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Anong gagawin ko....a cry for help!

The story is too twisted and complicated that i don't even know how to start it...
But I badly need an advice here! tenks!

Me and this classmate of mine has been the talk of the town. We were always teased by our classmates pero walang basis yung tuksuhan, it's just a thread a few mean people in class would create just to satisfy their inner obsession for chimis.

well at first me and that person didn't mind about it, kaya lang since tinutukso kami, it was difficult for us to talk in public just to avoid the barbaric way of how these people shout our names and teasing and embarrasing us.

we were quite contented with the idea na hindi nag-uusap, we were not even introduce formally. wala nga sa stage ng acquaintance eh. until that faithful night na we talked for the first time sa phone. Tapos we started talking about school etc. hanggang sa mapunta dun sa point tungkol sa "tuksuhan issue". he told me na nahihiya syang kausapin ako at i-approach kse we were of different levels daw. yeah right! Matalino daw ako sya hde. I'm known in school sya typical no pansin student. Diffrent worlds kaya kahit daw possible na ma-developed kami sa isa't isa, it's unthinkable na something romantic would grow. I was kinda pissed off with the idea na magkaibang level kaya i indirectly confessed to him na i was falling for him. He was shocked naturally. But he promised na we would fix the gap and at least be friends.

Now this is the prob part <;hah! what an into!>; after that conversation, everytime we see each other in school super "feeling" sya. Pa-pogi points at yng mga smile effect nya evrytime na nag-uusap kme. I feel so stupid of telling him something when in fact i only told him about the feelings just to uplift his spirits kse nga he feels so damn insecure sa akin. All I want is for the friendship to grow at mawala yng gap. Ngayon i'm having second thoughts everytime i wish to call him para makipag-usap as an ordinary friend kse baka isipin nya...you know what i mean here, right?

so what will I do? weird is, affected ako sa idea na ok na sana pero dahil sa "falling for you revelation" na yan, the gap became much more wider.

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  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    ngeks! kaka takot naman yan experience mo.

    i think u've really fallen for the guy kse nga
    so what will I do? weird is, affected ako sa idea na ok na sana pero dahil sa "falling for you revelation" na yan, the gap became much more wider.

    pero yun feeling siya, naku! nakakainis. kung pwede lang siyang sakalin (pero wag mo akong gayahin, baka sabihin kinukunsinte kita).

    i think, kung ganon naman pala siya ka feeling. since, malaki na yun gap. edi ignore mo nalang.

    *payong kaibigan lang*
    *wait for better replies*

  • rhytz:
    argh!!! i just finished giving you advice and i pressed the wrong button. instead of pressing submit, i pressed clear fields. argh! i'm soooo shtooooffffiiiiidddd!!!!

    anyways, i'll try to reconstruct what i said.
    i think that the way your boy acted is mejo sablay. especially kung todo pa-pogi sha after.

    my advice is, decide whether you really like him enough to risk getting more of this kinda treatment.

    kung ayaw mo na sa kanya, di naman irreparable yung situation. just be nice to him, but not chummy anymore. nice enought so that he can't call you a snob. but not chummy so that wala siyang masasabi or maling info na pwedeng i-spread.

    BUT, if you wanna live on the wild side, and still go for him... then prepare yourself for the worst. if he turns out to be a real a**hole, then at least prepared ka. if not, then good! your gambling paid off!

    anywhich way, good luck and i hope things work out for the best... ;)

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  • wagkangmakulit:

    believe me ang hrap i-ignore. alam mo yng feeling na you risk the fact na kinausap mo sya at sinabing na-fa-fall ka sa kanya para lang maalis na yng insecurities nya saken, major reason kung baket ilang sya, only to find out na your efforts wasn't good enough at nagkaroon pa ng negative results. It's soooooo frustrating!


    it's been a week since that faithful night, and we saw each other every single day in class. It's just so hard to ignore.*sh**

    blue babe,

    if i could remember it right sabi nya "wala daw akong mapapala sa kanya". Insecure na nga raw sya kukuha pa sya ng girl na lalong ika-i-insecure nya."

    and besides, i'm not expecting anything romantic that will happen. I just want us to be friends.mawala yng gap,hiya at aloofness.And clearly he's not cooperating.
  • DEDMA!!! Wag mo na lang siya pansinin...he'll take the hint! unless of course, you're really inlove with him :)
  • bunny,
    what if na-inlove na nga ako ??

    why do guys act that way? it's soooo irritating! You do something for them, they misinterpret the kindness <;arghhh>; and like i said to bunny what if??? Life is so unfair.
  • rhytz,

    "Life is unfair" and sabi mo. Ito naman ang masasabi ko. Ang mga babaeng katulad mo ang unfair at ang lumulikha ng problema. You told this guy a bold face lie and led him on. Ngayon you find him irritating because he followed your lead? Minamata mo sya dahil "different worlds" kayo - mas mataas ang tingin mo sa sarili mo at minamata mo sya.
    And yet you don't even have the guts to tell him the truth. Tapos aangal ka na nagpo-pogi points sa yo. E ano ba ang expected mo? Ikaw din ang lumikha ng sarili mong problema.

