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initial d FOURTH STAGE episode 2

sinong may fansub na nito?


  • btw, ung 1st ep na fansub e kalokohan lang (by some group named "fob2k4 ricing team").
    bobo ung translation. puro adlib pa!

    wala pang lumalabas na matinong fansub nung episode 1.

    in case u don't know something abt initial d 4th stage. nag-air sya sa isang payperview channel ng animax japan last apr 17 airing 2 30-min episodes every 2 months (bagal ng pacing no?) 14 episodes in total. kaya matatapos sya next apr 2005.

    ung gustong makakita nung 1st ep. meron syang ***** sa anime.mircx.com

    raws? meron din dun. kasama ung ep2
  • Live-eviL and some other group just released the first episode...

    woohoo ang astig ng racing scenes, and as usual nakakabitin pa rin, kaso ngayon e mas seryoso na talaga yung mood nung show unlike nung naunang stages
  • yes. downloaded ko na rin ung sa live-evil.
  • ***** download for 4th stage episode 2 is up at animesuki :)
  • yup.. downloading na rin. hintay uli 2 months para eps 3&4

    ganun din sa hxh gi final... pero 1 month lang hintay
  • fob2k4 ricing team...LOL...fobby ricers huh
  • saan ba pwedeng magdownload ng initial d 4th stage?
  • sana bilisan nila pag labas ng eps para 5th stage na.
  • finished watching 1 and 2. buti naman tapos ang unang race...

    question: anong ung mga kotse nung taga 7star leaf? ano ung "roadster"?

    pinakita sa intro ung kotse ni bunta... am i right?

    download? bittorrent lang ung alam kong pinakareliable... baka meron na ring nagbebenta sa mga collectors dyan...
  • Yung roadster ay mazda miata mx-5. Bunta's car is a Subaru Impreza.
  • Originally posted by TheBedan
    Yung roadster ay mazda miata mx-5. Bunta's car is a Subaru Impreza.

    ang laki naman ng tubo nila Takumi sa pagbebenta ng tokwa...
  • xmarkxmark PEx Rookie ⭐

