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The Hunk: Bernard "bj" Palanca

DayzedAngelDayzedAngel .Live.Love.Laugh.Pordalab . PExer
Just wanted to make a thread about one of the cutest HUNKS!..Bernard Palanca........

wassup people! :)


  • sheryshery wala lang PExer
    HUNK tlga!!!!!!... This guy is so nice and approachable and super duper SWEET:)! Thanks for being so accomodating to me on ASAP ah... and for your time also when i met your BABY... you are both so sweet talaga... keep the fire BURNING between you two.. you are one of the cutest couple i've seen and met....

    :wave: dayzedangel, ate B and daisy

    BJ and KIXEE :wave:

    PAGING, ate B and daisy....... POSTTTTTTT NA KAYO.. hehehehe
  • DayzedAngelDayzedAngel .Live.Love.Laugh.Pordalab . PExer
    :wave: Shery, Ate B, Daisy...

    nasan ka kayo Ate B and Daisy??

    BJ :heart: Kixee!

    u're one of the cutest and sweetest couple :) bagay kayo talaga...goodluck in everything....I know it will work out cuz you have each other...... :)
  • DayzedAngelDayzedAngel .Live.Love.Laugh.Pordalab . PExer
  • Daisy OcampoDaisy Ocampo Member PExer
    hello bj....thanks for loving kixee ur the best
  • DayzedAngelDayzedAngel .Live.Love.Laugh.Pordalab . PExer
    :wave: Daisy!! :)

    BJ take care always!! :)
  • Daisy OcampoDaisy Ocampo Member PExer
    hi bj
  • DayzedAngelDayzedAngel .Live.Love.Laugh.Pordalab . PExer
    :wave: BJ!!
  • Honeylov8Honeylov8 Member PExer
    :wave: BJ ...super sweet mo and nice guy...good actor also...i love the character Anilov ..the best talaga...keep up the good work...Rica and you make best couple ...super sweet GRABE .....stay happy and take care of Rica always.....:) :) :)
  • Honeylov8Honeylov8 Member PExer
    BJ :lovers: KIXEE
  • Honeylov8Honeylov8 Member PExer
    hello shery and dayzedAngel....
  • Honeylov8Honeylov8 Member PExer
    sweetest guy on earth....:) oh di ba Kixee...:) :)
  • im_a_chickim_a_chick |PunkRockQueen| PExer
    cute sya sa asap kanina.. school boy ang dating! :winknudge: bagay din hair nya, di na yung mahaba like before.
  • drightdright Member PExer
    What did BJ do in ASAP?
  • benjoshbenjosh fANNEatic 4 life! PExer
    Guwapo ni Anilove! Este BJ pala..:D

    I like him a lot! I think he's a terrific actor..Not to mention drop dead gorgeous(dang, ang suwerte ni Rica :D)..Pareho sila ng bro nya na si Mico...hehehe They have such beautiful expressive...I feel like I'm going to have a spell whenever these two good-looking blokes are on tv...Haayyy...:D
  • drightdright Member PExer
    BJ is good looking, fantastic actor, and over all a great guy. He's a good actor and he deserve to be in more shows and not only in ASAP. He can act as the bad boy or the great lawyer. Either way he does a great job at it. I was really dissapointed when they look for new actors when they have a good looking, and talented actor right infront of them. He deserve more exposures on tv and in the big screen.
  • im_a_chickim_a_chick |PunkRockQueen| PExer
    i think may part sya sa 'all my life'.. the movie of aga and kristine. :)

    nasa the buzz sya.. kakilig yung sinabi nya.. eto:

    kris: you think rica will be the woman you'll marry?
    bj: i dont think.. I KNOW!

  • rjad70rjad70 rjad70 PExer
    Hi everyone......grabe may thread na rin si Papa BJ ...................Panalo sakin tong si Bernard Palanca sa sobrang loving......hay meron pa kayang katulad niya. \

    Nakita nyo ba kanina kung pano tumingin si Bj kay Kixee grabe sa lagkit......

    At siyempre pa panalo rin ang sinabi niya sa d buzz kanina hayyyyyyyyyyy naku ang swerter naman ni Rica.....
  • anilovanilov Dead PExer
    BJ?? count me in!!! i soooooo like him a lot! di naman mashadong obvious sa nick ko di ba?:D my classmates are going gaga over him as well esp during ktkh days! i lurve him as a lawyer! :luvluv:
    hope he's gonna have more shows..i miss him too sa MYX LIVE..
  • Daisy OcampoDaisy Ocampo Member PExer
    hi bj.. ang sweet mo naman ang swerte ni kixee...nakakakilig

    I can't wait to watch the buzz later....

    thanks for the update guys
  • DayzedAngelDayzedAngel .Live.Love.Laugh.Pordalab . PExer sweet BJ!!

    :wave: hello everyone!!
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