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how will you know if your bf/gf doesn't love you anymore?

hi peeps! i have this best friend and he's been going steady with this girls for 3 months. nai-inis siya coz the girls doesn't seem to care for him anymore. she's not calling anymore, ok lang sa kanya pag hindi sila nagkikita. dumadating na lang yung girl if she needs something or kapag no choice na... hindi naman ganyan before. please help us out...


  • First and foremost your friend has to really really know that he loves her.... going steady doesnt really mean you are in love with one another it just means you have both decided to take another step forward. You decided to take time and see the potential of a relationship. Now, if your friends definition of steady is different from mine chances are it's also different for her. The best solution I know for this is communication. Mag-usap sila. What do they think they have, where they are and where do they plan to take this thing between them. Now, if it is a serious thing and they have both said those wonderful three words to each other then the girl has some issues to resolve. She may still be in that "I'm single and I'm free" stage she had better wake up if she loves your friend as in truthfully and wholeheartedly in love with him cause now she is not dancing alone she is dancing with a partner. And if she is still dancing to her own beat well may problema na. My guess is he still really loves her and she on the other hand may have dropped a few notches from love, I rarely see a woman brave enough to say "I dont love you anymore". What they do most of the time is give hints .... small but obvious clues. Things would be a lot easier if we are bit more brave.
    The solution? Communication...as in confrontation. Your friend needs to be brave enough to talk to her and face her, also he would need to be brave enough to accept the possible consequences of this "talk" more of the bad not the good (cause the good consequences would always feel good we humans can take that). Be ready.

    Also tell your friend to give himself some pride and some value. Think is she worth it?
    Mybe there's someone better out there.
  • give the girl the benefit of the doubt.

    "just because she doesn't love him the way he wants her to, doesn't mean she doesn't love him with all she has." --allycia

    this changed my view a lot.
  • When she tells you direct to your face she does not love you and not to bother her anymore. Very clear, no mistake. :(
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    mararamdaman dapat ng bestfriend mo yon, unless na bulag siya....

    well good luck!

    bakit ngayon ka lang nagpost ulit?
  • BlisterBlister PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    3 months??? sobra naman atang maaga para maging ganun siya...
    masamang sign yun :( lalo na babae yan.. bihira sa babae yun...
    my advice is, hagilapin niya yung gf niya at kausapin niya ng harap harapan para makita niya na sincere yung sasabihin, and tell her "You want to know the truth eventhough it hurts" :(
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    di ba parang mahirap yan, kasi we've been there before, ganun na ganun yung ginawa namin (well implied kasi we let her feel na hindi siya welcome) tapos ang ginawa nung gf nya eh nagsumbong sa barkada namin & then nagapaka- the two of them against the world sila......
  • BlisterBlister PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I think dapat kausapin nyo siya in a nice way, without implying na she's not welcome.. kasi lalo na pag medyo bata pa yung girl, sobrang childish yan sa pag approach ng ganyang bagay..
    sino ba namang matured na babae ang kukuha pa ng kakampi? mali yun... kung matured siya dapat nakipag usap na lang siya ng maayos to settle things. :)
  • prangkahin dapat ng pren mo ..... tanungin nya kung anong problema ...kung mahal pa ba nya sya..... KAPag hindi sya makitingin sayo ng diretso... and gave u an answer na 'EWaN KO' hala...yun na yun...ayaw na nya ;)
  • hi guys! tnx 4 responding!

    ross: that's a very nice quote! who's allycia?

    clawed: hey man! sup?

    ndrew: i'll take ur advice man!

  • Listen to Jan Arden's "Insensitive"... then maybe you'll know.

    That hit me to the core. I, too, learn from that experience.
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