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Hot Small Business Ideas here!

Share your sidelines and other business lines without having to put out BIG capital. Post it here and share it with fellow members.


  • anne_373anne_373 future mom to a baby girl PExer
    while im workin. im into the green tea networking business. well its workin. im starting to earn extra income with no hassles.. if u wanna join or more infos about this grean iced tea business

    join the chat if they asked the password its --- resensa

    and personal business im looking for shih tzu for breedin business
  • jetz09jetz09 Bum PExer
    nice thread! me too, im lookin for some good earnings
  • omengomeng the glorious ✭✭
    magtinda ng kakanin sa mga ka-office mate. :)
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PExer
    brew/ferment/distill your own drink. it'll have to be bootleg though.
    as ive said many times before and i will say it again

    prepaid cards :D

    a new variation to this is maxload/eload/tipidload

    my pamankin has been doin this racket now in her highschool. she pasa loads from her dad to what amounts to 5k-10k sabi nang tito ko (di mo maintindihan kung natutuwa o galit)

    tapos sabay benta sa mga ka classmates. ayun batang negosyante ka agad

    e-load is liquid its like 5/6 somewhat. basta liquid di napapanis di ka na pupunuan nang stock.

    pakapalan nalang nang mukha sa pag benta at sa pag singil.
  • jepkatenjepkaten none PExer
    malaki ba yun kita sa mga eload?
  • smartysmarty Member ✭✭
    Originally posted by jepkaten
    malaki ba yun kita sa mga eload?

    only 13-15%... maliit lang kung titingnan mo pero pag madami regular customers mo, malaki na rin kita...

    im into eloading too & im earning about 1k+/month from it... not to mention the 300 free text im receiving monthly as sort of a bonus if i reach the 3500 quota per month... not bad since sideline ko lang naman ito at puro officemates ko lang customers ko...
  • jepkatenjepkaten none PExer
    anu bonus nya? = )
  • hack__youhack__you CORNHOLE ✭✭
    malaki kita!
    samin maliit lang yung tindahan...tabi-tabi pa pero 5k sa smart at 3k sa globe monthly ang kita
  • the_champthe_champ ayeh! PExer
    gusto ko nyan eload na yan. pano ako magi-start.. pano ako magiging retailer?
  • Daemon_SeraphimDaemon_Seraphim Dark Angel PExer
    Wat do you need for eloading business? Do i need to buy the special sim? If yes, from where? and how much?
  • smartysmarty Member ✭✭
    the_champ & Daemon_Seraphim

    all you need is a cellphone unit and a retailer sim... its as simple as that...

    send me email for more details... [email protected]
  • jepkatenjepkaten none PExer
    magkano yung sim? yung 500 sa smart and 700 sa globe? may nagbebenta kasi sa tutuban
  • smartysmarty Member ✭✭
    mahal yan... sent you email...
  • jepkatenjepkaten none PExer
    thanks, got ur email already.
  • smartysmarty Member ✭✭
    i have my contact # in that email... contact me kung kelangan mo ng retailer sim... thanks....
  • FPJ_45FPJ_45 Member PExer
    A franchise is good but you need big money but you'll earn like after 3-4 months
  • jetz09jetz09 Bum PExer
    is there any other small biusiness ideas aside from above mentioned? :)
  • dacdac Restless PExer
    am thinking of going to Thailand and bring in items which i can resell or maybe duplicate here(concept)

    so if anyone got a hot idea or an item which has a potential market here, get in touch with me. I can research or source a supplier over there and we can collaborate on selling the stuff here.

    Most of the items coming from there are RTWs so i'm looking for something else.A road less travelled but has a potential or niche in the market. if you have an insight on what will click, we can talk about it.

    think about it.

    asside from rtw thailand has a vast amount of beuty products and neat handicrafts one is the bamboo water fountain, which im fond of. go to the night market near siam city. theres a lot of stuff they are selling there which afaik are not sold here.

    and dude pare you gotta try the tuk tuk. it gives meaning to that james bond commercial.

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