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Paul Andre Salas

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Paul Salas Fans' Official Thread

Talent/s: singing, dancing

When five-year-old Paul Salas saw the Starstruck Kids TV plug, he excitedly told his parents that he wanted to join. And when they told him that they would need to think it over very carefully because it would be a major decision for them to come to Manila all the way from Iloilo for the auditions, he cried. Now that he is part of the so-called 14K of Starstruck Kids, his mother still cannot believe that her son is following his father’s footsteps and was a former Universal Motion Dancer.

Paul is innately a performer. Although he is often one to entertain adults in their family gatherings, his parents never really thought that he would want to pursue show business someday. And with Starstruck Kids as his first showbiz stint, it seems that Paul would once again give recognition to the Salas name the way it had become a household byword not so many years ago.



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