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Desiree del Valle & Victor Neri (Angelica & Aiko)

Here are some articles for your reading pleasure.
Angelica,wala nang pakialam kay Victor

DEADMA si Angelika dela Cruz sa balitang pagkatapos ni Aiko Melendez ay si Desiree del Valle ang bagong "kinahuhumalingan" ng dating boyfriend na si Victor Neri.
Ayon kay Angelika mas makabubuting huwag siyang magbigay ng komento hinggil sa balitang diumano ay nagli-live in na sina Desiree at Victor.

"Huwag na, wag n'yo na akong isama sa ganyang isyu. Tama na."

Kay Angelika ang tinig na iyon. Si Angelika na nakiusap din sa Kabayan na kung maaari ay huwag nang pag-usapan si Victor Neri sa anumang interview dahil pinagsabihan siya ng Dos na hindi umano makabubuti sa kanyang image ang pag-usapan pa ang aktor.

"Walang balikan na nangyari. Magkaibigan lang kami ni Ehco [Jericho Rosales]" sabi pa ni Angelika pero inamin nito na dalawang araw niyang nakasama si Jericho sa Vigan at La Union noong Holy Week.

Sa kabuuan, walang nakikitang masama si Angelika sa ginagawang paglalapit uli nila ngayon ni Jericho dahil una at higit sa lahat naging mabuti naman silang magkaibigan noon hanggang ngayon.

Here are some old copies of articles regarding Victor and Desiree being "ON" or something like that.
From Philippine Star

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
The Philippine Star 03/16/2004

* Could it be true that Victor Neri and Aiko Melendez broke up (after a short-lived romance) because of Victor’s womanizing? Even when he was going steady with Aiko, Victor was seen with other girls, including Iza Calzado, Gwen Garci, Roselle Nava and Desiree del Valle (his current date).
From The Peoples Tonight

MAY tumawag sa amin para ipaalam na hindi lang kay Gwen Garci nali-link si Victor Neri.

Nakikita ring nakikipag-date si Victor kay Desiree del Valle ng ABS-CBN and they were seen holding hands habang lumalabas ng studio.

May naka-spot din kina Victor at Desiree na nagma-malling sa Alabang Town Center last week. Sabi ng mga nakakita’y sweet ang dalawa. Nakaakbay pa raw si Victor kay Desiree habang sila’y naglalakad.

Hindi magsasalita si Victor, kaya hindi natin malalaman kung bakit nag-break sila ni Aiko Melendez.

From some Paper in Mindanoe about people who spent Holy Week in Boracay.

Samantala – nag-krus rin ang landas nina Aiko Melendez at ang itinuturong dahilan ng kanilang paghihiwlay ni Victor Neri na si Desiree del Valle pero nag-dedmahan lang ang dalawa at halatang halata na umiiwas sa Desiree sa aktres.
From someones Journal I found online so this was written way before Elaine's scandal.
Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Temple Bar
We were again with Elaine alongside with Cj (Elaine's Cousin). Madz, Tal and I were really expecting to havva real good time there because it's also the birthday of Pia Cabriera! Temple Bar was packed with really amazing people like those of Alex Escat, Jon Herrera, Albert Andrales, Isabel Roses, Valerie de los Santos, Risa Samson, John Hall, Brian Tan, Tim Yap etc. Elaine introduced us to Nina Ricci Alagao and Trina Zuñiga. We had some drinks and a bit of socializing. I was really eager to dance and mingle with people but I was hesitant. SAYANG! Cute pa naman ni Albert that night!!! HMP!!! Anyhow, that night was still unforgettable.

We even saw Des with Victor Neri at G4. Hahaha! This was before going to Greenbelt. Elaine was fuming mad and so jealous of this situation when we told her so.

I had to sleep over at Madel's place because it's really late. Going home, we had so many stop overs just to find somewhere to eat. Finally, we were able to find one. Really cheap late night food but it's delicious. I'm talking about Tap-Si-Logs, Goto, Pares etc... Elaine really enjoyed it! We even taught her how to ride a jeepney. Funny girl!

Elaine won't let us home so we went to her house pa. Had small inuman, chikahan and hulaan. That Tess was really creepy. She was Elaine's house keeper. She made predictions on us and somehow it's right. I don't know how to explain but I'm not getting to much into it. :D

# posted by Maryam : 11:01 PM

From all this evidence it looks like Desiree is with Victor Neri. And Elaine is just pissed! And maybe Aiko too. But both left their ex's for each other in scandal. Parang Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Di ba Elizabeth Taylor left her then hubby Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton left his wife. Sana Desiree and Victor will be happy together sana they'll last.


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  • Victor Neri ba naman :D
  • Victor A Womanizer?

