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Ho-Ho-Hope you have a holly jolly holidays, PExers!

"recca"-flame of recca :)

grabe super ganda ng flame of recca,ang cute tlaga ni recca!!!!:luv:

Recca Hanabishi
Element: Fire
Maduogo: None
Birthday: July 2th
Ability: Flames, the 8 dragons, and smokeballs
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Family Relations: Kurei(stepbrother),Okha(father),Kagerou(mother),Mr.Hanabishi(adopted father)recca.jpg


  • recca3.jpg
    yan si "recca hanabishi"
  • Before Naruto came along, Flame of Recca was one of the best "ninja-oriented" anime series there was. Cool characters, great fights, and FLAME DRAGONS that kick ***!! :cool:

    Unfortunately, it seems that they didn't have enough of a budget to complete the entire series and only did about halfway through the manga. The stories in the manga after the "Ura Buto Satsujin" tournament were more gripping and the action WAAAYYY cooler!

    I should know, I have the entire manga series! :)
  • spoiler on the manga:

    ba't ba di kinain ni Mori si Yanagi Sakoshita! 'la mo bang maraming nakakabasa sa manga di lang ako, even snoopycool ng snoopycool.com ang naiinis kay Yanagi! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Oh, recca! help me! save me! she is really the typical lady in distress...:rolleyes:

    uhmm... tama na! you could ignore this if u want to... meron lang akong gustong pakawalan na inis dati pa tungkol kay yanagi...

    anyway, oo! maganda yan! ;) especially the manga. anyway, sana'y ipakita na sa anime ang huling anyo ng kougan anki at ang apoy ni koku... gayon din kung saan ang orb ng fuujin. btw, pinakita na sa manga kung saan, pero di ko pwedeng sabihin!

    Anyway, may rumor na may FoR season 2. :eek: but then, di ako naniniwalang rumor lang yun. bakit? just read na lang esp. jazzy japs ung script ng sabing season 2 ng FoR...


    Nabalitaan ko po 2nd season po ng Flame of Recca ay soon na daw po, 49 episodes po ata I think maganda po ito and try to read ninyo po ito:

    normal text - actual translation
    italic text -thoughts/not spoken out loud
    [text] - I wasn't sure about the translation
    (name) - spoken in a flashback

    Pg 77
    Chapter Five: The Two Craftsmen

    Pg 78
    What exactly...
    Was that thing!!

    Pg 79
    The Ura Uruha...so they said.
    In other words, enemies!?
    Jeez...my head hurts! Last night...
    Fuuko is scary...

    Pg 80
    Who are you.
    I refuse to be molested.
    My name is "Soukakusai"---
    You sensed me easily...
    That's truly Kirisawa Fuuko.
    I complement you, ku-ku-ku-ku-ku-ku...

    Pg 81
    You got my ice...
    Heh-hee-hee, an indirect kiss.
    I want to receive your real lips this time...
    A prediction.
    [Next time we meet, all of them will be covered.]
    ...so he said, when the "gentleman" split.
    Ah---so it seemed, but he was horrifying.

    Pg 82
    It's okay, since it was just an indirect...
    Don't say it, monkey!!
    Don't sleep, Mi-bou!!
    Ah, aren't we being a bit rough...Fuuko.
    [Not considering before, Kagerou!]
    When a lady is made fun of, an attitude...

    Pg 83
    [Children off limits]
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you---
    [It's been awhile, everyone!!]

    Pg 84
    [What's this "thank you, thank you," perverted gramps!!]
    This time I'll kill you for grabbing me.
    [By the way, aren't you one of the 8 dragons!!]
    [How were you able to escape the seal!!]
    [I'm the one with the super, wonder powers!!]
    ...even so, yesterday when Recca called me...
    The woman called "Kirin" was cute...no, no, strong---
    The other one..."Rasen" was it?
    He---wasn't ordinary.

    Pg 85
    [I truly shuddered seeing him.]
    [It's the opposite of Kurei's way of being visually
    He wasn't threatening.
    Nor spirited...
    Nor angry...
    Life without feeling...as if he were a mannequin
    [And emotions...even for a person who lost his voice,
    nothing comes out.]
    Uh huh. You can read a person's heart through talking.
    [They expect you to come to that place.]
    The hint was---"Tendoujigoku," they said.