    Just download one of those bittorrent clients...
  • xmarkxmark PEx Rookie ⭐

    Just download one of those bittorrent clients...
  • Here's an overview of the fourth stage I got from an initial D forum. I can't find the link so I just cut and pasted it here instead.
    It’s an overview of what’s happening in the 4th Stage series of Initial D. I currently have all the Tokyopop issues, as well as the ORIGINAL Japanese series from books #1 thru #27. The last few books have begun dealing with Takumi’s role in Ryosuke’s Project D team.
    So sit back and enjoy the read. Oh, and yes, Itsuki is still a ‘lonely driver’! Hahaha.
    Initial D - 4th Stage Manga Overview:
    Ryosuke’s new race team started soon after Takumi’s graduation. Project D is aimed at making other race teams challenge them (most teams from outside of Gunma, since people there already know them as top class racers). The site also keeps record of all the teams they defeated to be more taunting. The team consists of Ryosuke as the brains, Keisuke as the hill climb specialist, Takumi as the downhill specialist, and many other staff members who work as maintenance for the two cars. Each car has it’s own personal tuner. Takumi’s tuner is so great, even Bunta agrees the car has never been in such great condition before.
    Project D’s first race was at Momiji Lane against Seven Star Leaf. The downhill race was first with Takumi’s AE86 against Tooru’s NA6C. Takumi kept up with Tooru well throughout the race. There were gutters in this course, but they could not be used like the gutters on Akina because these were too deep. However, Ryosuke taught Takumi how to jump over the gutters and go on the grass on the other side. So when the two racers got there, Tooru tried to block Takumi from overtaking from the inside line by leaving only a slight space. Takumi jumped on the other side of the gutter and was able to pass the Miata up easily. Tooru was confused at first, but was astonished when he saw Takumi do it the second time. He tried to follow Takumi, but his tire got caught in the gutter and caused his car to flip over and back again.
    The hill climb race was Keisuke’s FD3S against Atsurou’s ER34 (400PS). Keisuke was able to defeat the Skyline by just coming out of corners faster and eventually overtaking it. Takumi got the carbon fiber hood soon after this race meet.
    The second team Project D faced was a stuck-up team filled with typical Honda drivers (in fact, they all use Hondas) called Toudou Racing School (it’s actually a racer training group). They battled at Enna, which is also Sudou’s (the guy with the CE9A if you don’t remember) true “home course,” as he was trained at this racing school when he first began. Sudou and Seiji also participated as audiences in this meet because Sudou was not sure Project D can win here. Because the track is pretty narrow, they used sudden death-match to battle.
    The downhill race was AE86 vs. Ninomiya’s EK9, who chose to start as the chaser. Ryosuke warned Takumi not to go beyond 9000RPM in the first round. Takumi wasn’t too uncomfortable with it, since he had practice before he upgraded his 8000RPM tachometer. After the first round, Ninomiya was convinced he could easily outrun Takumi because he thinks Takumi was trying his best already. Takumi kept up with Ninomiya very well the second round, and was eventually able to pass him since the front tires of the EK9 were worn out from the first round. The hill climb pitched the FD3S against Smiley Sakai’s DC2 Type R. Smiley got that nickname because the muscles of his face tenses up when he begins to race seriously, making it look like he’s smiling. Smiley used fake brake lights (ala Shingo vs. Iketani) to trick Keisuke, which was quite t3h 5Ux0Rz. Another trick he used was entering a corner at a really high speed in order to get his opponent to enter at the same speed or even higher; this speed is actually too fast for the corner, and he’s adept at fixing his speed throughout the corner (I’m not really sure how this one works, sounds to me like he’s setting himself up to be overtaken). Keisuke eventually overtook him and won, though. After the race, Project D attempted to break the top records on the course. With only one night of training, Takumi beat the downhill record in three tries. Keisuke beat the hill climb record with two tries but was not happy with it so he went for a third try and beat his own record.
    Toudou Racing School could not live with their team being completely annihilated by outsiders, so they invited Tachi, an ex-student of the school who is now a professional racer, to have a rematch against Project D on Happogahara. Tachi took Ninomiya’s EK9 and beat Takumi’s downhill record in one try, without pushing the car to the limit. Tachi agreed to use the school’s top car, another EK9 (and I quote from one of the observers, “EK9 is considered to be the world’s best street race car.”), at Happogahara, which is a course that consists of both downhill and hill climb sections. Tachi tuned the Civic the best he could to be able to compete with the FD3S on the straights, but surprisingly, Ryosuke decided to send out the AE86. Ryosuke’s reason was that Takumi’s mountain pass racing skill is something professional racers do not have. Although he knew Takumi’s skills couldn’t compete with a professional driver yet, he thought this is their only chance to win. Tachi made it pretty clear that he is a professional racer by repeating that fact every other time his mouth opens and kept on saying how non-professional racers’s skills are so poor. Ryosuke took Takumi in his FC3S for a round on Enna before the race to try to let Takumi learn some skills. At that point Takumi realized Ryosuke is a much better racer than he is.
    I’m going off on a tangent here, but I would like to comment on Sudou Kyouichi here. I think Kyouichi is still better than Takumi in terms of driving skills even though he lost the rematch. As I’ve stated above, Kyouichi did not push to his limits in that rematch. His only mistake in that battle was deciding to overtake Takumi too late. And if Kyouichi can get Ryosuke to race with all his power while Ryosuke is apparently much better than Takumi, then Kyouichi is obviously up there in terms of skill level.

