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What's your opinion on homosexuality?

What are your oppinions and reactions on homosexuality???????????


  • TNT2bluz
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    what's yours first?
  • wolfkiller
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    it is wrong , it is evil, it is immoral, it should never be tolerated or allowed
  • TNT2bluz
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    wolfkiller, I think you merited the forum bigot award.
  • adlaw
    adlaw gi-atay.
    Originally posted by TNT2bluz:
    wolfkiller, I think you merited the forum bigot award.

    i second the motion!
  • wolfkiller
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    forum bigot? why? the Catholic Church is against homosexuality ,and so is every other major religion on earth ,does that make every religioius Catholic a bigot ? or every religious person for that matter???
  • TNT2bluz
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    Ok let's demystify religious dogma according to its history and contradictions.

    1) Christianity advocates love.
    2) Christianity abhores homosexuals
    3) But some homosexuals are also Christians.
    4) Christianity backpedals and says, we can love you as people, but you must stop engaging in the very acts that make you homosexuals.
    5) So even if you're gay, you can be Christian is you don't engage in acts that define your being.
    6) This is hypocrisy incarnate.

    Just because religions are against homosexuality doesn't make them right or homosexuals less of people. My brother's gay, but that doesn't make him less of my brother nor does it make him less of a person.

    I think you're repressing your own homosexuality that's why you find it so abhorrent.

    Why are you so quick to condemn people who do not harm you?

    That makes you a bigot!
  • why do people condemn sexuality? if religion is their main source of reason, can these people at least quote verses found in the bible/koran/any other religion's similar holy book that tell homosexuality being evil.

    homosexual acts. is it because it is not "procreation" that the church considers it as sin?

    <;someone struck ollagram_12 from behind and said, " You Bigot. ***** will never be accepted! HA! HA! HA! HA!>;
  • tnt2bluz i am not sure if the church abhores homosexuals. i am sure that they abhore the acts. not the person. just the acts. :D:):D
  • [wolfkiller]: in fairness, you are an interesting person>;

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  • TNT2bluz
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    Ollagram. If you were reading instead of actually just eagerly pressing that submit button, you'd:

    a) that you don't need to flood this thread with your posts by replying to everything by using the quote tags

    b) highlight the fact that homosexuals and the acts that make them such are inseperable. How can you call someone a homosexual if he/she doesn't engage in homosexual acts?

    That perspective of the Church is warped and unreasonable.

    What the hell is this? Celibate gays? Certainly for someone whose straight you've got a crooked way of looking at things.

    How much longer should people like you, and your religions deny the fact that homosexuality is not an aberration?

    It is the same denial that has wrought suffering to people whose sexuality has been used as the sole barometer to victimize their worth in society. Bullshite!

    Homosexuality was taken out of the DSM classification of mental illnesses in 1974 because it wasn't a disorder! It is naturally occuring.

    And on a side note, I don't know if you're being charitable to wolfkiller or you've taken a perverse fascination with the uninformed but judgmental members of society.

    One last thing that's the Qu'ran.

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  • jethro
    jethro I come in PEACE....
    Originally posted by wolfkiller:
    forum bigot? why? the Catholic Church is against homosexuality ,and so is every other major religion on earth ,does that make every religioius Catholic a bigot ? or every religious person for that matter???


    dre, it is not exactly the catholic church against homosexuality, rather in it's actions...

    homosexuality is a state of a particular person he's born with, and not his own choosing. although inclined to more temptations and sins (homosexual acts), what they need is a more stronger faith for armor.

    christ loves the sinner but not the sin...

    try not to be prejudicial dre..medyo nagkamali na nga ako sa kabilang thread because of a certain guy....

    'neways, my apologies to my muslim brothers! (after all those posts, nyeeeee! i'm really embarassed, sana nagpigil na lang ako). :(


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  • TNT2bluz
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    What's wrong with sex that is not for procreation?

    People engage in it every day, without the purpose of procreating but rather just expressing their love and/or desire for another.

    What makes your heterosexual act more righteous than others?
  • i'm not gay, but i'm cool with homosexuality, as long as they don't do it in front of me. it's disgusting.

    i think my answer can be best described by this situation.

    matt damon on his portrayal as tom ripley tells the audience when asked if he can identify with the character at all (tom being gay and all). matt answered,"Well, I can't identify with killing another human being. I mean, first things first."

    my point is there are stuff that's worse than homosexuality, if indeed it's evil. there's no point in putting down other people when they aren't hurting anyone.

    besides, i find the "*****" in rainbow planet as funny, intelligent and a little bit more funny.
  • TNT2bluz
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    I don't have to be black to know that segregation was oppressive in the same way I don't have to be gay to know that you do and say in the name of christianity is chocful of bullshite.
  • Homosexuality is a sin. But so is lying. A homosexual and a liar is viewed the same by God as a sinner. Sin is sin to God there is no gray area for God. It is us humans that have decided which sins are more sinful.

    To me, a homosexual is just like any other sinful person in this world.
  • TNT2bluz
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    So are you suggesting that people who defend the notion of equality for gays are also sinners for aiding and abetting their quest for social acceptance?

    A bigot is one who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

    Bigot is first recorded in English in 1598 with the sense “a superstitious hypocrite."

    And Jesus despised hypocrites. Do the induction. :D
  • i dont think there's anything wrong with it... wala naman silang nasasaktan... consenting naman yung partners nila... tsaka medyo weird nga ang church kasi love daw ni God ang lahat pero hindi mga homosexuals... daya naman... yea... it's probably the act pero it's pretty much the same expression of love like in a heterosexual relationship diba... besides... i really like my friends na bading... they're soo funny, soo nice... smart pa...
  • I won't even assume to have any right to impose my beliefs on how other people should define their own happiness, much as I hope other people won't be quick to judge how I define my own state of happiness. I don't think it's any of my business how other people choose to live their lives (and their sex lives). If they're happy with someone of the same sex, that's just fine with me.
  • TNT2bluz
    TNT2bluz Banned by Admin
    We have to go beyond this, "they're not hurting me anyway so it's ok" attitude.

    The issues that gays face in a lot of respects are similar to the issues that women and minority groups have faced in the past.

    The most moderate and representative of the demands of the communities are basically equal rights. The right to have a legally recognized life partner, which in itself entails benefits such as the having the right to make critical medical decisions, insurance, joint ownership of property, etc., are crucial to say the least.

    Who are we as a society to disallow their right to emotional and financial security simply because they like it differently (or alike in this sense)?

    The absence of equality is oppression incarnate and to those who stand by and blink with their indifferent intellects are at times no better than the ones who condemn them openly.

    Perhaps I'd be branded as a maverick for saying these things, but funny enough, I was once as condemning as some of you here, and was once indifferent as well. I'd like to think that our society evolves in a manner in which it mends divides and strives for equality among its people. But it seems to me that we have so much to do and so far to go.
  • 1 Cor. 6:9-10
    Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

    If I did not believe what is written in the bible I would be a hypocrite.
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