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i'm not a SBC hater... i just wanna know other people's comment regarding this....

hello peeps, i got this article from schoolzone. dont be mad at me kung ikakalat ko kasi mukha ng namang totoo and we can learn lesson from this==============================

article 21 ph 187

This is a carbon copy of Art Bell's letter to filipinos and we learned many things from that so we decided to kill the main root where negative filipino values are coming from. Education.
We doubted that they may listen or learn from this letter and not reply their barbaric way of fighting for status over the internet but what can be the solution?

As we've all come to notice, in the last three years where NCAA and UAAP forums was covered by PinoyCentral and now at PinoyExchange, Bedans have begun to infest these forums like some sort of disease.
Their extensive involvement in chain messages, like this, is proof of the trashy kind of qualities all Bedans tend to exhibit on a regular basis.
You can see this clearly by studying their posts and the attitudes of their students.

You may notice that Bedans are trying very HARD up to this point to UPLIFT and associate themselves with groups that we students concidered as Elite Schools.
We can hardly count the number of times we have seen a Bedan trying to connect themselves to classy ateneo, ua&p, letran, mapua, la salle and even benildean students through babbling.
There is absolutely no connection and here's why.

San Beda is a low profile school.
Nothing respectable has EVER been created by San Beda during our entire philippine history.
not even Roco who is known as the Hypocrite "Millenuim Curriculum" man, not even the Ambitious FPJ running for president and the "Never Was" Saguisag who is praising an institution where he came from "wow, kapal" and degrading the up-beat Ateneo students "hello Saguisag, are you out of your mind?".

Young Bedans have become obsessed with "categories of schools".
They have an enormously perverted affection for being loud mouth with less prudence.
It's a common phenomenon. In their minds, these Bedans because of their "Law" somehow believe that they are elite and that is somehow connects them to Ateneo students.
They even started making conversations with ateneans invading the UAAP forum stating that they are better "wow, dream, believe, survive"
They often take credit for the ingenuity of Letran to bring back the identity and glory of the NCAA against UAAP and say how it's an "NCAA thing".
It's even funnier that in Ateneo or Letran,
Bedans really are heavily discriminated against.
The only Bedans that can survive successfully in Ateneo are those did not originate from them.
But that's the case for most Bedans no matter where they take post graduate degree.

Now we've come down to this fact...and it is a fact.
Nothing in San Beda can be seen as Elite.
They have no quality education in the COLLEGE PROPER such as BUSINESS courses and the ARTS,
originality in terms of ideas, or facilities which is in ANY way, elite.
Thinking of great schools in NCAA and UAAP such as the intramuros connection Letran-Mapua and the infamous rival Ateneo-La Salle respectively
There is no way you can possibly connect San Beda other than the historic basketball era

Try visiting San Beda in Mendiola.
You'll see something called "Separating Mendiola from Recto".
It has to do with the crimes and the not so good relationships of people there.
Thinking that Mendiola as the point of EDSA revolution in anyway could give credit to their pride
Students in elite school circle don't act like this at all.
The most horrible thing about this is that these TRASHY students are trying to associate themselves with an elite school again!!
In a website called Friendster, a portal community that connects people in the internet
They manage to create an ACBEDA profile which is a collaboration of the classy Assumption students plus them. The location of the profile resides at MENDIOLA-MAKATI.
Mendiola-Makati? WHAT? how can this ever be in reality? Hello?
Makati is the business-capital of the Philippines flooded by beautiful people while Mendiola has always been the rally point for the poor of our country. There is absolutely no resemblance.
This act is nothing but to separate other schools from them, what do they think about themselves? What is their purpose?
How about the more classy St. Scholastica's College that lend them an instant connection because these two school are both Benedictine, but that's only the connection and nothing more than that.

What we are seeing here is the natural Bedan in it's element with some access to elite community and this is how they act!!
You will consistently see this behavior over and over again in forums, chatrooms whereever. Overpowering their classy rival Letran in terms of "motormouth-ing".
Another interesting thing is that these so called Bedans are also frequent in IRC chatrooms such as #ateneo #lasalle and #mapua.
They must believe that they are some how related to these schools.
But it's completely WRONG!
There might have been some distant contact with Ateneo and even less
with Letran during the NCAA Wars in the 70's,
But in attitude, these people are actually more closely related to NU.
Do the parents of these young students know what's going on?
Would they accept this? I believe that they would and wont talk about it, not but in any other way.
This is the natural "Trash" element in Bedans manifesting itself.