    Pg 86
    The only one to think of food.
    Do you know something about it, Kaa-chan?
    I don't know that details...so---

    Pg 87
    Tendoujigoku. It is---
    The strongest madougu of evil and terror
    Long ago...
    The time when the Hokage had yet to form a ninja clan---
    There were two genius weapon makers.

    Pg 88
    Their creations were the weapons...Hokage madougu.
    They, with the same goal, competed with each other.
    "Whose is the strongest madougu" and...
    Each had reached a different conclusion!!
    One---"These aren't to kill people, but these weapons are
    made to protect people's lives," he argued...
    One---"Murder. It's beautiful to say. Weapons are to kill
    people! I make weapons to kill people," he argued.

    Pg 89
    One made the "Shikikami" (for paper) and one made the
    "Shikikami" (for hair)---
    One made the "Tetsugan" (for iron) and one made the
    "Sakechuu" (for stone) in rivalry.
    [Being born in the same time period, it was fated...]
    The two vied to make the "strongest madougu"---
    [The strength of the madougu of each were truly polished
    and made powerful.]
    I see! They rivaled to be better than the other.
    That's why some of the madougu are so similar.
    The "Ensui" and "Hyoumaen" for example.
    The feature is in the straightness---
    "Ensui" was not mainly used to poison, while the latter
    weapon's purpose...
    "Hyoumaen's" purpose is for the highest killing ability, an
    evilness compared to the former weapon!!
    And then...the best weapon "made for the sake of killing

    Pg 90
    [Later, it became the Hokage's duty to guard the bulk of
    the madougu---]
    [Only the Tendoujigoku was too dangerous!]
    Somewhere on this island...
    I have heard somebody buried and sealed it.
    So...Where is it, Gramps.
    No clue!! Uhya-hya-hya-hya-hya-hya!!
    Those two called "Rasen" and "Kirin;" there's a oddity
    before you---
    Why do you think Yanagi wasn't targeted?

    Pg 91
    The fact I believe is...
    They said something like "Mori killed" Kurei.
    Mori decided Kurei wasn't necessary---
    Why do you think?
    Don't you think he believed him too powerful of a person?
    That's my conclusion.
    Mori wants the Tendoujigoku
    And so he's probably searching for it!

    Pg 92
    That's not a stupid thing to say!!
    He...He can't get a hold of such an evil item!!
    And Kokuu, I can tell you know of the place.
    [Even though you say differently, it's written on your

    Pg 93
    You can't...
    That place...you must not go to that place!!
    It's too dangerous...!!
    I won't tell you differently!!!
    *******---you did know, didn't you!!
    Where is it!!
    I won't!!
    We will know. If the "Tendou" enters Mori-san's hand---
    That would be dangerous as well.
    Domon: !

    Pg 94
    Who's there!!?
    That Kansai dialect...it couldn't be...
    I, myself---will tell you.

    Pg 95
    He--llo--, everyone!
    Aren't you healthy things!!
    Chapter Six: [To the Battle Field Again]
    It's been troublesome finding you.

    Pg 96
    ...! He's...
    And you are?
    Rasen's follower?

    Pg 97
    Who-who am i?
    You've forgotten?
    Hey, look!
    It's me, Joker!!
    [...moment of thought...]

    Pg 98
    Ah!! You have doubting faces!
    Don't believe it!?
    Wait a second!
    Okay, we know you are the Joker, but...
    What did you come here for!?
    ...what did I...
    I said so earlier.
    I'll tell you of the sleeping place of the Tendoujigoku.

    Pg 99
    [How do you know.]
    Oh! Is it the Grandpa-chan from the Dome.
    [Ah! Wife-san, I don't take sake in the afternoon!]
    It's water.
    [...I saw Mori-san going to some strange places.]
    [Easily~~~I spied on him.]
    [The female traveling with him didn't notice me, either.]
    [I saw him going into a certain place!]
    It's probably the "Tendou's" secret...
    I don't believe you!!
    Aren't you the enemy!!
    What is this, a trap!!

    Pg 100
    He was a member of Uruha, as well as a mysterious guy.
    ...Believe me or don't believe me; it's up to yourselves.
    [It really wasn't my intention to say, "Please let me tell
    [Why, you guy have a lot of spirit,]
    [I thought it would be interesting to cooperate.]
    ["Take things with a grain of salt," it's said?]
    Joker: !

