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anybody here who knows victor maneclang???

please,i need some info regarding victor maneclang... pls, pls... pls....


  • Nyaiks...You might want to check his friendster account n lang. He's taken already and a former Mapua player.
  • eh diba he got kick out by MAPUA ?
  • kick-out ba? Alam ko inunahan nya eh
  • alam ko kaparehas nya lang sina martin na hindi nagAAral ng mabuti ! hehehe! joke ...pero ganun talaga ...
  • Not really hindi nagaaral---its more of hindi sya nagpapapasok
  • queenkatiequeenkatie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    he's my neighbor
  • Cool...Say my regards to him if you see him. Think he'll get a clue from my nick about who I am
  • Originally posted by queenkatie
    he's my neighbor

    really??? konting info naman dyan....
  • Originally posted by Shelly_rush
    Nyaiks...You might want to check his friendster account n lang. He's taken already and a former Mapua player.

    do you know his email ad??? share naman.....
  • kick OUT ba talaga ng mapua yan ?
  • I don't get to see him that often though, coz' i don't go out that much. But then, when i man the store of my lola, sometimes, bumibili sya. Mas cute yung older bro niya, and pretty sis niya (may pagka-boyish) nga lang, schoolmate ko sis niya eh. Beautiful talaga family nila, nice mom niya, friend din siya ng mom ko, nice house din. I saw him before with a girl- sorry (my opinion) hindi ganun ka-pretty yun girl.
  • Yes, I know of Victor maneclang, I heard hes last gf was the cousin of one of the ncaa sporscasters, the thing is yung sa kalaban na team, havent met him thou, but I think Pep Moore is cuter, sa baste team!!
  • Sorry babyniJames, I don't know his email add.

    olechflakez: Right maganda breed ( tama ba tong term ko? hehe) nila. His cousin is jaycel a previous muse of Baste ( I think year 2001 yun).
  • victor usually hangs out with pep moore and nicole uy. try wasabi on fridays, thats where those boys usually are...
  • olechflakez:what did the girl look like?

    babynijames:why do you need info on victor?crush?bf?is he courting you?pm me.....
  • i know hes got a lot of girls.changes girlfriends as often as he changes his clothes.no,di naman,joke lang yun.siguro as often as he changes his toothbrush lang...that should be every 2-3 months?well you get the picture
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