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AJ Of TV Idol

milkman1907 Member
edited June 2021 in Showbiz - Male Celebrities #1
any info about this guy.. i find him so appelaing, so mysterious, so handsome!! but i dont know much bout him.. any info


  • benj20_ph
    benj20_ph Kapamilya For Life!
    meron na pong ginawa si pitotoy (old) or pete_totoy (new) na thread about aj...the title is Angel James 'AJ' Dee...MTB TV Idol Batch 1 winner!
  • talipandas9
    talipandas9 Bigaon ever...
    Hi milkman1907. There are 2 existing threads here at PEX with a lot of postings (and info) regarding Angel James 'AJ' Dee. Under LOCAL MOVIES AND TV/CELEBRITIES, find the thread named "AJ Dee and Neri Naig". Under LOCAL MOVIES AND TV/TV PROGRAMS, find the thread "TV Idol of ABS-CBN".

    AJ is indeed appealing, handsome and mysterious. If I may add, he's down to earth and so respectful.

    By the way, his Yahoo Group is having an EB this coming Saturday. If you're within Metro Manila, you might be interested to join the EB wherein AJ has confirmed that he will join us. Find the details in AJ's Yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aj_dee.
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