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Kurt Isaiah Perez

Kurt Perez Fans' Official Thread

Talent/s: narrative pantomime, acting

Six-year-old Kurt Perez may be a familiar face to some as he has already appeared in various commercials, including a leading toothpaste brand, ketchup, chocolate drink, hotdog, a domestic airline and a cough medicine.

As his audition piece for Starstruck Kids, he did a narrative pantomime taught by his dad. His mom explains that they chose such talent piece for him because they saw that he’s very good in facial expressions. He doesn’t need much coaching because he can easily deliver any emotion asked of him.

:D :cool: ;)


  • purple_glassespurple_glasses Ryza Believer / may sapi PExer
    I'm a fan! :D

    he's my male ultimate survivor bet! *okay*

    Go KURT! :D
  • kalliepepperkalliepepper jzt me & my own opinions PExer
    my ultimate kiddie survivor bet!!! :D
  • jj9527jj9527 Member PExer
    Ako rin! Ang galing ng batang yan! GO KURT!! :D
  • bhogz-gadget_02bhogz-gadget_02 jolina and muni forever.. PExer
    he is d coolest kid on town!

    pinaka maraming txt votes!

    and pinaka gwapo at pinaka magaling na bata sa lahat ng nakita kong sumali sa artista search for kids!
  • x_roadsx_roads mil wu yan PExer
    okay siya. hindi siya bulol magsalita. hehe
  • jenibibejenibibe Member PExer
    Wala ba syang kuya na single at 25+ years old? :D

    Join Kurt's Fanlisting!
  • eterueteru haba ng hair! PExer
    wow astig! may thread xa!!! :D
  • :wave:

    :thumb: gusto ko rin siya!
  • areessareess Member PExer
    Go Kurt

  • elo arees!!! kapuso ka pala ah1!!! sa kjapuso thread ka... mag post ka rin doon!! masaya doon!!!!
  • miakkamiakka random thoughts PExer
    my baby KURT has his own thread? wow! :)

    smart, talented, cute kid. what else are we looking for? The ultimate kiddie survivor!!

    Go KURT!


    cute db?
  • wow naman!!! may webbie na rin siya ah!!!! iba na ang sikat at orig!!! connection!!1 thanks miakka!!!!!
  • kurt3.JPG
  • miakkamiakka random thoughts PExer
    oo naman...haaay sana manalo sya... :*)
  • yufforicyufforic Member PExer
    another cutie... he's me bet
  • unmeeunmee Member PExer
    2nd bet ko si kurt.torn between jm and kurt ako.

    isang matigas ang ulo at isang super masunurin. :lol:
  • miakkamiakka random thoughts PExer
    heto pa bet natin...

  • bhogz-gadget_02bhogz-gadget_02 jolina and muni forever.. PExer
    wow naman!super gwapo nya tlaga!
    meron ba ang iba nyan?
    pero san mo yan nakuha?
    mejo personal pics yan ha!
  • angel_bujoyangel_bujoy adik!!! peng!!! PExer
  • miakkamiakka random thoughts PExer
    dito po sa site na to bhogz...

    madami jan! let us support our kiddie survivor ha! :D

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