    When the race started, Tachi went easy on the gas to watch Takumi from the back. At one turn Tachi used a fading line technique, which is pretty much staying in your opponent’s blind spot, he learned in the professionals to pass Takumi up. Takumi gave it all he had to keep on with Tachi. On the way back, Takumi tried a technique similar to the fading line. He shut his headlights off and passed Tachi. The sad thing is that Tachi passed him up again pretty soon. Takumi realized he has no chance of winning as long as Tachi knows what Takumi is doing. So Takumi raced the rest of the race without headlights. The race looked like a lost cause when the neared the finish line, and all possible attack points are gone. Both teams agreed it was a great match and although Takumi lost, he put up a great fight. Before the very last turn, a squirrel jumped out to the middle of the road. Tachi instinctively dodged the squirrel, giving Takumi, who could not see anything other than the civic, a chance to overtake. Takumi ended winning the race, and Tachi admitted defeat (he said luck has to do with racing, too). This race was not recorded on the Project D website in order to preserve Tachi’s reputation.
    The next morning after Takumi delivered the tofu, he saw some headlights coming extremely fast when he was going downhill. He tried to outrun the GC8, but the STi just kept up with him the whole way. Takumi used the gutter technique, and to his surprise, so did the GC8. Takumi’s self-confidence was shattered as he lost on his home course for the first time (and there were heavy hints Bunta was the driver). On the same morning, Ryosuke found out Kenta has been practicing driving in the dark and got in an accident. What a n00b.
    This is where 4th stage will end.
    Itsuki has installed a turbo in his AE85, giving it a full 150ps. Speedstars and Takumi went on Akina to drive one day. At the top of the mountain, they were checking out Itsuki’s car. Two weird looking guys (these are the two guys from Tokyo) comes over and says how weird the AE85 has been modded. One of the guys says how they’re from Tokyo and are regulars at the track. They want to race Iketani, but Iketani refused since he didn’t like these two guys. The two guys then went in their S15, drove down the road a little, and parked at the side of the road. Iketani realizes they’re gonna start racing Iketani as soon as he starts leaving anyway, so he and Kenji got in the S13 to race; Takumi and Itsuki got in the AE85 (Takumi driving) to follow. The two guys from Tokyo weren’t exactly THAT great as they claimed to be, but the S15 just overpowered the S13. Then they realized a pair of headlights was chasing behind them, so they start going at it again. The two guys thought it was Iketani chasing them and didn’t realize it was actually an AE85. Takumi easily defeated the two even after they used the “super ultra late braking technique” and told Itsuki how great the AE85 has become.
    Now is where one of manga readers’s favorite characters is introduced... Iwase Kyoko! Oh yeah, that’s right, the cute chick that drives the black FD! You see her talking to her friend in a restaurant (about guys, and then Kyoko goes off on something about cars and how her man MUST drive a FD *wink wink*) Anyways, Keisuke and his tuner goes to their next battle grounds to survey the environment (from this point on, I don’t know the translations of where they race). Kyoko is in the parking lot looking for I think it was her cell phone. Keisuke goes up to her and asks if she was looking for her cell phone. Kyoko was like, OMG this guy is so cute and he drives a FD! Anyways, Keisuke left her cell phone at a small shop close by.
    You are introduced to Kyoko’s team, led by Nobuhiko (Wataru’s cousin). Nobuhiko isn’t that great of a racer, which he knows, so he is concentrating on Kyoko’s race (he’s taking the downhill with his SXE10 while Kyoko is doing the hill climb). Kyoko is the fastest racer on the team (wow!) so they have confidence, but Nobuhiko is also aware that Project D is not a weak team at all (he knew he was gonna lose the downhill race, lol). Kyoko later finds out that cute guy she met in the parking lot was gonna be who she was racing and she was like OMFG NO WAY! Anyways, the night before the race, she stopped in the middle of her practice. Keisuke meets up with her and finds out She senses something wrong with the car. So Keisuke takes it down to the parking lot, where his tuner fixed the car for her (aww... how nice).
