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Best vs. Most Overrated Designer Bags?

Coach and those Jelly Bags..and LV bags there are so many fakes out there!


  • authentic LV bags are never overrated. they are one of the best for me. sulit pera ko doon, e. durable, classic, classy.
  • To answer my own survey-

    Coach - long-lasting
    Furla - classy and elegant, good leather
    BCBGirls - designer style for a younger set
    Kate Spade - stylish and roomy
    Marc Jacobs - very distinct

    - "overrated pink monstrosities" that sell for up to $1000. (I wouldn't spend two cents on a bag this ugly)

    Prada Tessuto sport bags - everyone has them, fixtures rust easily
    Fendi nylon baguettes

    JP Tod's - people say they're too dull
  • :p
    Dooney & Bourke

    Jelly Kellys
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    One can never ever go wrong with a Louis Vuitton bag. It goes practically with anything! :up:

    For us guys naman, Jansport works. I just can't get enough of 'em.
  • overrated: the jelly kelly bags. ok they're cute but i wouldnt pay that amount of money for a rubber bag.

    the best, LVs, kate spade and coach. tods.... ok lang. id rather buy the shoes. hehe
  • im_ur_angelim_ur_angel PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Andami imitation ng Jelly Kelly bags sa Carriedo...like what prinsesa_ako said, I also wouldn't pay THAT much...akala ko nga mga colored salbabida sila e... :D

    COACH and LV's are the best ones.

    I'm saving to have one. :D
  • I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a jelly kelly bag :D
  • Originally posted by sayuri_succubus
    I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a jelly kelly bag :D

    So you'd wear it?
  • mac326mac326 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    There's this really beautiful mailman's bag at burberry... too bad i can't afford it. :(
  • Overrated:
    Classic LV bags - I never found it appealing at all. It's too "manang" for me
    Marc Jacobs - the clothes are good but the bags are too boring
    Dooney and Bourke - ugly LV wannabe

    and the most overrated of them all...

    PRADA - I really don't understand what the hell is up with the nylon bags. They look so cheap! (Prada shoes are the greatest, though)

    Murakami LV Bags - creative, flashy, without being cheesy.
    Hermes Birkin - subtle, classic AND unique
    Luella Bartley Gisele Tote
    Coach - only the ones without the screaming "C" logos
    Isabella Fiore - worth every single cent you pay for because every piece is so unique and creative
    Bottega Venetta
  • best for me is Coach. luxury without the guilt. i own several pieces of this brand. sturdy and they dont scream "look at me!"

    overrated for me is Prada Tessuto. pricey nylon bags. i just plain dont get it.
  • In the local scene, I'd have to say FINO is one of the best, if not the best. I'm so impressed with the Pinoys behind Fino.
  • Fairly affordable alternative to cheap nylon backpacks, beach bags and sport bags - Longchamp Les Pliages folding nylon totes :D esp. the special edition ones by Lilly Pulitzer. Leather handles and bright colors!
  • yeah, the jelly bags. dami na din fakes, sa divisoria and sa SM.
  • The jelly bags naman are technically fakes - they're knock-offs of the original Hermes bags.
  • The worst bag- jelly bag! i WOULDN'T BE CAUGHT WITH ONE.

    The best-

    "Louis Vuitton monogram bag" ( any style) specially the ever functional SPEEDY. You can spot a fake in a snap of a finger kahit madami fake all over the Phil.

    " Gucci" bags
  • Originally posted by jackmcph
    In the local scene, I'd have to say FINO is one of the best, if not the best. I'm so impressed with the Pinoys behind Fino.

    I have to agree that FINO is the best among local brands. Sure their bags aren't exactly cheap but you can be sure of the quality and you don't see too many people carrying them around.

    Among the imported ones, I like LV, Gucci and Coach. Really worthwhile investments :)
  • i have to agree-- i find the jelly bags sooo cheap..

    hermes' birkin and kelly bags are overrated.. imagine spending $4000 to $8000 for a plain-looking, and rather matronly bag?!

    LVs are pricey also but still affordable compared to hermes.. still itchin to get myself a cigarette LV bag..

    and then of course, a notch level below LV, those bags that i think are great also would be coach, burberry and celine (not the shoe store here in the phils ha)
  • Jelly Kelly. My girl friends enthusiastically snapped a couple of theirs up, sabi ko sa kanila: "ano yan, raincoat?" :bungi: :umbrella:
  • Ang BADUY BADUY ng Jelly Kelly bag. pansinin niyo who carries them??? Mga fashion victims un. No sense of identity mga yun. Yuch a rubber bag?! and a colorful one ?!

    GUCCI has bags n shoes on sale from 30% off to 50% off. Hurry guys...
    Bottega n Yves Saint Laurent also are on sale.

    I don;t like Murakiami bags sobrang flashy, hirap i pair sa damit. I'd rather my clothes are flashy, not my bags. Besides mga ganun, seasonal yan.

    Monogram , mini monogram, vernis collection from LV are the BEST!!!
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