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2004 3.2 pajero or 2004 prado

both have diesel engines and are priced almost the same so which of the two is the best buy? i am planning to buy either one so if you guys could please help


  • shun_sakurai
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    If I remember correctly both the Pajero and Prado have similarly-sized engines too (difference of 200mL more or less).

    It depends where you drive, really...if you're more of the type that runs SUVs off-road, you might be better served by the Pajero.

    The Prado has always been Toyota's attempt to provide SUV buyers a smaller, more compact Land Cruiser (it's grown too big). I bet it'd be easier in tight maneuvers and as such will be better for city drivers.

    Looks-wise...the Prado has my vote; it just looks cleaner.

    Good luck :D
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