    Pg 101
    I believe you!!
    Joker was an Uruha member, but I don't thing he's a bad
    But I can't say he's a good guy
    [That's what I felt while fighting him.]
    Anyway, if he's lying, I'll attack with the sixth form.
    (note: that's the form Joker was beaten with)
    [No thanks...]

    Pg 102
    I'm going to the site of the Tendoujigoku.
    [From your tone, you're trying to stop a large battle]
    [That you say it's a dangerous place, it makes me worried.]

    Pg 103
    Letting that "Ikare" ******* get a hand on the Ten~~---
    For Hime...we will approach danger.
    Before Mori finds that most powerful madougu...
    We'll break it!!
    [It's a contest!]
    [I'm right in this situation!!!]
    I still know nothing!!

    Pg 104
    [Have heart!]
    [At that place, members of the Hokage will have a close
    Ura Uruha by themselves---aren't the enemy!!
    ...We're agreed.
    [Well, are we going to the site.]

    Pg 105
    Before that, Joker,
    If you know about it, I want you to tell me.
    Is he dead?

    Pg 106
    As for now...Kurei-san was the heart of the squad called
    [It's pointless.]
    In the Urabutou, Kai, Genjuurou, Jishou, Noroi...
    Four of the "Ten Gods" are dead.
    Raiha-san, during the final match-up, disappeared---
    Neon-san, in order to save Kurei, fell into the sea with

    Pg 107
    Mokuren wants his own soldiers, and is almost Ura Uruha.
    [He's very evil---]
    Two of the "Ten Gods" I haven't seen, one being...
    [The leader of Ura Uruha!]
    His name is---Rasen!!

    Pg 108
    That guy...one of the "Ten Gods"!?
    I know nothing about Rasen except what I've heard. A
    puzzling man.
    [That guy (Kurei) may have lost the Uruha...but...]
    [To loose his life!!]
    [He shouldn't have been killed!!]

    Pg 109
    [Don't know what came over me...]
    [N~~~well, some death is clear.]
    That's true...
    That idiot, only his body is strong.
    What's this itch to get going?
    Well? We like this stuff, huh?
    A calm, ordinary life style---that's not for us.

    Pg 110
    Same here. Compared to using a pencil, I love this.
    Mi-chan is coming, too!!
    Nobody else is saying they aren't going...
    Why only me...
    [Again...Again...Fuuko is going to be gone a long time.]
    Let's go, Hokage!!
    Hokage ninja proceed to the battlefield---
    The target...
    The Tendoujigoku's destruction!!

    Maraming bagong characters po at bagong mahiwagang sandata.........

    I think na dito po malalaman ung madougu ni Joker di po ba ung 1st episode ng Flame of Recca hindi sinabi ung madougu ni Joker siguro lang po ah I don't think so.........................

    Arigatougozaimasu sa pagbasa!!!!!!!!

    Hindi ko lang po alam kung ipapalabas sa tv or hinde......

    di ba?!! di ba?!! I CANT WAIT!!!
  • you want a bigger spoiler based from the manga!? sige ba!
    Well, most of you know already that Resshin, the 8th dragon, is acctually Recca and Kurei's dad. His flame is the same as Kurei, which is the phoenix fire that can "consume" a soul and use it a his flame...

    And also, the villagers thought that Kurei was the cursed flame master than will end the hokages, right? Well, Reshin found out that it was Recca who was the cursed flame master since his flame doesn't have a shape on his own. And if Recca died, as his dad say, he would've turned into the 9th dragon, and be completely USELESS!

    Anyway, Yanagi was captured by Mokuren... (tama ba pangalan? yung nag "adopt" kay kuerei?) who merged with the "ultimate" madogu and will consume Yanagi to become invincible. Mokuren was able to "consume" one the Kurei clones. This clone was female, a combination between Kurei and Kurei's GF... can't remember her name. He baceme immune to flame that even Kurei couldn't hurt him.

    After a long fight, Yanagai was saved but her "soul" was taken by Mokuren. To save Yanagi's soul, Recca was forced to used the 8th dragon on Yanagi. So that's why the cover page of volume 33 is this... hehe

    somehow, with the combination of the flame and Yanagi's healing power, everyone's wound was healed BUT Mokuren disintegrated with it. My theory is that Mokuren became something like the undead and healing powers kills him.

