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Post you favorite Friendster testimonial about you

Hey guys! Post nyo nmn dito yung pinaka-favorite nyong testimonial sa Friendster na binigay sa inyo. Pwdeng isa lang or more...:)


  • bLuEb0obLuEb0o sexyNyummy PExer
    aRiane has been my fwEnd for yrs….. d mst witty p’rson I’ve evr knwn. I cn’t rmmb’r any silent momnt wEn I’m w/ hEr. She alwyz amuse d group w/ hEr n’vr ending storiEs and “cHikas!” sOme ppl may tHink sHe’s a chatter bOx bt hu cares??? evErythn’ sHe says has a sEnse and is dfinitEly educational. hek..hek… sHe’s one p’rson I cn alwyz run to cz lagi syang on d go! (maliban nlng wEn UAAP hits d TV!) wat odrs doesn’t knw ‘bout ds gurrrL is hEr being a passionate luvr (ugh!) sHe wil really go out of hEr way jst to do outrageous tHings 4 hEr GUY! (e.g the cross stitch 4 “baby” hehe…sowee!) sObrang maalaga yan sa “mnamahal” nya. u wil realy discern wEn sHe lyks som1 kc “bukambibig nya ang name ng guy!”one mOre thng, sHe’s a frank p’rson hu wil n’vr hesitate 2 xpress wat sHe feels. she wil really appreciate f sHe finds u awesome bt beware f she finds somethn’ odd n u! GURL, I knw uv been dr 4 me evrytym i’m goin’ thru a rough patch in my lyf (nt 2 mntion d recent 1!)……i may nt hav tel u ds, bt GRACIAS 4 evrythn’! as n! luv yah!

    from my friend of 9 years. :)
  • im_a_chickim_a_chick |PunkRockQueen| PExer
    i have to browse at my friendster page ulit.. then ill post here.. but 1 testi na short pero na-touch ako eh this one.. hands off this girl.. SHE'S MINE! its difficult to find sum1 like her. sori guys, but she's taken. im lucky to have her.. luv u sweetie ko.. ü hihih! its from my bf :beam: isa sa mga testi nya.. meron pang mas mahaba dyan!
    john g..ang taong 24....mayaman yan dahil may sariling bangko hehehehe...seriously si john g ay nuknukan ng kulet...at mahilig mang ano...yun bang maglaro ng *beeep* hulaan nyo hehehe....at take note marami rin syang kalaro sa paglalaro ng *beeeeeep* hehehe kasama nya si jonan at dino at marami pang iba hehehe...expert sa basketball especially sa kanyang froggy style shot...as in shoot yun expert kasi yan sa shootan hehehe....magaling magtagalog...bakit hindi? heheh masarap ka biruan at hindi pikon wag lang sa pananagalog nya (sige nga john g ano ang ibig sabihin ng kumakalabukab hehehe)...expert flute player kasi expert sa pagihip at paghawak ng mahahaba at matitigas na bagay hahaha...mabait na kaibigan hindi kaniya iiwan sa ere at masarap kumain at mahilig magbasa...at expert sa comp games =)...john g will always be a part of our hearts...naks umiyak ka ha heheh...so john take care and luv you papa tsup tsup...mwahug
  • rage_withinrage_within no angel PExer
    Moreen, 12/03/2003:

    lil sis ako nyan.. he's my loving bro.. miss ko na nga siya eh.. we're not as close as we once were..probably because of new and different priorities na. miss na kita.. he's a great guy, sobrang bait, basta.. the epitome of a great and caring big brother.. for all its worth, love ko talaga toh esp noon..who would've thought that id be able to spend some of the greatest moments with him? haay.. ingat ka ha? hope to see you again some time.. :)
  • rage_withinrage_within no angel PExer
    Espie, 04/19/2004:

    member yan ng "montero brothers" (hatawww!) at officer yan ng photography club sa office namin. madaling lapitan at laging "ok lang!" ang sagot nyan, kaya naman sinasamantala ko! hehehe! ooops, joke lang p'reee... always smells presko, actually he's as cool as his perfumes. ok kasama yang damuhong yan at walang arte... no doubt, pede shang manalong mr. friendship!=) peborit nya kong lokohin pero di nya ko maasar! hehe! same station ang sinasakyan namin pauwi kaya pano ko ba naman malilimutan yan... sha yung nagpahiram sakin ng pamasahe from pauwi nung naiwan ko ang wallet kong maswerte sa office. as in isang tawag ka lang! hehe! kahiya nga eh, pero dahil jan 5 stars ka sakin! sa uulitin ha!=)
  • Econ_majorEcon_major Working Fella PExer
    Shels, 11/12/2003:

