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Total Lunar Eclipse-- May 5, 2004

The totality is in progress as I write this post.

Anyone else who saw this interesting celestial phenomenon?


  • Watched it at work.

    The view was ruined when the clouds came in. Bah. :(
  • i was not able to wait for it. hey, i read at space.com before that you can see a comet this month. 2 comets actually. the news also said that there will be a meteor shower this week. anyone got links?
  • spindoctorspindoctor PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Nakita ko to kanina! Ang saya, ginamit ko yung Russian-made binoculars namin kaya kitang kita yung gradual na pagtakip ng Earth sa buwan. Medyo matagal din yung eclipse kasi lumalabas na yung araw pero hindi pa ulit nag-eemerge yung buwan.
  • One thing to note in this Lunar Eclipse is that, the eclipse is in progress as the Moon sets in the West, and at the same time, the Sun is rising in the East. This confirms the fact that the Sun, Earth and Moon must be in straight line in order to take place.
  • saw it in Baguio... big bright moon... no clouds... very nice :p
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