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Talent/s: dancing, elocution

“Bibilhin namin ang PNR!” This is what six-year-old Serge Septimo heartily yells when asked what he would do with his prize money if ever he wins Starstruck Kids. Such is his obsession with trains that he never got bored when they were in line for hours during the Starstruck Kids auditions by the GMA entrance, where he was busy gazing up and awaiting every MRT train that passed overhead.

Serge’s mom relates that her son’s strange fascination with trains started when he was one-year old. “I remember buying a small plastic toy train for him back when he was only one year old. Since then, he had never asked for any toy except for little toy trains. He is particularly fond of the Thomas & Friends train collection and already has over a thousand character trains which he passionately values,” his mother shares. She adds that Serge had asked her to notify the saleslady at a toy store in Alabang not to sell her Thomas & Friends items because he would buy them all once he becomes a Starstruck Kids ultimate survivor.



  • One thing that will remind me of this boy is his idea of ice cream as PROCESSED FOOD...
    I miss this guy.... really...

  • bump bump bump bump bump bump
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