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Ho-Ho-Hope you have a holly jolly holidays, PExers!

Samurai Champloo!

Wow pre napanood ko na to at ang galing!! Hip-hop yung style nya pero samurai din. It's from the makers of Cowboy Bebop!!! So you'd better expect this to be cool. :D





  • Just finished watching the 1st ep. I already expected this to be good, but I was still surprised at how good it is. A classic in the making.
  • san kayo naka download nto? i can't find it sa animesuki.com as of today..
  • Got it from www.anime.mircx.com. Licensed na ata siya.
  • licensed na pre... be sure to get the bakafish version...

    aoi-anime = animejunkies = sux
  • where is this bakafish version?
  • Wow! Just saw Episode 1, and boy did it take me by surprise! :cool:

    It's a refreshing change from the "serious, operatic/dramatic" samurai anime we're all used to. This one is oozing with "Attitude" , a cool hip-hip soundtrack, bad-*** lead characters ( Mugen rocks! :rocker: ), and it's an anime that doesn't take itself too seriously. (What with all the funny episode titles, flashbacks, and breaks!)
  • hahaha.. Mugen is also the bad-*** Zoro(from One Piece anime)
    same personality and voice >_<
  • I love this anime!! Sobrang cool, especially yung first episode.
  • topnotch97topnotch97 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    newtype: sa gotwoot meron. okay yung version nila. get it since maraming nag-seseed.
  • topnotch97topnotch97 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    try nyo rin guys yung Samurai 7!!!

    it's like cowboy bebop din.

    it's out now. check out animesuki.
  • topnotch97: Uhh...Samurai 7, while looking cool, is an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's classic "Seven Samurai". While the animators took EXTREME liberties with Kurosawa's work (robotic samurai and mech bandits, etc.), the main characterizations of the samurai are basically left the same...

    Well, I'm OT now...so going back to Champloo...
    does anyone know of a fansub for Episodes 3 and 4? I know it's licensed and all, but Saiyaman still releases the RAWs...I'm surprised no one picks them up and runs with it (well at least no one in the US). If you guys know of any site (BT or Direct), please PM me... thanks! :cool:
  • animeforever is subbing champloo even if its licensed
    get it on irc sa rizon channel #animeforever
  • [AOne] is also subbing the series, pero til episode 2 p lng nassub nla
  • n3k0n3k0 PExer
    Anime-kraze is also subbbing this anime ..
  • JC27JC27 PExer
    wala pa rin bang direct download ng episodes 3 pataas dyan... kainis hanggang episode 2 pa lang napapanood ko... guys help!!!
  • may direct download ng ep 1? di ako pwedeng magtorrent eh ;__;
  • jc27 & rinoa, ba't ayaw mo ng bittorrent. may firewall kayo?

    sa bittorrent, pwede ka namang mag-resume kung saan ka natapos at mas mabilis pa minsan ang download, lalo na kapag marami ring nag-d-download nung file di tulad ng direct na mag-ha-hati hati kayo sa bandwidth ng kinukunan ninyo.
  • Vanman, yes may firewall and the bittorrent's port is blocked. but nevermind, found someplace to get it. ^_^
  • Wala pa rin ba'ng sub ng Ep 3 +... any source (DL, FTP, BT) would be ok with me!
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