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Hot Small Business Ideas here!

Share your sidelines and other business lines without having to put out BIG capital. Post it here and share it with fellow members.


  • JohnDiazJohnDiaz Member PExer
    What's business would you got to if you have:
    a: P100K
    b: P250K
    c: P500K
    d: P1M
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    OK, TWF buddies, help me out here. ;)
  • JohnDiazJohnDiaz Member PExer
    thanks, payaso....gone thru all the post any other ideas....

    kuyadanny and twf buddies, i am really waiting for your post....

    Anything on agriculture and computers, that's my area of interest..
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin ✭✭
    agri? wanna be a rice trader? you'll have to do it wholesale. average buying price of dried palay is 8.3/kg, for milled rice is 16.5/kg, from the wholesaler, 17.5/kg, from the retailer, it's 19.4/kg.

    if you're a licensed nfa retailer, you buy nfa rice for around 14/k but can't sell it for more than 15/k.

    the biggest rice wholesaler salles 2.5 billion worth a year and nets 70 million. not bad for a 60-man operation.
  • wendswends Optimind Solutions PExer


    video editing.. preferably near universities like DLSU and Ateneo.. walang tulugan dyan.. :D
  • JohnDiazJohnDiaz Member PExer
    Thanks Wends....

    Still waiting for KD and the Business Club
  • wendswends Optimind Solutions PExer
    JohnDiaz: check your PM.. I sent you something.. :D
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    What in the Business Club are you waiting for?
    Waiting for a meeting?
    We'd like on in February.
    Do post suggestions in the thread.
  • wendswends Optimind Solutions PExer
    Originally posted by zimdude
    What in the Business Club are you waiting for?
    Waiting for a meeting?
    We'd like on in February.
    Do post suggestions in the thread.

    taray ah...! :laugh:
  • honey20honey20 Member PExer
    this is a nice thread....i'm also open for business...anything about investments...savings program...i'm into it ,if you're interested we could have an appointment.
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist ✭✭
    anong taray? :confused:


    honey20: this group can help promote your business!
    sorry, I'm not looking into money investments right now...
  • lilbilllilbill Member PExer
    Want to talk about your repective businesses.
    Im in the garments business, Manufacturing and retailing. what about you?
    Maybe we can assist the newly formed business club.
  • JohnDiazJohnDiaz Member PExer

    inputs galing sa mga members ng club....


    i'm more incline to start-ups.....


    ngayon ko lang i-che-check, thanks!!!
  • honey20honey20 Member PExer
    i'm into financial services-more on making a savings program esp. for yuppies....
  • wendswends Optimind Solutions PExer
    before i was into software development.. then i shifted to multimedia and web development..

    now i'm trying the waters of retailing.. and.. marketing and promotions development..
  • bbb_168bbb_168 Member PExer
    a successful business would be one that answers a basic need.
    email me: [email protected]
  • anne_373anne_373 future mom to a baby girl PExer
    while im workin. im into the green tea networking business. well its workin. im starting to earn extra income with no hassles.. if u wanna join or more infos about this grean iced tea business

    join the chat if they asked the password its --- resensa

    and personal business im looking for shih tzu for breedin business
  • jetz09jetz09 Bum PExer
    nice thread! me too, im lookin for some good earnings

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