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God or ET ?


If life or past life on other planets could be provin, would it change your religious beliefs ? Or maybe just how you look at earth and mans past in general ?


  • If life on other planets would be proven, it would never put in doubt my belief in our Lord Jesus Christ and in the teachings of the Holy Bible.

    Such discoveries can never alter my beliefs regarding the same. There will be no contradiction. For is there are such extraterrestrial beings, then I'm sure God has His own plan of salvation for them similar to the one that He provided for us here on this planet Earth.
  • Let me pose the question a little differently . If life on other planets could NOT only be proven, but be proven to have had a significant influence in the evolution of man and his past , what would you think then ?

    Keep in mind that one of the many reasons the goverment would try and coverup something of this magnitude would be the religiuos impact it would have on the world , think about it .
  • rickymrickym PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i don't find any problem with it. I don't even have any problem if there are et's which are more evolved than us.

    i got to read 'the tenth planet' years ago by zecharia sitchin and i'm keeping an open mind.

    if you watch the movie 'the matrix' and replace the machines with et's then it would even be more contraversial since it puts us not on top of the food chain, but somewhere in the middle.
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