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Vanity while Sweating: Gym attire ?

moonshinemoonshine PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Am having trouble looking for workout attire na affordable but durable... i admit i'm vain about what i wear when i workout. if i don't look alright (basta wag lang parang basahan) or feel comfortable with what i am wearing, i can't concentrate on my workout at wala ako masyadong gana gumalaw. ganun rin ba feeling niyo?

i used to buy my stuff from nike pero pamahal nalang ng pamahal ngayon. reebok used to have some stuff pero ngayon wala na halos line for women. :( share naman kung may ideas kayo where to find workout wear.


  • pareho tayo, i buy my workout attire in nike or adidas..
  • moonshinemoonshine PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wala na pala iyong nike outlet sa rufino :( closed na forever. back to paying full price for nike sports bras.
  • i work here at rufino, and there still is a nike outlet in the bldg. they hold sales pa rin. check out the mamplasan outlet.
    adidas has an outlet in tutuban. ridiculously low prices.
    also check out o usa sports or something in festival mall. cool but afordable gymwear.
  • moonshinemoonshine PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    thanks for the tip, pochero... sarado na raw sabi sa front desk iyong 38th floor na outlet ng nike---expired contract na raw and it was not renewed. i guess mamplasan na nga lang siguro natira.

    as for adidas, i always wait for their sale, laging sulit because minimum 30% to 40% off, not like nike na malaki na iyong 20%. sayang ang reebok, hindi sila nagpaparating ng women's workout gear...tuloy, nike has just about cornered that market. dont they realize it's the women who want to look good even when sweating?!

    found some okay cycling shorts at yvonne's in galleria (meron rin sa loob ng dept stores... galle and mega meron) definitely cheaper than nike --- priced from 360 to 560.

    inside galleria dept store, there's this small brand that sells good cotton sports bras---good stretch factor, good cotton-stretch fabric: very absorbent. unfortunately, i forget the name ("body"- something), it's beside yvonne's lang, and the sportsbra was P280.
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