    Alam ko ang feelings ng guy dahil nagyari din sa akin yun. It would be a lot better if you told him the truth right away. I think you just wanted to play with his emotions dahil wala naman mawawala sa yo. Ngayon may guity feeling ka ba? I doubt it.

    Yun lang.

  • rhytz: hhmmm...if you think you're inlove with him na...which i think you are :), call him then ask him why he's been acting such an airhead lately. Straighten things out. Do you really think he likes you? Or was it all bullsh*t when he said that you were too good for him?

    You know naman how some guys are, they'll humble themselves..kunwari wala silang ego just to squeeze the truth out of you...when you told him you were falling for him, ayun! Lumabas siguro 'true colors' niya...He was probably a wolf in sheep's clothing after all...i dunno...for me that probably explains why he's being so mayabang to you lately. I hope I'm not putting you down or anything...but really, if i were you, I'd approach him sa school (ay wag na lang yun baka tuksuhin ka pa!) or call him up na lang...and straighten things out! :)
  • rhytz:

    "i'm not expecting anything romantic that will happen."
    -- good for you... that's one less heart to be broken...

    "I just want us to be friends.mawala yng gap,hiya at aloofness."
    -- after how he's acted, is it still worth the effort?

    "And clearly he's not cooperating."
    -- all the more reason for you to stop trying. take peps' advice and ignore him...

    "what if na-inlove na nga ako ??"
    -- yar... good luck... good luck... good luck...
  • bunny
    he called up just before i logged here sa pex para tingnan yng mga bagong replies, and guess what?
    MAY GIRLFRIEND na sya, kasasagot lang nung morning at nung gabi nun that was the first time we talked nga. shi*! things are getting complicated and painful everyday huh! and what's worst nung tumawag sya ang gulo-gulo nya. he was obviously confused. <;arghhh>; talga.

    blue babe

    after everything that has been said and done:

    -am i really not expecting anything knowing 4 the fact na na-fa-fall na rin ako, and i'm just playing safe?-

    -does it really matter kung worth sya o hindi kung say for example na-fa-fall na nga ako?-

    -ignore. how?-

    -"goodluck"! tenks i need that one!-

    sowee if i'm making things much ore complicated. it's just that everything's automatic, lumalabas na lang tong mga reactions ko. kahit ako naguguluhan. i just want a way out :(
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    what? he already got a bf? nakow!

    u said he sounds confused. do u think he's fallen for u?

    well, u said ur a bit disappointed (painful, diba?) to learn that he's a got a gf already. do u think u've fallen for him too?

    well, i think the only obstacle is his current gf. but if ur realy meant to be, darating at darating din yan.

    well, i guess all i can do is pray for u.
    don't lose hope ok.

    God bless!
  • hmmmmmmm...... friends lang ba puede magreply dito?
    I hope u dont mind if i give unsolocited advise.

    I read through all the other stuff in the board...it's seems to that your no longer falling in love with this guy. Your already there. Here's a tip on getting up:

    1. Back Off for a while no communication no eye contact or any other contact with this guy.
    2. Close your eyes, breathed and count to 10 with your toes. (pampaalis ng focus on other stuff)
    3. Think back (flash backs *dunnunununum* fade in)
    4. Now think - when, where and how?
    a.baka nadala ka lang sa tuksuhan.
    b.the guy was fishing for answers na noong
    kinausap ka niya nalaman niya na meron
    ka na ring gusto sa kanya. He didnt do
    anything? yung "feeling - as if" na
    sinasabi mo defense mode ka noon i
    think. kasi paranoid ka na. insecure nga
    siya noong kinausap mo e di ba so saan
    niya bigla nakuha yung "feeling - as if"
    na yun? ( hey i dont really know the
    guy, pero he seemed ok sa desc. mo e)
    c.check and double check are you really in
    d. repeat the whole process again until the
    answer that you think is right. what i
    mean by right is hindi siya based on
    opinions ng ibang person. lahat ng sagot
    galing sa yo.

    Friends will always be there to help. But remember it should always be your word and your actions that count. Now, if you got hurt
    pick yourself up. Move on.
  • wagkangmakulit,

    yup! he has a gf already. All happened in one week. one hell week for me plus midterms is coming up. <;sigh>;
    he's falling for me? ewan ko.
    obstacle ang gf? naging "sila" nung am nag-usap kme and he found out about my feeling nung pm of the same day.
    dissapointed?fallen for him too? ewan ko.
    lose hope? have you heard of juevenile suicide. <;sigh sigh>;

    everybody could chipped in their views. i need as many opinions as possible, hde na gumagana utak ko. This will help to guide me in weighing everything.

    i'll try to do ur step-by-step advice pero may konting prob regarding step no. 1 "no eye contact etc." how can that be possible kung sa araw araw na ginawa ng Dyos sinasalampak ng taong yun yung mukha nya sa akin with matching smile and pa-cute antics.<;badtrip>;
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    ...hoy hoy hoy...

