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Mean Girls

napanood nyo na ba?

ish pretty kool...

sa tinggin nyo... maganda ba?

(mga lindsay fans and haters [ngek! meron ba?!], opinion ninyo)

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  • booksalebooksale PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    tina fey and lindsay lohan... definitely worth watching just for them alone.

    i think "mean girls" might become a cult classic like "Clueless"... hula ko lang.
  • lol... :wave: booksale!
  • Every decade seems to have that one definitive movie about teen girls' angst. The 80s had "Heathers", the 90s had "Clueless" and today we have "Mean Girls".
  • hehe.. oo nga!!!!

    infernezz.. gusto ko yung mga ano sa movie.. like stuff keeps on repeatin' and foreshadowing... yun lang gus2 ko dun....
  • uyy gusto ko manood nyan, it's been getting good reviews, that's definitely a good sign! hindi pa naman showing diba? i can't wait to see it (kahit hindi ako masyadong nagandahan sa confessions)!!
  • Feel ko maganda ito. :)
  • i'll watch it! basta lindsay lohan the best!!! :*)
  • i loved it! the girls were all sooooo hot...and the movie is very smartly written! its hilarious!!! you guys should all see it..very Heathers nga yung mood eh, it's a little dark comedy too...lafftrip yung movie!!!

    during a girls bonding session in school
    "Gretchen, im really sorry i laughed when you had diarrhea in Barnes and Noble...and for telling everyone...and repeating it now..."
  • Originally posted by whoopsidaisies
    uyy gusto ko manood nyan, it's been getting good reviews, that's definitely a good sign! hindi pa naman showing diba? i can't wait to see it (kahit hindi ako masyadong nagandahan sa confessions)!!

    showing na sinz last, last fri pa... i think...

    masaya sya! promise!
  • booksalebooksale PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    has anybody seen Heathers? meron pa bang nagpapa rent niyan?
  • Just watched this movie last night.

    Omigod. Wait til you see the part where they were performing Jingle Bell Rock at a school talent show. Lindsay's the BOMB! She's so gorgeous!
  • hahaahah..

    i remember that part! lol.. hehe
  • The costume party was hilarious! Lindsay Lohan really looked scary! Haha! :D
  • Hey huli ata ako sa balita. Ano ba summary?
  • angstangst PExer
    Sobrang funny yung movie. People might think that this is just another forgettable teenybopper movie. But sobrang funny sya. The lines were witty. And here in the states, maraming nanonood na medyo matanda na. Just shows that the movie is appealing not only to teenage girls but to the 18-49 demographic as well.
  • ok.. some mayt think ish a chick-flick.. well, maybe.. but not really.. i like how they presented it.. yung mga forshadowing and reapeating important scenes and reflecting scenes back and forth are really well presented.. hehee

    summary? hmmm.. hirap yan ah...

    ok, so si lindsay bago from africa.. wala syang friends, so in the 1sy day of skool, she was alone... day two she met a (lesbian?!) nice gurl and a gay one... that lunch, the 'plactics' (the three girls.. most popluar ones) asked lindsay to sit with them.. and then, they all clicked... then that nice gurl lindsay met says that it'll be fun to hangout with plastics and lindsay will tell them everything that happen... then lindsay liked one of the plastics's ex, then costume party, betrayal, revenge, burn book... etc..

    sorri.. ish not that i cant summarize.. ish juz that it has its twists and ish better to juz say this verbally... and besides, pinagsasaing na ako ng nanay ko.. hehe.. so yeh.. yun nga.. panoodin nyo na lang...
  • crazy legscrazy legs PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I like Tim Meadows as the frustruated principal. :)

    I also like the leader of the Mathletes. He is sooo cool. He got the babe at the end. haha ha ha ha ha.
  • Gnapoor!!! Badas$ MC! hahahahahaha

    i liked the part where the guy sang Beautiful!!! hahahahaha...and that Danny DeVito hirit!!!

    this movie isn't just funny...it's witty! kakatawa yung
    part where regina got hit by a bus and cady was like "and that's how regina george died...just kidding!"
  • i like this movie!! aliw!! iba talaga pag mga taga-snl na yung nag take over... lindsay lohan was great too!!
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