You come from Mendiola, part of Recto!
That is a disgusting and filthy place as the elite would say.
Most people there live in poverty and this is true!
Your school have MUCH MORE EVIL influence than good, and absolutely no relation to Ateneo whatsoever.
People in Ateneo, Mapua, Letran and La Salle, do not act like you.
They do not constantly start an ideology nor talk about "who's the elite schools", "big4 schools" or "rank schools from 1 to whatever"
these schools have a MUCH HIGHER level of RESPECT for each other, and this is reality.

Look at the difference between a UAAP forum from an NCAA.
UAAP forums are much more peacefull, neither any of those schools coming from the UAAP like UST, UP, Adamson, NU, FEU, UE, even Ateneo and La Salle ever STARTED a thread about degrading nor placing each schools into classes.
While in NCAA, about 60% of posers came from students of SAN BEDA, its like their GUARDING the forum everyday just to prevent other posers from stating negatives to their beloved alma-matter and yet their afraid of their own ghost.
They're frequent on changing nicknames and pretends their not from San Beda then praises San Beda, they often quarrel with spellings and grammars used by other posers.
Remember that this is not a TEACHERS forum but a SPORTS related forum.
Don't you Bedans know what a forum is?
They had started gossips everywhere, an example of these is the hoax about having their school on the PBL which infact had resulted to the opposite.
Only two new schools joined Sunkist-UST and Viva-FEU in the league and these are
Lee Pipes Ateneo and Toyota Otis Letran. No San Beda there, not even with a Crispa franchise.

20% of posers in NCAA forum came from Letran, they created their own topics just to avoid brawling, this institution is the one that Bedans are concentrating to degrade, they had finished doing this to La Salle and next to their target is Ateneo and Mapua.
Benildeans and Mapuans prefered a much peacefull forum, they are about 15% of the posers total count in NCAA forum, their shifting back and forth to La Salle, Mapua, Letran and Ateneo forum and that is common.
5% of posers came from the rest such as PCU, Sebastinians, Perpetual and JRU. They were degraded already by Bedans and becoming to be extinct.

We saw a forum fight once where a PCU student and a Mapuan are fighting to the death over their beloved school. This is "ODD", PCU? and i noticed how that so-called PCU student reacted to his foe. It was very similar to a Bedan. Close enough we can tell. This is maybe because a year ago when Letran students are still in the heat of the fight against Bedans on forums. Mapua became the arbitrator and had good impressions from posers. Bedans never liked that kind of situation where they think they're not the number one. So they created a fight involving PCU just to degrade Mapua.
Mapua's engineering courses are world-class, how can anyone degrade that?
This is the kind of Education every student is getting from San Beda.

There is NO WAY that you can connect yourself to NCAA or UAAP schools especially Ateneo other than basketball, going to classes without uniform and your second rated post graduate program which is "Law" and certificate for this changes every year, so don't be proud of it.
Lawyers in General Term are "Blood Sucking Parasites", They dont contribute in productions nor create ideas but really concentrates on being DEPENDENT to their clients

Your school FACILITIES and technological support for students does not even come CLOSE to what Letran has to offer for their students and what Ateneo and La Salle's administrations are doing now!
Ever wonder why everyone asks "Bakit ang San Beda parang CR lang ng Letran?"
You don't even have your own School Visa/Mastercard, no electronic ID card system that can store money or can be used as a mode of payment even for electronic vending machines, no airconditioned gym for the athletes, you have such a small school, and is getting smaller.
The HighSchool and GradeSchool of SanBeda was shifted to a distant place apart from Manila, Students considered that Provincial already.
Even before, compared to top "ELITE" gradeschools-highschools for boys in the philippines that everyone is aware about like Ateneo HS and Xavier, Letran HS, LGHS and the distant DLSZ, San Beda highschool and gradeschool is out of existence
Their rival school are not aware of these facts that Bedans never uttered about.

When you encounter Bedans, try telling them they couldn't be so proud afterall and you will then experience their barbaric attitudes of degrading you and your school.
Everything they do is distinctly jungle like, and perhaps that is why they all call themselves LION, the red one. Eat everything in your way.