    **** di napost yun una!!!
    okay sige na nga type ulet...
    henry is happy and gay but probably not all people knows he's something more... henry is deeper than he seems/sound to be. he amazes me sometimes that he could understand the person after hearing the situation. he's interesting because he takes life cooly and really comfortable to be with i'm always with him. we couldnt be seen around la salle without each other. he's great to be with. he is verrry patient, and could tolerate my most aggravating moods! he's serious at grade though, and his pangungulet about assignments and projects pisses me off at times. what i most like about him is his sensitivity and loyalty. he is a very reliable friend. he is touchy at time but i find it awesome that he could sense when somethings wrong with how you feel. he would stand up for you when he's your friend (based on personal experience). he's wild, yeah, but he rarely engages in violent fights. he's a book worm, what else can i say? so worm of the same shell stick together? we share good reading stuff but he's different with me at many reading aspects. like, he reads novel like "first wives" while i read "great jones street". he also reads three or more books at a time and finish them all at a very long period (yes hen) making me wait for the book i want to borrow. he's easy to jam with. he knows how to be a company. he could be an adviser and sometimes he's just when you need when you're really crazy with all the happenings in college. its good thing that he's sooo gay that i wouldnt fall for him. he already knew i'm in- loved with somebody but i think he also likes the guy. we share crushes rather very rarely. it's creepy when we like the same guy. i always het the feeling he'd get him better than I can!(life is unfair!) he's changed, i guess, from what i first think he was at freshmen year. i think we'd be friends for longer period of time if he stays away of my boys. i find him a true friend because not only he makes me laugh, he could also make my tongue feel numb out of hours of chatting. i such a big asset. i would never ever trade him for any thing.. hen is one friend i'm so proud to have!
  • kim_abitskim_abits Alimasag PExer
    laging magpapatawa sayo. malibog. yun lang. Haha.
  • tinskietinskie Member PExer
    this one's not a friendster testimonial pero parang ganun na rin...

    i asked a good friend of mine to make my write-up for the yearbook...

    this is what she has to say...

    "This girl is a combination of inner strength and meekness. It is an arsenal that defies first impressions. She may not call out attention but next time around she can be persistent with questions that range from trivial to academical, and to the more personal. Strange enough, she is one in a multitude who could do that—make you feel it is such an honest question, without malice or intent to pry. She should be a reporter! But really, it’s just her lack of pretenses that shines through. It is in her simplicity that you let your guard down, and inevitably have a good time. It can be all sorts of chitchats with her mucho attention or jokes, pranks, dares and lots of cajoling to eat that does end up as such. Sometimes the fun results into misadventures like losing car keys inside a cinema or getting stuck in traffic when her car breaks down, either way, you come out unscathed, and in fact, roaring with laughter. Her greatest strength though is her strength. She has courage to confront and smoothen out relationships. She’s the realist when you’re the idealist, the solid ground you can rely your whole self on. She is and can be everything, for as long as she has not been bitten by the tse-tse fly."

  • krazie21krazie21 ภาษา กรีก PExer
    next time na lang yung aken ... naka-block friendster dito sa office eh. :bash:
  • krazie21krazie21 ภาษา กรีก PExer
    Chito, 05/16/2004:
    Klasm8 ko cya nung elem nd she's our batch topnocher!! pro mukhang nkalimot na ang manang!!! d naman cguro.. bc lang sa studies!!! e d man lang umatend nung reunion!!! d naman cguro.. d lang nainformed!!! nung nkita ko account nya sabi ko "parang klala ko to a!!!" and den sabi ko "sya nga!!!" Ung dating iyaking bata, lady na ngaun!! Godbless!!(",)

    naaliw ako pag nababasa ko 'toh... compliment from a gradeschool classmate, di bah?! eh, halos wala ka pang kamuang-muang sa mundo nun ..

