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Desiree del Valle nagpakasal sa kapwa babae

mememmemem pakpak is lab PExer
Si Desiree del Valle umaming nagpakasal sya sa kapwa babae sa Las Vegas.

Anong say nyo dito?


  • aznbeautyaznbeauty [HEROSAN] [L.O.V.E] PExer
    weel sira ulo siya joke siguro namn she really wanted sum1 dat would luv her kasi diba parang hindi naging good ending ung relationship nila ni Paolo e siguro na depress so ayun she just needed sum luvin
  • sinister7zexsinister7zex Member PExer
    I think she's up to another gimik to boost her pathetic career. Poor girl......
  • micamyxmicamyx ----- PExer
    no comment =)
  • aznbeautyaznbeauty [HEROSAN] [L.O.V.E] PExer
    i think sira ulo silang dalawa e kasalanan din nila yung dalawa!
  • baybeebaybee Member PExer
    biktima sila pareho ng mga pangyayari! :(
  • im_a_chickim_a_chick |PunkRockQueen| PExer
    money lang ang issue dyan kaya sila nagsusumbatan.. kung pumatol man si desiree, sana sa maganda na.. peace! hihihi! :lol:
  • cinephilecinephile film buff PExer
    is this true?
  • lokaretlokaret karinyo brutal PExer
    yes it is TRUE.

    but we do not have the right to judge her, sabi nga niya..

    she was just a kid, who fell in love... and she WAS happy.

    hayaan nyo na. atleast it was good while it lasted. :)
  • «FickleMinded»«FickleMinded» LessThanPerfect PExer
    *pexadik*-- really? I never knew that the same-sex marriage was legal in Las Vegas.:confused:
  • indaylenindaylen Member PExer
    Originally posted by «FickleMinded»
    *pexadik*-- really? I never knew that the same-sex marriage was legal in Las Vegas.:confused:

    same-sex marriage is NOT legal in Las Vegas nor in any part of the USA.
  • dancingqueendancingqueen you can never can tell..... PExer
    It is. In San Francisco.
  • geminidestiny77geminidestiny77 BI-COASTAL 4EVA PExer
    Originally posted by dancingqueen
    It is. In San Francisco.

    The U.S. courts put a stay (hold) on gay and lesbian marriages nation wide. So gay and lesbian marriages are no longer being performed. And mayors/cities that are trying to legallize gay and lesbian marriages are being brought to court. Because gay and lesbian marraiges are against laws and in some cases the constitution. So gay and lesbian marriages are illegal in the united states.

    And as for same sex marriages that have already been performed in San Fancisco the legality of those marriages are in a court of law. If the courts rule they are null and void then no gay and lesbian marriage would have happened anywhere in the United States! Gay and lesbian marriages are illegal and many states are looking to constitutionally make them unconstitutional. People get your current affairs on lock down because knowledge is power. Chismis makes you sound ignorant when it comes to laws, current affairs, and things of those terms.

    So I again say Desiree del Valle never got married. Las Vegas performs any kind of ceremony. Des and Elaine may have performed a marriage ceremony... but in the eyes of the law it (their marriage) never happened because it has no legal basis. And Elaine saying that she's going to file divorce papers are a joke. Because only a Man and a Woman can get a divorce since their marriage is recognized and legal. And her saying she needs $5,000 US to get her to be single again is a joke too. Divorces beteween a Man and a Woman don't cost that much. Like maybe a few hundred dollars. She's a liar who is trying to make money off of Desiree and the more she talks the more she diggs her grave. She's making a lot of people mad and angry.

    I've always said that if someone has been a heterosexual all their lives and they swing the other way (same sex) it won't last. Look at actresses Anne Hache and Angelina Jolie. They both swung the other way (they have had an open same sex relationship, Anne with Ellen D. and Angelina with some Asian-American actress) once but never again. Anne is married to a Man. And Angelina's dating men and was married to Billy Bob.

    I don't think Des will ever get with another girl because Elaine made her first relationship with a girl a very painful one. I think Des will be with men or a man for the rest of her life. Elaine blew it for any other girl that may have a thing for Des. I hope Victor Neri is taking care of Des in her time of need. I know her fans are sending her well wishes.
  • purple_yampurple_yam Member PExer
    I agree with you...I think Elaine made Des' first relationship experience with women horrible. I know for a fact that a lot of my les friends had hots for Des and when they found out that she was with a girl they were so excited...but then elaine loved her so much that she was so hurt when des let her go.

    However, i'm not sure if Des is really with Victor Neri. I think she's dating someone else non-showbiz but def'ntly a guy. But I'm not really sure....
  • aznbeautyaznbeauty [HEROSAN] [L.O.V.E] PExer
    alam niyo yung line na " I was just A kid who fell n luv and I was happy" don't u think parang e use nila sa ibang shows kagaya ni Kris nA " The only person dat gave me uncoditional luv s my moder" or sumfin like dat wat do u think!
  • NinniahNinniah Member PExer
    i think anyone could say that(" I was juz a kid hu fel n luv and i was happy") as long as yung talagaang naramdaman ng tao,at sguronaman yun ang naramdaman ni des. i think anyone and everyone have the right to be inlove.depende na lang kung paano ito lagay nina des and "elaine" eh masama..but alam nyo naman ang concept ng love,kumakatok lang yan kung kanino man..for straights,bis or homos...kahit gaano man kasama o kamali eto basta na inlove ka wala kang pinakikinggan..dba? un lang po.. i thnak u

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