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Phone Metering: Tuloy na raw... starting this July.

goodbye to telebabad and internet :(


:D :D :D

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  • GlockGlock Mikey PExer
    Is this confirmed?!? Ano Welga tayo!!!!!!!!! Di makatarungan to!
  • GlockGlock Mikey PExer
    Is this confirmed?!? Ano Welga tayo!!!!!!!!! Di makatarungan to!
  • xywizxywiz The Red Tiger PExer
    I think the scheme would be PUT ON HOLD for some time.

    To add to the confusion, some newspapers are giving contradictory reports about the issue.

    Try for anti-everything news and updates!!!

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  • RöttenMindRöttenMind Member ✭✭

    ang daya naman! langya tong pldt kj talaga! hmp! angry.gif

    shef! pano na ang net and telebabad kow?!? huwahhhhhhh!!!!!!! shef talaga! nababadtrip ako! :mad:

  • skuncskunc Member PExer
    this news aint new was released last may in jerry liao's webpage which is brainshare .com....bad trip nga eh pati sa text kinalat ko na yan kaso walang effect..tapos pati mga media merong news blackout...
    di ko maintindihan sa mga ito (PLDT) is mababa na ang presyo ng telecoms sa buong mundo habang sa miserableng bansa natin lahat ng bagay tumataas.. kaya nga kung merong welga talagang sasama ako eh...
    at eto pa, maghanda na akyo sa domino effect..heheh once sinimulan na ng pldt yang scheme na yan. lahat na ng fone networks susunod na rin..

    hay naku...sana makaalis na ako sa napakagandang bansa na ito
  • skuncskunc Member PExer
    Originally posted by Glock:
    Is this confirmed?!? Ano Welga tayo!!!!!!!!! Di makatarungan to!

    cge malapit na yung welga
  • wild_pidgeywild_pidgey Member PExer
    Paano pa ako mag PinoyExchange niyan?
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer
    Originally posted by wild_pidgey:
    Paano pa ako mag PinoyExchange niyan?

    -->; edi bye bye PEx... :(
    pano na ako?


    :D :D :D
  • PUGSLEYPUGSLEY Banned by Admin PExer
    Here in Baguio we are now experiencing phone metering. This was since 1996(?).

    It's a good move considering that it lessens telebabad or idle talk.
    Would you know the rates?
  • PercyPercy Banned by Admin PExer
    Chances are, PLDT will give every subscriber something like 120 minutes free calls per month. That is a bit more or less. The excess will be charged 40 pesos per hour or its per minute equivalent. That's how they do it in developing countries where phone calls are metered.
  • :?:? Unregistered ✭✭✭
    this is plain stupidity.

    I used to chat with chics like from 4PM to 8AM during my College days.. you mean BAWAL NA TELEBABAD? Oh crap, that sucks.

    mami-miss ko yung walang kamatayang S.O.P. naming ng ex ko (Shopping-On-Phone)
    hehehe kala nyo ha... ;)
  • pinkmoonpinkmoon parker poser PExer
    Cutting down on telebabad is one thing put putting a limit on internet time is another. Sabagay there are close to no unlimited accounts in the Philippines I would imagine. Everyone switch to cable and you better have the money to do it! This certainly isn't something that's done in the name of progress!

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