    Race night is here, and the hill climb race goes first. Race is done in sudden-death fashion, and Kyoko chooses to go first instead of Nobuhiko’s recommendation of chase. She explained that she didn’t really want to do this race, but she wants to race with all her might as fast as she could without anything in her way. She said she didn’t think she would win but is definitely going to race the best she can; Nobuhiko agreed. Ryosuke’s advice to Keisuke for this race was to remember his opponent’s car is single turbo, and that Keisuke needs to learn throttle control because he’s using such a powerful car. Kyoko’s performance was top notch, and Keisuke was having trouble keeping up with her (!!). Keisuke’s throttle control improved greatly during this battle, and finally overtook Kyoko by taking advantage of the great corner exit speed the twin turbo is capable of. Nobuhiko chose to chase in the downhill battle just so he can observe the Akina legend. Ryosuke told Takumi to hold back for the first few corners out of respect for Nobuhiko because they think so much alike. Nobuhiko was awed by the sudden disappearance of the AE86 after the first few corners. Pwned.
    One night Bunta wakes Takumi up a little earlier than usual to deliver the tofu. Takumi walks out to see what Bunta wants to show him, and it turns out it is the WRX that beat him on downhill Akina! Ah hahaha! Takumi was like, dammit, I should’ve known it was you! Who else drives that recklessly (besides him of course) down Akina? Bunta explains this is his new car since Takumi uses the AE86 so much for Project D. He already changed the owner name of the AE86 to Takumi earlier (forgot to put it, sorry). Bunta wants Takumi to deliver tofu using the GC8 every other time from then on. While driving the WRX, Takumi was completely astonished by how well this machine performs. He hasn’t really driven anything other than his AE86 before and never thought about how other cars perform.
    Wataru and Nobuhiko is sitting in a restaurant discussing Project D’s next battle. It turns out Wataru will be participating in this race meet. He brought with him Tsukamoto, whom Wataru is borrowing from another team in the Saitama Northwest Grand United (Nobuhiko’s team and Wataru are part of this, too). Tsukamoto is a 26-year-old expert driver who can race with any car, especially FR. After careful studying of Takumi’s driving style, Nobuhiko made up a plan to defeat Takumi and went to prepare a battle gear for Tsukamoto.
    Project D begins to practice at the upcoming course the night before the race as usual. Keisuke and Takumi met up with Wataru and caught up with each other a bit. Wataru said he has upgraded his turbo to a supercharger (no idea how much power he’s cranking now; might even be close to Keisuke’s FD since Kazumi told Itsuki the turboed AE86 Levin had about 290ps). Everyone grew excited about getting to race with an old acquaintance. Matsumoto (that guy who’s always wearing red and speaks for Red Suns a lot in the anime) saw Nobuhiko and was surprised. Nobuhiko explained he’s involved again but only behind the scenes. Matsumoto noticed a EA11R parked in front of Wataru’s AE86 and thought to himself, “Can that... no way...”
    Here comes everyone’s favorite scene of Kyoko! The next day Kyoko was driving around and noticed Keisuke’s yellow FD parked on the side of the road. She stopped her car and pranced over to the car to admire it. She starts hugging it and rubbing it and basically s3x0ring the hell out of it. What she doesn’t notice is that Keisuke was actually in the car and staring at her the whole time. Kyoko then kisses the car, and Keisuke’s just like wtf? Kyoko looks up and sees Keisuke staring at her like she was a weirdo; she jumps and starts running away yelling OMG ghost! Keisuke stops her and was like, I should be the one saying that. He then asks her to go for lunch (!!), and the two drive off in Kyoko’s car.
    At the restaurant Kyoko asked Keisuke why he was sitting in the car, and Keisuke explains that he has to sleep during the daytime because they practice at night. Inns don’t like to take customers who sleep during the daytime and work at night, so his only other option is sleeping in the bucket seat of his car. The scene changes back to Keisuke’s car, and Project D (excluding Ryosuke) was having a picnic there. They were wondering where Keisuke went off to while they were buying the food, and of course, Kenta was sad his man wasn’t there to picnic with him. On the way back, Keisuke fell asleep in Kyoko’s car. It started to rain, and Kyoko didn’t want to wake “Darling” up so she just sat there and fell asleep when they got back to Keisuke’s car (OoO... sleeping together already).
