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What was the FIRST movie you watched?

While doing some garden work this afternoon, this question popped in my head out of the blue. After a pause, I thought hard and vaguely remember watching "The Cat from Outer Space" by Disney. I think I was 3 or 4 years old at that time. I don't even remember the story anymore, or even the title. . I just saw it again in "The Wonderful World of Disney" in the 80s kaya nalaman ko ang title.

The first movie that I watched that I do remember, though, is "Victory" (also known as "Escape to Victory"), which starred Michael Cane, Sylvester Stallone and also starring Pel? (with his fantastic bicycle kick!). I watched it with my dad sa Virra Mall.

How about you? What was the first film you watched (or remember watching) in the theaters?


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