    ...walang juvenile suicides dito. don't ever do it. sige bahala ka, pag nabalitaan kong nag suicide ka sasama ako sayo... bahala ka, konsensya mo yan... hehehe... :)

    ...payong kaibigan lang...
    ...if u two were really not meant to be, meron ding darating. there are a lot of other fishes in the ocean... u know...
    ...and besides, di mo naman siya ganon ka kakilala diba? e malay mo may ugali siya na di mo type... malay mo... ;)

    ...i'll pray for u.
    ...good luck! :)


  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    just a tot...


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  • rhytz:

    "am i really not expecting anything knowing 4 the fact na na-fa-fall na rin ako, and i'm just playing safe?"
    -- i think your just playing safe. i know how you feel... that's my first reaction rin. my defense mechanism. lalo na pag di ako sure kung the feelings are reciprocated, i try to deny the fact na may gusto rin ako... but admitting it to yourself is the first step...

    "does it really matter kung worth sya o hindi kung say for example na-fa-fall na nga ako?"
    -- yah naman... one thing i learned to late was that i should get out of a prospectively destructive relationship while i still can. kasi, the longer you wait, the deeper you'll get into it. and the harder it will be for you to walk away. so now pa lang, while its still in the stage of development, decide if worth it pa. if not, then WALK AWAY. maramim pang dadating...

    "ignore. how?"
    -- it will be hard at first. but simple lang. isang tanong isang sagot. no extended conversations. say hi, but avoid staying longer for a conversation. keep it short and sweet. basta, keep yourself busy with OTHER things. para di ka masayado ma-occupy sa kanya.

    he has a girlfriend already??? that should be a major warning signal to you... at best he's confused about what he wants, at worst, he fooling with ya girl!!

    ingat lang sister... and like wagkangmakulit.. i'll pray for you rin...

    and please.. no talk on suicides.... don't think any guy is worth that... maski si mark mcgrath, di ko pagpapakamatayan noh!! heads up girl!!! ;)

  • rhytz,

    Sorry if I am getting more confused with your story. Ang pagkaintinde ko nung una ay hindi mo talaga sya gusto. Sinabi mo lang na you are falling for him to uplift his spirits. Eto ang sinabi mo:

    I feel so stupid of telling him something when in fact i only told him about the feelings just to uplift his spirits kse nga he feels so damn insecure sa akin. All I want is for the friendship to grow at mawala yng gap. Ngayon i'm having second thoughts everytime i wish to call him para makipag-usap as an ordinary friend kse baka isipin nya...you know what i mean here, right?

    Bakit ngayon ay parang ikaw yung talagang me gusto sa kanya, kaso lang me gf na sya? Hindi ko talaga ma-gets ang tunay na istoria. Sorry kung medyo galit ang first answer ko dahil akala ko ay pinaglalaruan mo lang ang emotions nya. Nagyari na rin kasi sa akin yan kaya until now masama pa rin ang loob ko.

    Kung may gf na sya at ayaw mong manulot, di pag pumorma sya sa yo sabihin mo straight to his face na alam mo me gf na sya.

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  • rhytz,

    have u tried wearing shades....everytime na andyan siya suotin mo that would send him a message. Now if di niya na gets, i guess tama nga siya mas matalino ka nga.?
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    lol @ ndrew
  • rhytz:wag mo na lang siyang panisinin na parang u dont even know him. pero kung nahihirapan ka na talaga u tell him straight on how u feel. u have to be honest with him if u want him to be honest with u. :)
  • wagkangmakulit,

    sorry about the "suicide thing" :( depressed lang talga siguro ako.

    tenks for the advice. here's a kwento...actually kaninang am ko pa nabasa yung tag mo tapos i was convinced na tama ka walang mahirap gawin pag gusto mo talga, so i decided to ignore him na lang para walang ok na.
    time: 7:00 pm i just got home from school, intrams kse at may laro yng mga classmates ko ng basketball <;he's included sa team>;. goddd!!! ang galing nya mag-laro! 10,000 pogi points. i didn't know that he could play ball that well! kaya lang talo sila !@$#%&amp;

    lonely boy,
    ok lang yun! here's a thought, my life is too complicated. i wouldn't do something na ayaw ko rin mangyari sa akin. Hindi ko pinaglalaruan ang feelings nya. ask him? bka he's guilty of the crime? <;arghhh>;

    ndrew, believe me hde nya mage-gets yun! you know why? kse hde ko rin na-gets <;eh mas matalino ako>; <;g>;

    :( :( :(
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