    MANILA, March 12, 2004 (STAR) FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo - Just when he’s reported to be happily going steady with Quezon City reelectionist Councilor Aiko Melendez, unwed father Victor Neri is starting to create a reputation as a womanizer. Victor has a right to be one, considering that he’s one of the few truly desirable – and fantasized over – actors today. Women, and other species besides, are intrigued and attracted by his brooding looks and quiet ways (silent water runs deep, remember?).

    A Funfare DPA said that "somebody who looked like Victor" was seen coming out of the Mandaluyong City condo unit of a young ABS-CBN actress (was it you, Miss D?), holding hands.

    Then, Victor was seen with Iza Calzado at a non-showbiz girl’s birthday party in Makati. (On the other hand, Iza was rumored to have almost, but not quite, "won over" brothers Mico and Bernard Palanca, that’s why Bernard was reported to have broken up with Rica Peralejo who assured everybody that her relationship with Bernard, whom she calls "BJ," is going stronger.)

    Obviously, Victor is having the time of his (love)life. Before Aiko came into his life (they met and fell in love on the set of Filipinas, Viva Films’ 2003 Metro Filmfest entry), Victor briefly went steady with Angelika dela Cruz.


    It looks like "miss d" is Desiree del Valle

    I'll admit it I want people talking about Victor and Des rather than Des and Elaine. Talk about one hot couple. What does Desiree del Valle and Victor Neri have in common?

    1. They're sexy and hot
    2. They're contoversial
    3. They were launched via ABS-CBN's Star Circle (Him batch 1, her batch 7)
    4. They both have controversial love lives.

    They're perfect for each other. I hope they last. They're one hot good looking couple di ba?
  • Desiree del Valle, kasal sa isang tomboy sa Amerika?


    Hindi kami sigurado kung contract star pa rin ng ABS-CBN Talent Center si Desiree del Valle, pero ano kaya ang kanilang damage control na gagawin sa explosive revelation ni Elaine, ang special friend ng young actress na umamin na nagkaroon sila ng relasyon.

    Nagpa-interview si Elaine kay Ogie Diaz sa radio program nito sa dzMM at kabilang sa kanyang mga ipinagtapat ang pagpapakasal nila ni Desiree sa Amerika.

    Ikinuwento ni Elaine kay Ogie na naka-recover na siya sa break-up nila ni Desiree at may iba na siyang mahal. Still, nagsalita si Elaine para maiwasan ang paglabas ng ibang version mula sa kampo ni Desiree.

    Kasama sa mga ipinagtapat ni Elaine ang pagkakaroon ng relasyon ni Desiree kay Victor Neri. Noon pa laman ng mga blind item ang kuwento tungkol sa love affair nina Desiree at Elaine, pero nakumpirma lamang na totoo ang balita nang magsalita ang huli.

    Curious kami, ngayong hiwalay na sina Elaine at Desiree, nakapag-file na kaya sila ng divorce sa Amerika para maging legal ang lahat. Paano nila hinati ang kanilang conjugal properties?


    Matindi ang mga binitiwang-salita ni Elaine tungkol kay Desiree. Bigla tuloy naming naalaala si Paolo Contis, ang ex-boyfriend ni Desiree.

    Noong na-link si Desiree sa kapwa-babae, may nakapagsabi sa amin na nagulat si Paolo dahil hindi nito inaasahan na ipagpapalit siya ni Desiree sa babae. Matagal nang hiwalay sina Paolo at Desiree at maligaya na si Paolo sa piling ni Nancy Castiglione, pero tiyak na hihingin pa rin ng entertainment writers ang reaksyon niya sa ginawang pagsasalita ni Elaine.

    Sure looks like it's Victor Neri and Desiree del Valle. And it looks to me Elaine is pissed! But what I don't get is why the reporters in the Philippines didn't do any research about same-sex marriages. They would have reported that same-sex marriages are illegal in the United States. Desiree del Valle was never legally married. Maybe Victor and Des will? Just Kidding naman.
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  • i wanted to be peaceful. but it is so appearant that elaine wants to ruin des because des LEFT HER. if you loved someone would you do what elaine is doing? face it elaine des wants to move on to a better looking, sexy hot MAN! she swung back to the other side. and because of you she'll probably not swing to your side ever again. you will be her first and LAST girl. that's my feeling! get angry elaine say i stole your money do it! you see i've got work. des has work. anong trabaho mo? j/k at least Aiko is acting mature about the whole situation. she moved on and kept quiet! why not you! i think elaine's a liar. i got my frustrations out. i'm happy. LOL
  • Elaine is a liar she's just jealous of Victor Neri.
  • Sila na ba talaga ngayon? :confused: Umamin na ba?
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