    mhªDz, 04/11/2004:
    What can i
    say with this gurl?! She is a
    classmate, dormmate and friend at the
    same time...In short Constant Companion
    ko!!! She knows everything about me
    from school bugging problems upto love
    bugging problems...As far as i know
    abhie is one of the most patient,
    sweet, honest, cool pal, a joker at the
    same time... (humphy,dumphy). and one
    more thing she is a "Drama Queen"
    especially when the clock strikes at 11
    or 12...Ahbie is a all in one package
    of a great pal or shud i
    say "bestfren"...she was always there
    all along especially when i needed
    her...Thanks for all those sacrifices
    you've done for me i trully appreciate

    simply because galing sya sa college bestfriend ko :)

    abby?hmmm...kiddie section?(liit ksi ng
    paa e!)she's smart and super reliable
    na tao.i remember when we were still in
    highschool.while i was waiting for my
    dad to pick me up sa library lang kami
    trying to finish our homeworks
    agad.pagdating kasi sa house we have to
    watch mtv to see if there's a new
    video..we love music ksi.she was also
    my partner in our school paper.we used
    to write poems and news together but we
    never put our names in the
    article...ang arte nmin talaga!she
    makes sure that she'll meet the
    deadline.napaka-hard-working na tao
    kasi nito.
    highschool would've never been the same
    without our "recess time" and a lot of
    singing during breaks.
    we've been through a lot already but we
    remained friends.love ko kasi yan e!
    yihee!now,we became even closer and if
    i may say created a tighter bond
    between us.dahil lahat sa basketball.we
    may not like the same team but we watch
    games together and cheer for our teams.
    (kahit binabato nko ng tao kasi sa
    kabilang team ako kampi!)she's also so
    thoughful.lagi ako nyan binibigyan ng
    pictures ng cruch ko.thankful nga ko
    kasi nakakayanan nya mga kababwan ko.
    i'll be more serious. abby is one true
    person.she is sincere when she offers
    her friendship with you and is always
    there for a friend.i'll always cherish
    all the good abd bad things that we
    shared because i know that as we walk
    our own paths we'll always have that
    one intersection where we used to walk
    together,hand and hand.
    life is never perfect.but when you have
    ABBY,no worries!that's why i'm thankful
    and very much grateful for her..loveyou

    na-touch ako d2 ... naiyak ako nung nabasa ko 'toh. babaw ko noh?
  • LaDY_DaWNLaDY_DaWN Sunblind's M'anamchara PExer
    JENN - Daria personified.. yes this
    girl whoops *** far better than
    Buttercup of the Powerpuff girls... is
    also a sweet as it can get, just
    like... mentos melting.. Jenn in one
    word is equal to Everybody's Hugga-
    Buddy.. and a great conservationalist
    she is too... anyway cant say much coz
    it has been too long that i've not seen
    her.. for all i know she lost weight..
    jk ^^ kUdos...

    ---from raven alexander tiu aka sta|ker

    jeanne tessa tan... someone i know who
    got the true heart for journalism.
    pwede pang-broadcasting ang guts ng
    babaeng ito. walang sinasanto kahit mga
    dean inaaway. i know that with her
    hardwork and determination, jeanne will
    go a long way. i miss her ways, her
    sweet, cute voice, and her kakulitan
    which merely remind me that friends are
    alwyas there to give a helping hand. we
    shared similar experiences such as
    death of our bestfriends which made us
    closer and closer to each other.
    jeanne, please remember that part of
    you will always remain in me.

