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who would you save: the one you love, or the one who loves you?

If you were in a life & death situation & you only get to save one out of the two persons you are with, who would you save: the person you love, or the person who loves you?

...wala lang, just curious if vanity is stronger than love these days


  • Whoa dis Is A HarD One!!!

    pano kung the one i love doesnt love me?? and pano rin kung the one that loves me ..is the one i dont love??

    Hmmmm di KO alam kung Sino I si save KO...Think MUna KOws OK :)
  • I would always choose the one I love....eh yung isa love niya nga ako pero I dont feel anything for him naman...wag na lang! I will find more joy in saving the one I truly love even if he doesnt love me in return... :) Parang may topic na ganito na dati..ehehehhee! :D
  • hmmmm it would have to be the one i love. i'd save them both... but if i could only save one... my instincts will always prevail... heart over head...

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