Another assault by Bedans to connect themselves in great heroes and presidents pool in the philippines is foul and disgusting.
Bedans cannot take credit for Letran's NCAA titles, achievements, heroes, presidents nor saints!
It's not "NCAA thing" as a whole. It's their "thing".
You have no concept of distant RESPECT for other schools, no concept of elite ideas nor philosophy!
Can you demonstrate how you use your NCAA theme or the meaning of being SPORTS in your everyday life or congratulate one school for winning their title?
Ateneo never had done the same thing as you did to San Sebastian when FEU won the UAAP title and now your dreaming of coming to our UAAP just spread your viruses.
You really can't spell the meaning of RESPECT. And you will NEVER be able to.
We understand that you are trying to create an IDENTITY for yourselves as young students of tomorrow by degrading elite schools that had accomplished great graduates
but San Beda is still NOT, NEVER had been and NEVER will be related to any Elite school.
Your Identity is Bedan. not Mapuans, Letranista's, Atenista's, Lasalita's, Assumptionista's, UA&Pians, not even Kulasa's.
So enough with the idea of degrading other schools and spreading Bedan ideology to forums
Because that's all you are, Just Bedans. Think about what that means.


  • you're so damn cool black_scorpio!
    atleast may mga tao pa palang hindi bias,
    sana wag ng i-close 2ng thread para malaman namin yung opinion nung ibang school.

    i heard, this article came from schoolzone. bakit hindi kayo dun maghanap kung sino yung nagsimula ng thread at hindi yung bintang kayo ng bintang, andami tuloy nadadamay... even institutions

    pati nga ko napagbintangan pa e.
    mga alternick daw tau.. hehe pity!

    i think this is not about who posted nor who started the fight against bedans, "is there really a fight, why start one?"

    pinakita lng nila sa inyo kung ano daw yung mga dapat baguhin, ang prublema kasi, hindi kayo marunong tumanggap ng pagkakamali.

    and why look for the person who started this, what are you gonna do? "bash" that person to death?

    read the article. "we may learn" ang layo naman nun sa "we can start a fight".

    sad to say but
    bedans are still missing this part "respect"

    yes, i couldnt agree more than to say bedans are degraded from the article. but to think, pano nila papakita sa inyo yung mga mali kung hindi nila sasabihin yung totoo.

    one more thing, i saw yung gym ng san beda 2 days ago. its not that pretty so dont even try to create hoax about that.

    i hav a cousin from beda, guess what, "super yabang". masmaganda pa raw sila sa lasalle, edi nabwisit me, so pinilit ko shang isama ko sa beda, ayaw, pero i make pilit parin. so pahiya sha sa mga pinagku-kwento nya sakin nung nagpunta kmi, napakasinungaling ksi. Yun lang story ko.

    ngyon 2 na bad experience ko from bedans, 2nd yung dito sa forum. im not saying all students from your school are like that, kaya lang sana, hindi lahat kyo pagkinausap pwedeng isipan ng
    "MAHANGIN ba sa labas? ksi KUMAKAPAL ang buhok mo, BULAG ka ba at hindi mo nakikita na hindi maganda school nyo? hhmmp!"
  • I liked the film " A beautiful mind" too.
  • me too!! :D
  • Bedans love you too! thanks! :lol:
  • Akala ko naman all NCAA schools are invited to a summer beach party getaway yun pala Summer School Bashfest 2004! :glee:

    Huy! Tama na muna ang flame-bait threads ng iba diyan at gusto namin mag-bakasyon naman ng kaunti at malapit nanaman pasukan. And its obvious na marami pa rin insecure sa bawat school so ceasefire muna till school opens for everyone! :D
  • kayo na naman??!!! :grrr: :glee:

    kakaclose lang nitong thread na to sa uaap. as in ngayong ngayon lang talaga!!! talagang makukulit din kayong talaga eh, noh? :glee:

    Anyway, at least before maclose uli itong thread na to, makapagpost nga ulit!

    ehem, eheeem!!

    UP naming mahal, pamantasang hirang
    Ang himig namin, sana'y inyong dinggin
    Malayong lupain, amin mang marating
    Di rin magbabago ang damdamin
    Di rin magbabago ang damdamin!

    UP Palaban, Makabayan! :rpflag:

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