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Talent/s: singing, acting, dancing

Six-year-old Renz Juan surprised her mother with her acting piece during her Starstruck Kids audition. Her mother admits that she didn’t bother to rehearse Renz’s audition piece because she just brought her daughter to GMA to give in to the child’s nagging whim. “I wasn’t really expecting her to pass the auditions because I would rather have her concentrate on her studies. But she really wants to try her luck in show business because she wants to do it for her Papa. She wants to relieve him of his work as a PUJ driver because she thinks he is already too white-haired for the job,” her mother shares.

Renz came late in her parents’ life. Her mom was already 41 when she had her. In school, she is often one of the last ones to leave because she teaches her classmates and helps them out with their schoolwork. This is why her father was first against the idea of diverting Renz’s focus from school. But the child shows a strong fixation on performing before a wide audience, and so she effectively charmed her parents into letting her audition for Starstruck Kids.



  • Grabe I miss this girl too! Unfortunately she was axed earlier. I like her coz her smile's really pretty, charming, and really captivating...

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