    Keisuke woke up in time to head to the race. Ryosuke told Matsumoto that this race will probably be the toughest one Takumi had yet. Matsumoto asked how come this race would be even harder than the race against Tachi. Ryosuke explains that it is because Takumi will experience something he has never seen before. When they got there, Matsumoto realized what Ryosuke said was true. The EA11R is the battle gear that Nobuhiko has prepared. One of the best k-cars is sitting there, will a whole 130ps under the hood. The races are going to be done in sudden-death fashion, and the downhill race was going first. Although being the chaser normally has more advantages, Tsukamoto chose to be the runner the first round because he usually doesn’t race against other people directly. He won’t be used to having a car in front of him and thought perhaps the best idea will be dusting Takumi the first round and end the race there; Nobuhiko agreed.
    Before the race started, Ryosuke’s advice to Takumi was that he needs to do exactly the opposite as he usually do, because he is going to experience something he has never experienced before. Takumi was confused at first but realized what Ryosuke meant by the experience part when the race started–Takumi has never seen anyone who can turn faster than him! Nobuhiko’s plan was built around using a car that is considerably lighter than the AE86, and it was working out great. After thinking about Ryosuke’s advice, Takumi came up with the conclusion that by doing the opposite of what he usually does meant that he had to beat his opponent on the straight instead of the corners. Ryosuke explains to Matsumoto that if Takumi thinks he has to beat the other guy by defeating him on the straight, then he is wrong (I forgot what Ryosuke really meant, but that’s not really important anyways). Takumi was faster on the straights, but he just wasn’t able to pass Tsukamoto. The race went on for a long time, and everyone was surprised Takumi has lasted this long. Ryosuke said if it wasn’t for the rain, Takumi would’ve lost already. Tsukamoto relied on blocking towards the end of the race where there are more straights. Finally, Takumi shut his headlights like he did against Tachi; Tsukamoto was greatly confused by this technique because he could not see the AE86, but can hear the roar of it’s engine. Iketani, Kenji, and Itsuki came to watch this race, which was the first Project D event they’ve been to. When the EA11R came towards them, they couldn’t see where Takumi was. Itsuki stepped out a little, and all of a sudden a pair of headlights shined right beside the EA11R. Right before Takumi ran over Itsuki, Itsuki jumped out of the way. Takumi has won the race.
    After the race the Speedstars members were chatting with Takumi, and Tsukamoto came over to express his respect for Takumi’s skill at such a young age. Itsuki caught a glimpse of Wataru’s AE86 and found out Wataru is doing the hill climb race. That means.... Kazumi is here! Itsuki found her standing there and the two caught up a bit. Anyways, the hill climb race was LOOONNNGGG. Wataru and Keisuke was face to butt for like 5 or 6 rounds. To make everything short, I’m just gonna go do the end. Wataru couldn’t stand the rain on his windshield anymore, so he reached to turn on the wiper. There was a little dip in the ground because there was a gutter going perpendicular to the road. This caught Wataru off guard, and Wataru slid out, giving Keisuke the chance to overtake. Both were very impressed by each other’s performance.
    Then the story kinda started to revolve around Itsuki. He started seeing Kazumi more and more, and they basically become an item. One night when they were out, Itsuki went to buy some coffee and found Kazumi “pretending” to be asleep in his car. She actually was sleeping, but Itsuki thought it was a hint to go kiss her since her head was kinda tilted up (you know what I mean). So he kisses her, yeah. Iketani and Kenji were very surprised Itsuki has made it this far so soon when Itsuki told them about it. Takumi was happy for Itsuki but didn’t have much to say when Itsuki asked him about Natsuki.
