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"I need time off by myself" - what does it mean?

This is one of the dreaded phrase in a relationships beside the ever so popular "she/he didnt mean anything". would you take it to be a valid hint saying "it's over"


  • it's so you won't ask why because it's direct and she won't have to hurt you by saying that it's your fault.
  • hmmmmmm ndrewnapansin ko nga na napaka dreaded nyang phrase na yan... i dont take it as a hint that 'its over' --->; i take it as siguro gusto nya munang mag-isip isip para masigurado nya ang feelings nya :)
  • nope I won't take it as a hint that our relationship is ending... I'd take it as a sign that maybe I need some time for myself, too :)

  • "I need time off by myself"?

    to me, it means cool off, a space to think
    and sort out the (confused) feelings inside.

    not totally the end.

  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    That phrase is often used to mean "I'm feeling very crowded here, I need space to rethink about our relationship." It usually means that doubt has crept in. I wouldn't put it to the extent naman of saying that the relationship is over, because sometimes "distance makes the heart grow fonder", 'ika nga. That phrase could swing both ways.
  • green gringreen grin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    "guess what? i just met someone better than you!"
  • hmmm... i'd take it to mean that the person doesn't feel the same way, and that he or she needs time to think whether the relationship is worth pursuing or not...
  • i just told that a few weeks back to my gf, when we we're having arguements every other day. well what can u expect since we're thousands of miles apart.
    but when i told her that, she took it as rejection, but what i meant was all that. kasi for me when solving problems especially relationships, and you're not doin a good job when the 2 of u are together, the best way is to get out of it for a while and give urselves some time to think things over.
    it's like problems are mountains... u have to be away from or not on it to see the whole picture :)

  • I think it's not really over. I only say such thing when I need space and time to think of what's going on with my mind and my heart.
  • BlisterBlister PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Honestly.. masakit mang sabihin, there's no such thing sa babae..
    The difference ng babae sa lalaki, they can do two or more things at the same time... so they won't say such a thing unless may iba silang ibig sabihin... minsan babalik yan.. pero napaka liit ng chances...
    Sa lalaki naman, oh yes, they have that thing na "they wanted to have time for themselves".. because, nahihirapan silang mag-isip o gumawa ng marami at the same time.
    applicable sa lalaki... pero never sa babae.. take it from me... I already said that before...
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    "ayaw ko na sa'yo."
  • yeah it doesnt mean that you're ending the relationship..he just needs space to sort out whatever he needs to sort out -- his confusion perhaps?

  • "I need time off by myself" in lay's terms is GO AWAY!
  • It means that you're either suffocating that person that they need room to breathe...

    ...or that you both have grown apart somehow, in some way without neither of you noticing...

    ...and the only way to gain that trust and friendship back is to have time away from each other...

    ...even when it hurts.
  • it means good bye.. but depending on the situation it may mean good bye forever or for now....
  • yah.. it may mean, i need time to sort out my feelings coz i am starting to like someone else but I don't want to lose you either...
  • It means "cool off" or "time out."

    No relationship can remain torrid forever. A mutually acceptable time-out period may turn out to be a good tonic to rekindle the ardor in your emotions.

    However, it is very important that each of you be totally honest with each other. If another person is already in the picture, it is kinder to admit it. Emotionally stringing the other person along would be the height of selfishness and deceit.
  • that sounds trouble!
  • RöttenMindRöttenMind PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ndre, why mo tanong to? kala ko ba ok lang kayo ng gf mo?!!?
  • i need time off by my self (ayoko na)
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