    --- from my advo comrade
  • Gogo YubariGogo Yubari Japan's best assasin PExer
    basahin niu nalang profile niya...un talaga si denise! maingay at makulit! hehe!! saka lagot ka pag naging crush ka niyan..tanungin niyo nalang si tooooooooot! hehe! jok!! inis yan babaeng yan pag indi kau close...muntikan na kmi mag sapakan niyan nung Ys6 buti nalang inawat kmi ni epy! hehe!! tawagin ba naman akong indyan pana kakana kana! dahil sa buhok ko! whahaha! epal noh! hehe! pro naging close kmi niyan ba no den!! hehe! tinulak pa ko niyan kay _____ ! tinaong ko "bakit mo ginawa un!!" galit effect pa ko pro deep inside! hehe!..tus sbi niya naka smile pa ang bruha "ewan ko" pro laking pasalamat ko dyan! whahaha! joke!! nagkamali siya ng tulak dapat sa kapatid! bwahahha! charing ano pa ba..hmm nung ys7 naku kawawa dyan si erin! tsk! tingnan niu nalang ung class funny pic namin! pagtripan ba naman! hehe!! naka plano pa un ah! hehe! tus nung christmas carnival ba un..sumakay kmi sa octopus...wahaha! grabeh!" 1...2...3 aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!" wahhahhaa!! paulit ulit yun! kaya pag kasama ko yan palagi nalang ako na brabranded na weirdo! ok lang! bsta mas weirdo sakin si denise! hehe!! joke!! masaya yan kasama puro kalokohan at ka epalan ang trip naming dalawa! hehe!! saka matalino din yan! miss ko na nga yan eh! naks! hehe! last yr nag eemail pa kami niyan eh..pro ngaun wala na..nag iba na ata ng addy..ewan ko gusto ata ako takasan! wahaha! un parin email ko ah! mail mokooooo!! kundi!!!!! hehhee!! cge ingatz!!!musta mo nalang ako sa bago mong love interest! hehe!! jok!!

    -from my friend when i was in grade 6

    hir is a cute gurl,, kaya lang hindi ko siya maintindihan kapag may sinasabi
    siya e... pero kahit ganyan yan mabait yan sobra... pero ang di ko
    maintindihan sa kanya ay kung bakit di siya eversince naging friendly,, she
    always brag you here and there.. wal;a me masay e.....

    -galing sa crush ko!! wahahahaha!!! mejo magulo nga lang... alien yata.. jok!

    denise!!!!!! this gurl has been by my every side since grade 1 up to now.... she is one of the people that i will never ever ever forget in my lifetime.... she is my bestest bestest bestest utmost loving bestfriend in ahemmm innnnnn angelicum.... shes been there through good times and stinky times (sapatos ni erin hehehe shhhhhh....)... well anyway sya ung pinakamakulit saming lahat...(which is good yah know???).. without denise there will only be a large mass of emptiness in my world (uyyyyyy lalim noh!---touch k noh??!!??).... shes been there all the time .... you may call her 1/2 good girl because she helps u and stuff and 1/2 uhmmm uhmm not so good girl??!? because she spoiled my kept kept kept secret... well anyway i forgive her for that.... denise will never leave your side except for boys that is.... you wanna know how important she is??!? she is the first person i ever called when i came back from the states...(ksi lam ko gising pa sya ng ganung ka late) hehehe..... we used to share my discman then sing along with the music
    (umuulan nga eh nang kumanta sya hehehe jkejkejke...).....she is very pretty and stuff.... and im her ever honest adviser ryt?=)..... and if i were you to whoever is reading my testimonial "dont judge her without knowing her yet, coz' inside she is a very kind person gets?!? comprende?" ... well anyway this friend of mine introduced me the world of animes ........yahooooo!!!!...... She told me stuff from evangelion up to chobits(animax)..... ive learn alot of things from her and she may not know that (except for now that is, i meant particuler stuff)..beh!!! di ko sasabihin sau...hehehe=)..... she is the one person na laging nangaasar sakin kahit anong pwedeng ijoke sakin from guys up to reefs, buko, etc.....sobrang kulit din nito as in tlaga as in grabeh!!...well anyway its good rather than being sooo boring.... and another thing is that she always havesomething to tell you like stories, guys, daily jokes and everything that she could thinkof.......marami na kaming pinagdaanan nitong babaeng ito sobra as in ....uy!!!! mali lagay mo sa testi ko noh! mature na ko noh! hehehe..thats why it is a good thing that i have crossed roads with such a friend.. anyway...... uy!!!! denise if ever may kailangan ka or anything that i can do to help tawagan mo lng ako ha lam mo naman cguro kung ano number ko noh? dba? if ever nakalimutan mo it starts with 920 ayt?? oh yeah and remember that i'll be there for you along the way through thick and thicker, through shoes and through head of erins jug, through salon broque and the monkey through the fish with the buko, and finally through the good times and ugly, yucky and very stinky times..... so keep in touch and never ever ever ever ever ever ever forget me ok?.... soooooooo ingatz tke care God bless ayt? and thnx for the testimonial...... so keep everything in you real....=)

