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MMDA: Motorists to pay traffic fines in banks

Motorists to pay traffic fines in banks

TODAY Correspondent

The scheme allowing traffic violators to pay their fines in the banks will soon be implemented after the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) secured the go-ahead of the Monetary Board.

MMDA Undersecretary Cesar Lacuna said Sunday that the Monetary Board had approved the request of the agency to allow the acceptance of payment of traffic fines to the banks.

“We will speed up the issuance of summons so that violators can settle their fines directly to the banks,” Lacuna said.

MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando had said that the plan would be more convenient for traffic violators and curb extortionists and fixers at the agency.

Motorists caught by still and video cameras of traffic enforcers under the “No-contact apprehension” would also be notified to pay the fines at the banks.

The summons will be immediately sent to the violators, including the pictures taken when they committed traffic violations.

“Instead of going to designated redemption centers, erring motorist would have just to go to the banks to pay their fines,” Lacuna said.

Angelito Vegel de Dios, executive director of the Traffic Operation Center, said that the motorists’ driver’s license will no longer be confiscated.

He warned, however, that any erring motorist could not renew his driver’s license if he does not pay the traffic fine.

Annually the agency is earning around P90 to P100 million from the fines imposed to the violators.

“We are also expecting that it would increase for we would be getting rid of extortion activities of some traffic enforcers,” de Dios said.

Unlike in the United States, he added, the motorists know where the cameras are located, but here our traffic enforcers are placed in strategic locations and there are also roving personnel who are taking pictures of violators.

He also said that the agency is planning to add 100 more to the recent 38 cameras being used by the traffic enforcers.


  • once this is implemented, i think it would be good for everyone concerned, especially the motorists.
  • So hindi na kukunin yung license pag nahuli? Ganon ba? ;) Yun lang naman kasi hassle if ever nahuli e
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    i think it only works this way pag hinuli ka via camera..
    otherwise.. kukunin parin ng mmda ang license mo.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Kudos to the practical fellow who cooked this idea up.

    I'm also curious about the licenses issue...I hope traffic violations can simply be coursed via a ticket and paid at some bank pronto. It's a pain to get back your license...especially if the LTO shoos you away to come back some other time.
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    yeah.. especially if you live in another city. each city has its own lto where you can claim your licesne

    what the hell is that for?
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Tell me about it. I live in Para?aque yet my license was taken to the LTO in East Ave. QC because I got caught speeding on the Skyway---going SOUTHBOUND.

    When my ticket's effectivity ran out, LTO QC told me to go back a week later.

  • bayad centers too kaso hassle pa para maclear yung violation sa lto

  • bayad centers too kaso hassle pa para maclear yung violation sa lto

  • Magtatanong sana ako since I'm new po sa motorcycle at hindi ko pa na subukan paakyat ng bundok. Ano kaya gear ang gagamitin ko paitaas ng bundok at same din pababa. Please po i need your ideas sa mga expert dyan?
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