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liver check up

hi doc ira, gust ko sana i-check and i-cleanse at the same time yung liver ko but the problem is.. di ko lam which is which and where is where so meaning.. i don't have any idea how to deal with it. hope you can help-tnx po ^_^

*like... what doctor will i get consult with and where will i go.. what process do they do and everything else-no idea talaga ako. hope you can share some tnx ulit.


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Liver cleansing is something new age people try to sell to people. Doctors don't have cleansing stuff for this. If you want to have your liver function checked to see if they're within normal range, see an internist.
  • tnx doc ira ^_^
  • pollywogpollywog PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I think, Essentiale capsules cleanses the liver. My aunt who's into a lot of medications take Essentiale capsules to detoxify her liver. My sister took that also when she had Hepa-A.
  • ah thank god hehehe! kasi yun.. i am interested with detox din... eh i knew that we have that kind of clinic here in manila which specializes only for detoxifying our internal organs-i really would want to try that kasi parang i took so many medications na rin tapos i got several allergies pa to selected kind of medications etc. kaya i was thinking na baka sobrang toxic na ng body ko kaya i am prone to those allergic reactions chaka my also want to try that for health reasons narin but the problem is-i don't know where that clinic is. anyway, in case na alam mo-kindly share it to me naman. so moving on-yung essentiale capsules ba, where can i buy it? how much? is it good for a month? panu yung mga intructions and everything... chaka how much it cost pala? otc ba yun?

    tnx ^_^
  • pollywogpollywog PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I dunno if it's OTC. But it's available at Mercury Drug. Parang vitamins na yun ng tita ko e dahil nga sa dami ng medications nya. Iniinom din yung ng cousin ko na beer drinker (nireseta din ng doctor, to help his liver). Since he cannot stop drinking daw, kaya inaalalayan na lang yung liver nya. Me history kasi family nila ng liver cancer...

    It's bet. 20-30p ata, I'm not sure. Depende kung 500 or 250 mg.

    But consult with an Internist first!!!
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