    -from one of my best friends na naglipat na ng skul!
  • ShinobiShinobi Life is such a beautiful! PExer

  • katkat GHeTTo bOOty PExer
    Kat is a well-poised lady… she’s like a
    walking book of good etiquette. She
    loves singing, dancing and acting..
    total performer tlga! Wala ciang stage-
    fright and ang galing mag-project! HS
    pa lng palgi na kme nag iisip kung ano
    diet na effective sa amin.. pero Kat…
    though you’re not on the skinny side..
    you carry yourself well so you don’t
    have to aspire on getting that
    supermodel body.. when they look at
    your pretty face.. ok na ok na tlga!
    Then when they hear you speak of your
    faith in God and you have a nice
    attitude.. big catch ka nga tlga! Miss
    yah my dear! Ingat ka jan ha! Mwah!

    -- from kath... kada from HS

    coolness ;) this girl is one of the
    most poised and suave person i've ever
    met. kat's the type that keeps a cool
    and calm facade through everything
    while her brain is working double-
    time... be it keeping a straight face
    while challenging a professor to prove
    if she did indeed cheat during the
    exams (uy first year! haha), or
    maintaining that poise while belting
    her voice out in a singing contest
    (which she won of course). this girl is
    the epitome of sophistication. cool
    under pressure, without a strand of
    hair out of place. ;) mwah!

    --from pol... kada fr college

  • bronze_freakbronze_freak Professional Dimwit PExer
    Ianne, 07/17/2004:
    D - dashing! naks
    E - ever loyal fan ni celine dion
    N - no dull moments
    V - very brainy
    E - eager and determined
    R - real and genuine

    hoy, bruho ka... hehehe bat di mo
    tinapos ang nursing, nalungkot ang
    buong batch namin... nabasawan pagiging
    pintasera ko, nawala ang aking master
    hehehe... kidding aside, denver is such
    a nice person althoung sandali lang
    kami nagkasama... he made those few
    months fun and fabulous!!!! im looking
    forward to seeing u again, para
    patunayan sayo na totoo lobo ko hehehe
    walang silicon yan neng har har har ano
    ba yan, pag eto kc chat ko, di pd
    seryosohan hehehe, kakahawa ang
    kakalugan neto...as in... buti na lang
    may taong kagaya ni denver...kakawala
    ng probs n pagod!!!

    -- Ianne

  • wonder_chaserwonder_chaser Jumpstart PExer
    dami akong gustong testi sa Friendster, sige sandali post ko dito! :D

    Nathanoj, 08/15/2004:
    Naku there are many things I want to
    say about my bespren Dyan, but as they
    say there are words better uttered by
    the heart, o diba panalo sa Japan ;)
    Seriously (emote mode), we haven't
    met personally yet but it seems like
    we've know each other forever. The first
    time we chatted, there was an instant
    rapport, a friendship not built on
    personal encounter but friendship built
    on trust and understanding. Naku
    bespren, if you only knew how thankful I
    am to be your friend. I am so happy to
    be a part of UMO but I am happier
    because I found you and the reason is
    you... naiiyak ka na ba? har har Hope to
    see you, take care and have a great
    life. Yun lang for the day. Love yah.


    Thanaie, 05/24/2004:
    Si Dyan, love ko yan. Bilib ako sa
    pagiging sobrang mabait nitong taong
    ito. Kulang nalang halo. Pero hindi
    rin..maloko din ito eh hehe. Pero as a
    friend, wala ako masabi, bow ako sa
    kanya. Napakapasensyosa, super
    understanding, galign din magpayo.All
    you need in a friend na kay dyan na.
    We've had our differences before,hindi
    naman directly kami kaso barkada ko
    nagkaroon ng misunderstanding with her
    and her friends pero ngayon okay na.
    Super bonded kami and I'm really glad.
    Kasi dami naming napag-uusapan from
    Showbiz to lovelife. And si dyan
    sincere,kaya di rin ako naghesitate
    magsabi ng mga secrets sa kanya... umm
    you promised! :) Tanggero ng Ecode!
    siya nalalasing haha Dami rin kalokahan
    tong si dyan ay naku sobra kakashocked
    nalang kung minsan. ehehe Lab you Jamby!

