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HELP..after watching JU-ON:The Grudge...

after watching two japanese horror films, The Grudge 1 & 2, I have had this anxiety disorder. i need serious help. I had acquired a lot of phobias from this film. I am having night terrors and nightmares because of it and even in the daytime I still feel tense and overwhelmed. Even at the company of people during the day and doing normal activities, I still feel afraid. I sometimes shiver (literally) alone whenever I remember specific scenes from the movie. Everything seemed to be just possible in real life. FOR 20 YEARS OF MY LIFE, THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I EVER GOT FRIGHTENED FROM A HORROR MOVIE---I USED TO BE A BIG<BIG FAN OF HORROR MOVIES. But this time all that changed.I couldn't explain why all these things are happening to me now. After watching the film, until now, I kept on imagining things especially at night at home. Hallucinations (or are they?) keep on popping in and out of my eyes whenever I am alone. I want all this to end because it tortures me . Please help me. thanks. my email ad is [email protected]


  • would it help if you keep watching the movie? para pag nakasanayan mo na, less effect na?

    i don't know.. just a suggestion.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    See a psychiatrist. If you don't have one you know, post what city is most convenient for you to consult one.
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