    Takumi, in the mean time, was very frustrated. After driving the GC8 more, he began to dislike it. This wasn’t because the car didn’t drive like he wanted to, but it was the exact opposite. He was able to do things he couldn’t do in his AE86 and was frustrated about how he can improve with the AE86. Takumi finally realizes the AE86 is a very dated car. He told Bunta he didn’t want to drive the GC8 anymore because he doesn’t understand why he has to go through the trouble with switching every other night, but Bunta says Takumi needs to overcome his fear. He won’t force Takumi to drive the GC8 if he doesn’t want to, but Takumi needs to learn about other cars and their performance and not be afraid of the weaknesses in his own car. Bunta hit the nail on the spot, and Takumi agreed to keep using the GC8.
    Back to Itsuki now. Many times when he and Kazumi go out, Kazumi would get phone calls that she just ignores. One night Iketani and Kenji decided to follow Itsuki in attempt to gain some tips on getting chicks (lol). Kazumi gets a phone call from Wataru about her ex-boyfriend at their house. She didn’t want to see him and refused to go back home. When they were leaving the restaurant they were at, Kazumi told Itsuki she doesn’t want to go home. Itsuki was startled, and this is also when Iketani and Kenji, who were behind the restaurant, snuck up close enough hear what the two were saying. Itsuki asked if she wanted to go to a hotel, and Iketani and Kenji was just completely awed by how candor Itsuki was (they didn’t hear Kazumi saying not wanting to go home). Surprisingly, Kazumi answered yes. But then she went on to confess she has been there with her ex before. When Itsuki asked her if it was just once or on many occasions, she told him it was like more than 10 times or something.
    This is when Wataru arrived with Kazumi’s ex in the AE86. It turns out he has been calling her all this time and trying to get back together with her. Mushy stuff was said, but basically Itsuki was kind of ticked off because he and Kazumi are technically on a date here. Some more mushy stuff from Itsuki, and basically he’s like, hey, I don’t care, what you are~~~, where you’re from~~~, who you did~~~, as long as you love me . He said she should just go hug whoever she truely likes expecting her to go to him. Guess what, she goes over to her ex and resided in his strong manly arms. Itsuki was just like, OMGWTF! and Wataru was just like, I’m uhh... sorry... Anyways, everyone left Itsuki, and Iketani and Kenji are just sitting there wondering if they should go out to comfort the once again lonely driver or sneak away and pretend they never saw anything. Before they can decide, Itsuki randomly walked behind the restaurant and saw the two. Awkward silence~~
    Wataru goes to the gas station the next day to find Itsuki to apologize about his naughty sister, but Itsuki wasn’t working that day. Wataru said he wanted to chat with Takumi after work. Wataru asked Takumi to pass on the message to Itsuki, and then Takumi expressed his frustrations with the AE86 to Wataru. He asked Wataru how he perseveres with the AE86 and what drives him to keep racing in that machine. Wataru was kind of caught off guard, because that was exactly what he wanted to ask Takumi. Wataru went on about how much he loves this old machine, and he continues to improve through getting better at driving and also upgrading the car. That is why he added to turbo and now the supercharger. Takumi told him how he was defeated recently on Akina by an AWD (didn’t say it was his own dad, lol, getting pwned by your own father is kind of embarrassing). Of course Wataru was surprised by this, but he said if it makes anything better, the next race meet of Project D will probably be against an AWD. This gave Takumi some new motivation to drive the AWD. He wanted to understand the car more.
    The next race meet was against a team of Evos. The names of the course, team, and the members are all not mentioned for some reason. This team, however, is different than the other teams because they’re racing Project D not for pride or experience, but for money (I guess they’re in a bet with some other people). These guys are going to win even if it means dirty tricks. They refused to let Project D practice on the course for the whole time unlike the previous teams. They said they had to practice, too, and they don’t like practicing with other teams watching. So this cuts Project D’s practice time by half. They also left a puddle of oil on the road when Keisuke was practicing, causing Keisuke to crash his FD. Keisuke dies from the accident, so Ryosuke gets Nakazato to join Project D. Nakazato and his R32 gets better and better and they begin to rule the public road. Nakazato is now known as Speed King, driving the BNR34.
    The End
