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MIKEL CAMPOS Official Fans Thread

Sa lahat ng fans ni Mikel Campos also known as Cedrik of Sarah the Teen Princess TV Series of ABS-CBN 2, dito kayo magcomment! hehe, lets volt in!


  • di niya ako fan pero naku-cutan ako sa kanya, hawig niya si Richard Gomez . Sana magpalaki siya ng katawan para hunk ang dating ;)
  • leikela_joy
    leikela_joy fANNEatic
    He's cute. :) Yeah, I agree. He kinda resembles Richard Gomez sometimes.
  • my father works in abs and i went with him to the taping of the summer station id .. and i saw him.. he is so cute i swear .. but he smokes though.. =p i askd my dad if he could ask mikel to take a picture of us together and he did! wahh! hehehe..
  • im_a_chick
    im_a_chick |PunkRockQueen|
    he looks like my boyfriend! :D

    i find him cute.. and he looks really tall!
  • bluethehero
    bluethehero unsung hero
    Alam nyo isa sya sa mga gifted with face value pero di sya mayabang. Really. Pero sana magpataba nga sya.
  • p0tipie
    p0tipie Kapamilya
    Mikel Campos on the fast track

    SINCE he was introduced in the movies "Filipinas" (where he earned
    rave reviews for playing the rebellious son of Richard Gomez) and
    Captain Barbell, Mikel Campos has been on the fast track to stardom.

    The 17-year-old actor has become even busier since he joined showbiz
    last year. Aside from appearing regularly on "Sarah, The Teen
    Princess," where he plays spoiled rich brat Cedric, Mikel was also
    seen in an episode of the fantasy series "Wansapanatym" where he
    played another rebellious son role, but with a difference: this
    time, he wants to escape his strict, overprotective mother so much
    that he stuffs her into a baul, locks it and wishes she would
    disappear - and gets the surprise of his life when she does exactly

    In real life, Mikel is a dutiful son who is close to both his
    parents. After all, they're a very small family. Mikel has only one
    other sibling, a brother, Richard, who's 26 and just as good-looking
    as Mikel, although he has a career of his own and is not in any way
    interested in showbusiness.

    Meanwhile, Mikel's mother, commercial model Susan Campos, gives him
    plenty of advice about coping with the demands of showbusiness.

    Mikel says that showbiz, which a lot of his friends have dismissed
    as baduy, is actually a very demanding profession. Sure, there are a
    lot of benefits (like the fame and the easy money that come with
    it), but you also have to invest a lot in the job. "I don't think
    it's baduy. In fact, it's very hard pala, especially in terms of
    acting. It's like taking a test every sequence, because you have to
    read your script, memorize your lines, then act - and that's not
    easy," he says.

    He also enjoys the varied experiences he's had, and the fact that he
    gets to meet and work with a lot of different people. One of his
    favorites is none other than Sarah Geronimo, his co-star (and love
    interest) in "Sarah, The Teen Princess." They've worked together
    before, in "Filipinas" (where they played brother and sister) and
    in "Captain Barbell." According to him, Sarah is still the same
    despite all the fame she is now enjoying.

    "Masaya siyang kasama," he says with an enthusiastic smile. "One
    minute, she's all quiet, then mapapansin mo, bigla na lang
    mangungulit 'yan, kaya ang gaan niya katrabaho. She's still the same
    in every way possible."

    At present, Mikel is busy with "Sarah, The Teen Princess," as well
    as guestings on various TV shows. Negotiations are ongoing for more
    shows, or maybe even movies. Although it is his parents, together
    with Veronique del Rosario-Corpus of the Viva Artists Agency, who
    are in charge of his contracts, he doesn't know yet what's in the
    offing. But with this young man's looks and talent, we're sure he's
    destined for bigger and better things.
  • leikela_joy
    leikela_joy fANNEatic
    Thanks for the article, p0tipie. :) Hopefully, he does get more projects in the near future.
  • *bump* Posting some caps later... :)
  • cutie........:)
  • haras_ok_nay
    haras_ok_nay d man dat uv bin waitin 4
  • mikel01.pngmikel02.pngmikel03.png
  • STTP - July 01, 2004

  • x_roads
    x_roads mil wu yan
    okay lang naman siya, kaso nga lang payat. hehe ;)
  • I also like him kso dpat magpataba pa sya ng kaunti and improvement sa acting nya pero okay na okay tlaga sya *okay*

    In fairness, napansin ko lang kapag kasama sya sa mga fun day ng SCQ just like nung sa Cebu and ung iba pa, marame ring humihiyaw for him.

    Wish ko lang makita ko na rin sya ng personal.
  • naks may thread na rin cya...

    grbe he's really cute kaya lng nga payat cya kya kailangan nya mgptaba...pro k lng he's really cute..

    nung frst tym ko cya nkita grbe prng napanganga ako s knya...hehe
  • XCLUSIVEperson
    XCLUSIVEperson Investigative Journalist

    payat at maiitim ng onti...medyo ndi ok...

  • medyo dark ung lips niya. maybe coz of the smoking nga but he is super cute. super. :) hehe.. too bad didn't get to see him in the soiree.. :( wala siya dun.. hay, i'd love to see him in person din.. :)
  • JayRG982
    JayRG982 The wacky duo!
    Bagay siya kay Sarah, they look cute together. Di ko feel si Baste, si Andre siguro! hehe...
  • i think HE IS VIVA's NEXT IMPT STAR next to Bobby Andrews and Dingdong Dantes..

    SIla ni MArk Bautista ang magkaklaban sa VIVA this new generation
  • Kaasar nga e, medyo isinasantabi sya ngayon sa SARAH D TEEN PRINCESS
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