrician-friend of mine who was pregnant only became large enough to necessitate wearing maternity clothes during her ninth month of pregnancy--before then, she didn't appear to be pregnant to a casual observer. Her baby turned out to be fine.
  • i hope same thing's happening to me. Thanks for the reply doc
  • Aq po doc underweight po ako and im on my 4thmonth now..nafefeel ko na po ang flutters ni baby..di pa kasi ako nkakapg ultrasound kasi close pa ang clinic dito sa amin..wla namn ding avail na ob po dito sa amin..okey lng po kaya??mgiging ok kaya baby ko nito..kumakain nmn ako frequently, 1kilo lng po in 1 month ang nagain ko..paano po bah ito..help me plz po..
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