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the bike in Akira now exists!

prepare to have your brains blown out:




  • awright!!

  • Red_WolfRed_Wolf PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    it's da bomb! i'm looking at it right now and i couldn't believe it either. and may matching damit pa ni kaneda. Bet tayo kung sino mang may pera jan, ilalarga ito sa future cosplay competitions!

    from what i can translate, may dvd navigational system siya with trackball controls, packs a 998cc engine, and it's just a concept model.

    angas ng dating, grabe! kulang na lang yung mga stickers...
  • nako!!! ang ganda naman!!!!
    but then. concept model lang nga.. but still!! astig!!!
    hehe.. that's my two cents for now.. ^^;
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