  • allopallop To go beyond PExer
    From my friend Liza, 04/19/2004:
    Anne is the strongest woman I know. I
    have told you that before and I still
    stand by it now. You've been through a
    lot and might still go through more
    challenges but I am confident that you
    can get by it successfully. You are
    rare, truly rare. I will always be
    around - you know that, right? As I
    know you will always be around for me.
  • littlegurllittlegurl Viva La Vida! ✭✭✭
    waaah halos lahat eh ayos..hanap ako ng pinala-OK! :glee:

  • AltweggAltwegg Son of the 80s PExer

    Bowling partner and a good friend..
    that's what he is. As a bowling partner
    sobrang addict. Guilty tuloy ako kung
    bakit tinuruan ko pa... ngayon di
    pedeng wala sa agenda ang dumaan at
    bumato pag nasa mall yan. at take note
    kabisado ang lahat ng lugar na may
    bowlingan. Kunyari titingin lang pero
    parang magpapa awa at mangongosensya!
    At eto pa documented ang mga scores
    nya. May balak yatang talunin si Paeng.
    Sasali yata sa TORNAMENT.

    Sabi nga nung song if i have only one
    friend left it would definitely be
    Altwegg. A good listener and adviser.
    Dami na rin naming pinagdaanan ... at
    napatunayan kong isang tunay na
    kaibigan! I would rather keep one like
    him than settle for thousands of unreal
    and superficial friends.
  • slasherette_19slasherette_19 Battousai The Slasher->-- PExer
    eto naaaliw ako sa mga testi na 'to..

    from one of my close friends since high school:

    Well she's one
    of my potpot kada…lhat d2 ingat kc
    mhirap msangga…d kc sasabihin pg galit
    syo.sa sobrang close nmin.ngkaron
    kmi ng issue n2…npagkamalang kmi!lalo n
    ni..(secret wlang clue!)so sa mga nag-
    isip at nag-iisip na kmi nito…sori di
    kmi talo!ano un kapwa ko mhal koh!?E2ng
    pot n to my pgkamadaldal dn(peace pot!)
    at syempre tsismosa(actually lhat kmi…
    bket msama bng mging curious?!)lging
    updated dn sa chicka…pranka dn c
    pot.dis pot knows me inside nd out
    (khit literally?!)pg mgkamot prang la
    na bukas…buong bhay umuuga at pag
    ngbrush ng dila...halos mbura ang kulay!
    nde po yun exaggeration 22o po un...sya
    din ay bnigyan ng mabibigat na kamay at
    isa ako sa mga victims ni2…Pro khit
    gnyan c tin…love ko yn…opps issue!
    She’s one of my sisters!I could talk to
    her anytym bout anything.Pot,thank you
    for d 3(almost)years of friendship…ope
    we’ll stay friends forever..luv u pot!!!

    from my best friend:

    grabe!!! musta!!! prang khapon lng ha!!!
    e2??? bestie ko dn 2!!! kbabata ko
    &cousin ko.. sobrang kulet and daldal
    n2!!! d kau mao-op pg ksama nyo 2!!!
    laht n ata kinukwen2.. ciempre more on
    boys... gnon nmnan tlga kmens dlwa eh!
    mahal n mahal ko2!! subok n ang
    pinagsamahan nmen kc kht kelan d nya
    ko iniwan s ere... nung mnsan nagkron
    lng ng d pgkkaintindhan mga ilang mo's
    din un pro ok n ulet kme... naalala ko
    nagkasundo kme n2 s mga barbies
    nya.. akalain mo naggaganon pla cia..
    dte d p uso un txt and wla kme landlyn
    pro d un nging hindrance smeng dlwa...
    nagsusulatan kme...hehe ang corny..
    puro ginebra lng nman ang kwen2..
    hnggang s npunta s boybands.. player
    ng UST, PBL pti PBA ciempre! kng aco
    ky cyrus baguio.. cia ky jemal vizcarra!!!
    grabe lgi kme nood.. ako tv cia punta p
    tlga ng personal!!! gnon tlga!!! pti nga
    pla ky alex band!!! sobra napapraning n
    nga ata 2ng bestie ko eh!! hehe pro
    sobrang bait tlga n2! dko 2 pagppalit!!

    puro kalokohan lang but still..they tell the real me.:)

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