    After Mokuren died, ALL madogus were destroyed and Yangai, somehow, became human again! YAY! Kurei even smilied at Recca! (not the evil smile). Kurei traveled to the past with Kogane B4 the all the Hokage's power disappeared. So they all lived a happy life, and Recca's still playing with fireworks.

    Big spoiler ba!? hehe :D
  • yushire: Actually, the ability of Joker's madougo (that huge thing he always has with him) was revealed even before the Tendou Jigoku arc, during his fight with Koganei in the UBS arc (manga version, of course). Basically, it can
    control gravity

    shaoron: I think you're referring to Mori Kouran. Mokuren is his henchman with the madougo that controls plants.

    I don't have that much love for the FoR anime. The manga was WAY more action-oriented, funnier (go Raiha and Joker :D), and cooler, albeit also FAR more perverted ( :eek: ).
  • oh yeah! got the names mixed up! hehe

    and do you guys know kogane's weapon's (what's the name of it again?) 6th form is!?
    It's called "nothing".
    During the fight with Joker (manga), Kogane was very anxious and suddenly he twisted his madogu into a very wierd form. After calming down, he tried to experiment it a bit and, to the other's surprise, DESTROYED his madogu into hundread pieces. Joker though that out of anxiety and the fact that Kogane can't use his strength against a gravity user, he must've given up. But to his surprise, Kogane used the chain part and warpped it aroung Joker. He then commanded the madogu to merge back. It forcefully pierced into Joker's body and form back into the 1st form.

    Apperantly, the orb controls and holds every little bits and pieces of the madogu together.

    That is the secret of the 6th form.

    HEHE! Puro spoiler ako ah! :p
    Listen to me! I just DLed and read the manga just this summer and i act like a know it all! HEHE!

    I also loved the part where Fujiin fights Raijin... errr... Fuko fights Raiha. hehe.
  • from shaoron:

    e 'lang kwenta naman yung spoiler mo, e! Kasi...:rolleyes:

    spoilers from the manga:

    Nagamit lang naman ni Recca yan nung kinalaban niya si mori. at isa pa, wala namang ginawa yung pinakahuling dragon sa manga, e. Ang ginawa niya lang ay nakapagsanib siya kay Yanagi para maging phoenix, tapos, tapos na! yun na yun! Sinunog si mori at nagamit na ng fully ung powers ni yanagi...

    tapos na ang spoilers!
  • aah grabe one of my favorite animes!!

    has anyone got the nanka shiawase (opening theme) music?
  • Originally posted by yushire

    Nagamit lang naman ni Recca yan nung kinalaban niya si mori. at isa pa, wala namang ginawa yung pinakahuling dragon sa manga, e. Ang ginawa niya lang ay nakapagsanib siya kay Yanagi para maging phoenix, tapos, tapos na! yun na yun! Sinunog si mori at nagamit na ng fully ung powers ni yanagi...

    Uh, not quite...
    Resshin's natural flame form IS the phoenix, just like Kurei's; he didn't have to merge with Yanagi to get it. His ability is revive the dead, just like Kurei's, and he did it when he revived Yanagi, after Recca rescued her soul from Mori.

    And I must say, the fate of the Ura Hokage members was kinda crappy...
    Joker dead, and at the hands of a flunky, to boot?! Kurei abandoning Raiha and poor Neon to go into the past?!
  • O nga, Saitouhajime, ang pangit nga ng ending ng FoR lalo na kay Kurei at sa mga uruha!

    anyway, at least, magaganda ang mga fight scenes... this is the only important in shonen titles anyway...

    from master thief:
    aah grabe one of my favorite animes!!

    has anyone got the nanka shiawase (opening theme) music?

    magdownload ka sa kazaa, master thief. i download mo ang kazaa sa kazaa.com. Doon ko nadownload ang mga anime songs mp3s ko...:)
  • does anyone know where i could get english manga scans of FoR sa net?

    i wanna know more coz to me, the tv series ended really bad ala Gundam Seed..
  • Im sorry, newtype. pero, wala na! ^^ wala ka ng makikitang scanlations sa net dahil na serialized na ng VIZ ang FoR for english readers...

    Kaya bumili ka na lang ng english version ng FoR newtype!:rolleyes:
  • acctually... i just got my scans this summer :D

    snoopycool use to host it but it got licensed already. so they took it down, even on their irc channel.

    BUT if you do have an irc client (mIRC yun sakin) i know somewhere you could still get it...

    i don't want to post it here... baka ma ban pa ako...
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