    Just kidding. Keisuke doesn’t die. But the front left side of the FD is greatly damaged. The Evo team refuses the request to postpone the race meet so they could fix the FD up and says if they don’t have a racer for the hill climb race, then they win that race by default. Of course, everyone’s pissed and stuff.
    Keisuke tries to fix his car by using what looks like duct tape -_- He tried to do a run with the car but spun out when he tried to turn right using 80% speed. He was really frustrated and lied on the hood of his car on the side of the road. Kyoko was coming to cheer him on and found him on the side of the road. Keisuke had an idea and asked Kyoko for a favor
    Keisuke told Ryosuke he is going to break the tradition of not using someone else’s car. He is going to use Kyoko’s FD to race no matter what Ryosuke says. Ryosuke then calls up an acquaintance and tells him he doesn’t need the car anymore. It turns out Ryosuke was thinking the same thing and was preparing a second FD. Since Keisuke has seen Kyokyo’s FD in action before, Ryosuke thought he would be better off using her FD rather than one he has never driven before. The Evo team refuses the request to use another FD, of course, but Project D insists that if they don’t allow it, then the race meet is off. So they finally agreed to the conditions. The Evo team was pissed about this, so they called up some ex-Yakuza (I think it translates as Yakuza) boss and asked him to bring some boys up to the mountain on the day of the race meet to beat the crap out of Project D after the race meet.
    The night for the race came, and the hill climb battle was first. Keisuke has not driven through the entire course even once and is using a car he has never driven. His opponent was a CP9A (V). During the race the Evo driver kept thinking to himself how great the Evo is and that he read in a magazine once that the Evo is the king of the road; the FD3S isn’t even in the same class (ha!)! It was pretty funny. So keisuke was taking advantage of that single turbo on the straights and got neck to neck with the Evo 5. The road was closing into a space that only allows one car to pass. Of course Keisuke doesn’t let off the car at all, and right before that part, the Evo 5 braked and wasn’t able to overtake the FD. After the race the Evo driver accused Keisuke of using cheap and reckless tactics and that Keisuke’s actions were underhanded. Then Keisuke was like, “Omgwtflol! I dunno why you didn’t go through with me; there was enough space for the both of us. I let you have 5cm between your car and the guardrail while only leaving myself 2cm between my car and the guardrail. It was your fault for not taking the opportunity, n00b.” And the Evo driver was like, “Omg stfu. Stop BSing me!” And Keisuke was like, “Omgwtflolbbqroflmaokthxbye. You n00b!” and then Keisuke walked away and the Evo driver was pissed.
    *above translation might not be exactly accurate, but the context is there.
    Takumi handled the downhill battle against a CP9A (VI). The Evo 6 driver told Takumi about those guys coming to beat the crap out of Project D. He said if Takumi do not push the hardest during the race, he can probably get them to spare Takumi. Now what i don’t understand is why he keeps saying, I’m not telling you to lose on purpose, just don’t do your best. Anyways, Takumi’s tuner told Takumi just to ignore it since he’s probably just bluffing. During the race Takumi’s tuner told the rest of the team (excluding Ryosuke who’s probably off whacking it somewhere) about what the Evo 6 driver said. Everyone got nervous, and Kenta suggested that maybe they should call for reinforcements since they’re not that far from Gunma. Keisuke told him to just stfu and stop worrying about it (maybe he’s some Jeet Kune Do master, or maybe he’s packing heat > ). The Evo 6 driver was very good; even Ryosuke thought so. But to Takumi, the guy was a lot easier to race against compared to Bunta. The Evo 6 driver’s weakness was braking. He was screwed when they passed by the point where they had left the puddle of oil. Since oil is so hard to clean up, there was still some left. The crap braking skills and the oil caused the Evo 6 driver to screw up, and Takumi won the race.
    The manga is currently hung at this point.
  • Man, that was a GOOD long read. Thanks Bedan :)
  • whew, yun na ang buong kwento

    pero aliw talaga ako sa Project D ha. may support vans pa
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    Hello to all Initial-D fans here :)
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